Past Website Designs

Zelda Xtreme has had a long history behind it and one of my favorite things about developing Zelda Xtreme has been designing its many layouts over those years. Unfortunately, a lot of these layouts were lost to the Internet's archive, but I did manage to recover a few that I had saved many, many years ago on an old CD-R that was lying in a closet under many boxes. I hope in the future to have many more listed here as they signify what we were and how far we've come.

We started at back when they offered free hosting and site design tools before moving to and then to our own paid hosting as the site expanded. Below is just a small taste of the site changes over the years. The designs I found were some of oldest and generally more well established designs that we had. If you were one of our regular visitors many years ago, some of these just might be familiar to you! Let us know if you remember these, or if you remember others that weren't shared here.

So there you go, there is a short history of our site changes over the years.