Here are some of the emails we received a long-long time ago - mostly in the Zelda Glitches days. Send us an email and you may see yourself here. =)

November 11th, 1999

hi i visted ur zelda site and it is the bomb thanx man! -Pokem89664

Thanks. I love compliments. ;-)

March 4th, 2000

how do you earn the houres -Lucius1465967930

To earn the horse you should go to my faq section, there you will learn how to get it.

April 18th, 2000

HI I don't want to join but i have a question do you no what verson to use for zelda 64 and the codes do not work email me if you no at [email protected] -Csheib

Umm, If your talking about the Gameshark Codes, then try the Version 1.0 codes, if you tried them try the Version 1.1 codes, and if you have tried them, try the Version 1.2 Codes. Also you need a version 2.2 Gameshark to use with Zelda 64.

April 21st, 2000

hello im a zelda freak, the thing is that your sight is giving me problems. i would a like it if you would send me a copy of all codesd to me thanks, love the sight -LupinHpotter72

How is my site giving you problems? I have never heard of this before, and to this day (July 16th 2000) still haven't heard of someone having a problem with my site besides you. I'm guessing you are talking about my right-click script, well there have been rare occurrences when you left click and the right-click script comes up, but there is an easy way to fix it. All you have to do is right click. Then you should be able to left click again. Also I cannot, I repeat, cannot send you all of my codes. Mainly because there are so many.

April 28th, 2000

I can't get the "Use the Fishing Rod outside the pond" trick to work! I step into the water with my Hover Boots on, and try to cast... and i get the sound effect that means "You can't use this Item in this Condition" or in other words, i can't use the Fishing Rod while Hovering, is there something i'm doing wrong? -Teru Link X

The only thing I could think of is that you have a Version 1.2 of Zelda or the late-late 1.1 Version (the one that was out right before the 1.2 Version). If this is the case you can't get it to work, sorry.

April 28th, 2000

when are you going to give me your site, man? -Ldogg00

I guess I'll reveal this to everyone. Back then I was so busy with work and school, that I didn't have much time for my site, and I thought I was going to have to give it up. Well soon after I had more time and now I have enough time for my site. And no I'm not going to give anyone my site, at least not at this moment.

May 5th, 2000

give me some codes -Ken, Julie, Jocelynn, Brandon

One word: No

May 18th, 2000


Like I said before I love compliments. ;-)

May 20th, 2000

I can steal your pics. I drag them to e-mail, send them to myself, then save them. -NuclearKnight77

Umm ok?

July 9th, 2000

how do you get the fire arrows in zelda -TOMAHAWKS02

To get the fire arrows, beat the water temple, then after the water rises stand on the center island if you aren't already and wait for dawn. Then when the sun pops up over the "forest", shoot it with a regular arrow. Then you should see where the arrow hits and when it allows you to control your character again, swim out to the small island and take it.

July 18th, 2000

how do you hit the ruppes in the "hit the ruppes game" you made? -Gary

There is no secret to this game except you have to have a quick mouse. I won't lie I have trouble with it at times too. There is no "code" for the game if any of you are wondering.

July 23rd, 2000

need help finding the lens of truth to get to the spirit me at [email protected] -Amy

To get the lens of truth you first beat the forest temple, so you can turn into a kid again. And when you do, you turn into a kid again. Then go to Kakariko Village and go into the well. From there you should explore the well until you find the Lens Of Truth.

July 29th, 2000

I have gameshark V2.0 are there any codes for that version -Mary

Gameshark Codes are for Zelda 64 versions not Gameshark versions. You must have at least a V2.2 of gameshark to use Gameshark Codes with Zelda 64.

July 30th, 2000

Is there ANY WAY for the Swordless Link trick on a grey cartridge? I don't even have a Gameshark. -Indalecio9999999

Well the early versions of the grey cartridge, it was possible. But later down the road Nintendo fixed that problem. So most Grey Cartridges can't do the swordless link glitch without the use of a gameshark.

July 31st, 2000

I have a Gameshark Pro 3.2 and the moon jump wont work, what shod I do? -HyperNuckels

Well you may be using the codes for the wrong version. But I had a problem with the Moon Jump code when I first got my gameshark that worked with Zelda 64(trust me it was long ago). You may have too many codes on at once I usually have 6-7 codes at a time. The max is 8. If that isn't the problem, the Gameshark may be defective. If it is return it to the store you bought it from, with the receipt and you should either get your money back or get a newer one in it's place.

August 4th, 2000

I was looking at your site and saw ver VERY good codes I was wondering if you hadf naty code for zelda 64 to let you ride epona as a kid, or anytihng good like that. Bye Bob. -Bob

As a matter of fact at one time a few months ago I had a gameshark code that allowed you to beat the running man. Well not really. It just altered the text, so it looked like you beat him, so you could say you beat him and have a picture of it too and rub it into your friend's face! Well anyways, many problems arose with the code and which resulted in that the code never being released to the public.

August 9th, 2000

How can I tell if I have Version 1.0, 1.1, or 1.2 for The legend of zelda ocarina of time thanks Dan -Dan

Well use your gameshark and try 1 or 2 codes for each version until one works. ;)

August 18th, 2000

In the code for the Hyrulian Loach you mentioned a sinking lure. How do you get that? And in many different codes you talk about different versions of Zelda. What are they? Thanks -AJ

The sinking lure is usually found around rocks, or the log that sticks up out of the pond. Just walk around and you will eventually find it. The different versions are 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2. Those codes you talk about are most likely Gameshark Codes. If not it's the swordless link glitch.

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