Live Video Game Radio

We at Zelda Xtreme love video game music and we are also big fans of retro video gaming, so we wanted to create our own radio station playing mostly old school video game music that we could listen to anywhere we wanted on any device we wanted to use.

Below you can find our live streaming radio station that plays all day, every day without any commercial breaks of any kind. Like mentioned before, our Radio plays various video game soundtracks, mostly classic retro games, but with some newer games thrown in as well.

We currently play over 1500 different songs and we add more regularly. We also will change playlists during the various holidays throughout the year. Have a video game soundtrack that you would like to hear? Leave us a comment below and we will most likely incorporate it into a future update!

On this page we also incorporated a rating system so you can rate which songs you love and which songs you hate. Generally we remove songs that average less than three stars on our rating system after a period of time. So make sure to vote!

If you would like to listen to our radio using your own music player, then you can click on the following link to load the stream into your own music player: Listen to Zelda Xtreme

Want to listen to our radio station on your iPhone, iPod, Android, or other devices? Use this URL in any APP that allows you to play music streams, or via the Internet Browser:

We are currently playing our Winter Holiday Playlist.