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Show off your Zelda love with our customizable Zelda Cards! Our cards are completely free and are perodically updated throughout the day to showcase any new progress made on your journey to maximum level.

Zelda Card

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Lv Name Favorite Game Friend Code Items
335 francy arkimfrancy arkims Card Skyward Sword Francy_Arkimede
231 TarvisTarviss Card Ocarina of Time Tarvis
215 LoganLogans Card Wind Waker AlBundy
165 BayliBaylis Card Wind Waker Sogequeen
163 LuluLulus Card Link to the Past
147 darktonydarktonys Card Link Between Worlds 2320-6231-3400
108 JayJays Card Ocarina of Time McJimmies
4 ShadowRose17ShadowRose17s Card Link Between Worlds 2492-4444-9302
2 TroyTroys Card Twilight Princess KnokaBrokaTowah
2 Thomas Thomas s Card Ocarina of Time
2 ScrappyScrappys Card Skyward Sword
2 bhqnfnbhqnfns Card Ocarina of Time bhqnfn
2 OobsOobss Card Majora's Mask
2 CrazyM!CrazyM!s Card Majora's Mask
1 LinkLinks Card Link to the Past 1918-2781-9281-9178
1 OHJOY90OHJOY90s Card Wind Waker 3480-2661-5116
1 MichaelMichaels Card Ocarina of Time mreeves83
1 NicokiddoNicokiddos Card Ocarina of Time 0275-8102-5716
1 SimoneSimones Card Twilight Princess 1805 2457 8349-
1 ZeldaLoverZeldaLovers Card Legend of Zelda 2901-3019-7892
1 IkaruaiIkaruais Card Wind Waker 3981-9182-2274
1 OmegaOmegas Card Twilight Princess 7161-0131-3810-9019
1 BennyBennys Card Ocarina of Time 3866-8760-3848
1 GidoraGidoras Card Twilight Princess None
1 NeroNeros Card Majora's Mask 3278-5510-4700-8272