Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time
Release Information

Nintendo 64
US : November 23, 1998
Japan : November 21, 1998
Europe : December 11, 1998
Australia: December 18, 1998

Nintendo Gamecube (CE)
US : November 17, 2003
Japan : November 7, 2003
Europe : November 14, 2003

Wii Virtual Console
US : February 26, 2007
Japan : February 27, 2007
Europe : February 23, 2007

Nintendo 3DS (OoT 3D)
US : June 19, 2011
Japan : June 16, 2011
Europe : June 17, 2011
Australia: June 30, 2011

3DS eShop (OoT 3D)
US : October 18, 2012
Japan : November 1, 2012
Europe : October 4, 2012

Developer Information

Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : Nintendo
Director : Takashi Tezuka
Producer : Shigeru Miyamoto

Game Information

Genre : Action, Adventure
Platform : Nintendo 64
Other Platforms : Nintendo Gamecube (Collectors Edition), Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, Nintendo 3DS
Game Type : 32 megabit cartridge
Mode : Single Player
Wii Points : 1000 Points
3DS Price (OoT 3D) : $39.99


ESRB : E (Everyone)
ELSPA : 3+
PEGI : 12+
OFLC : G8+


Metacritic : 99% (N64), 94% (3DS)

Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time A sparkle of light shimmers through a tattered cloth that covered a wooden doorway. A young boy lays in a small bed. A glitter of light shimmers across his forehead waking him for what at the moment might seem like any other day. He slowly sits up and looks out the doorway of his treehouse dwelling. To his amazement the light that has brought him from his blissful rest was not the sun at all, but a fairy. But, why would a fairy be coming for him? He is just a boy, not a real Kokiri. "Hi," said a small voice from just outside of his treehouse. Could it be so? Could this fairy actually be talking to him? It must be true, this moment that he has dreamt about for as long as he could remember is finally here. "Follow me," the fairy says. And in a flash, the fairy takes off. The boy scrambles out of his tree house. It is all he can do to keep up with the fairy. He stumbles over the stones and brush that is scattered about the forest. All around him are many other small tree houses, much like the one that he lived in. And in the middle of all of them was the grandest tree of all, the Great Deku Tree. The fairy whom the young boy was so apt to chase was headed right for the great tree.

As the young boy entered the clearing in which this great tree rested, all he could do was look in awe at the shear noble appearence of this great spectacle. There was an odd presence cast about the tree, the boy could sense the evil coming from within the noble being. Stepping through the gaping mouth of the wise old tree with shield and sword in hand, he knew what he had to do. This place which was once an ancient temple was now filled with evil. He was going to have to use every ounce of strength in his body to rid it of its inhabitants.

Dekubabas, dekuscrubs and skulltulas filled the once great temple. The boy walked through the temple with only the light of the torches to guide him. The walls were covered in vines and webs. The ground was littered with dirt and mud. Slashing and dodging was his main focus as he was ever vigilant of the deadly blows cast out by the evil plants that scoured this now evil place. A key: could this be what he needed to unlock the good that is hidden deep inside this evil-stricken temple? He takes the key and uses it to open the giant door that blocks the way to what has to be the end of this temple of darkness. As he enters, complete darkness encompasses the room. He tries to navagate the darkness but to no avail. He glances up and notices a light, but this light is the glowing eye of evil incarnate, a beast born of evil and hatred. Not only does is crave the shadows, it is part of the darkness. Our hero knew he must destroy this evil creature, but how?

The brave boy slashes at the beast, but it only seems to get stronger. What could possibly destroy this creature? He continues to dodge the evils blows, watching for a sign of weakness. Then he notices it. The creature opens its large eye right before it strikes; but what could he use to destroy the creature's eye? Then he remembers the slingshot he found in one of the darker rooms of the temple. Picking up a rock from the cobbled stone floor, he begins to watch for the creature to open its eye once again. The creature lunges forward just as it had before: and as before, it opened its large green eye. Our hero takes a shot; the creature falls to the gound. The thud echoes throughout the evil temple. It is done and now the evil is gone.

The brave lad exits the tree, tired and wounded. He wants nothing more than to go back to his small bed and fall back to sleep. As he leaves the clearing, his back turned to the large great tree, he hears a voice. "Link," in a thundery voice uttered from the great tree now void of evil. Link, our brave hero turns. "You are destined to be a hero," the great deku tree bellows. "You must save this world from an evil that dwarfs that which you have vanquished from within me today." Link listens as the great deku tree tells him of his fate, of the triforce that he must find to save this land, and of the great sword that will help him do so. He is the hero of time, it is his destiny...