Miiverse Has Ended


One of the best features of the Wii U & 3DS has been shut down. Released on November 18th 2012, Miiverse was Nintendo’s first social network and allowed users to draw or type messages and share them with game communities. It was also right on the home screen of the Wii U menu as it showed off the most popular communities at that time as random Miis would be huddled around those popular game icons. Often, games would integrate Miiverse posts into the actual game such as the Miiverse stage in Smash Bros or the Tingle Bottle from Wind Waker HD.

Back in June 2013 we added the Miiverse Posts section to the website as an archive for the drawings on the Legend of Zelda community of Miiverse. With the shut down, our final total is 12394 images saved from 2912 different users.

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Breath of the Wild Soundtrack

Breath of the Wild

We have released the Breath of the Wild Soundtrack for download to all our registered members. Download and listen to the sounds of the game while real life keeps you away from playing.

Is everyone enjoying Breath of the Wild so far?

Tri Force Heroes Soundtrack

Tri Force Heroes

Today, we have released the Tri Force Heroes soundtrack for our registered members to download. You can click here to download. We plan to have the Breath of the Wild soundtrack up soon.

Switch Time and Site News

Nintendo Switch

This is it! We are in the home stretch of the release of Breath of the Wild and the Nintendo Switch. With just a little over three days to go, it has been a very long time between main Zelda titles. With the exception of Link Between Worlds, it has been almost six years since the last real Zelda game. In addition to Breath of the Wild, obviously the Nintendo Switch will be releasing at the same time. Are you getting Breath of the Wild for the Switch or Wii U or possibly even both?

Since last fall we have been working on a complete revamp and design of our website and forums, and we have finally released what we have been working on. There is still a lot to do, but we hope you’ll check out our new features and leave your comments!