The White Knight

Episode 03 - The White Knight
Original Air Date: September 22, 1989

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Link and Zelda are at the blacksmith's shop, and the blacksmith is using magic to do his work.

Link is awed at how magical Hyrule is, and Zelda says that that is why Ganon wants it so badly.

Suddenly, a cave rises from the ground, and some of Ganon's soldiers come from it, attacking Link and Zelda. During the struggle, Link defeats some of them, causing a crossbow and a ruby to fall to the ground.

Suddenly, his sword is knocked from his hands, and one of the soldiers pins his arms so that he cannot move.

Zelda reminds him of the crossbow, and he kicks it towards her.

She destroys some of them for him, but runs out of crossbow bolts.

Just then, an octorok emerges from the cave and grabs Link and tosses him into a pigsty.

The octorok and one of the soldiers fight over the ruby, but then Link returns with a board, saying that the ruby is his.

The octorok spits a rock at Link, but Link bats it, and the rock hits and destroys the soldier.

The octorok still has the ruby, and Link is determined to get it.

so he lassoes the octorok, which drags Link into the forest.

When it seems that Link has met his doom, a fair-haired man shoots the octorok, destroying it.

Link is awed by the man, but Zelda is utterly charmed by him.

Prince Facade and Zelda introduce each other, and then Zelda finally remembers to introduce Link, who is a bit miffed that she forgot about him and only considers him an acquaintance (and her introducing him as "Stink" surely doesn't help!).

Link grudgingly offers to shake Facade's hand, but Facade refuses, seeing that Link's hand is dirty.

Facade offers to ride Zelda back to her castle, and she happily agrees.

The prince is "apologetic" that his horse cannot carry three people, so Link must walk all the way back.

In the meantime, Ganon is viewing all this through his crystal ball.

He sees the arrival of Prince Facade as a great opportunity for him to capture Zelda.

He remembers that he had once met with Facade, and that while Facade was a brave warrior, his major weakness was his vanity.

At the castle, Zelda introduces Prince Facade to her father, King Harkinian, who thanks Facade for saving the kingdom.

Then he remembers that Link is an adventurer like Facade, but Zelda shrugs him off, insisting that Facade is absolutely wonderful.

Facade winks at himself in a mirror.

Link is taking a bath when Spryte enters the room, bringing in some clean towels.

Link thanks her at first, but then remembers what he is doing and tries to shoo her out because he is taking a bath.

Spryte insists on staying and offers to scrub his back.

He refuses, and then asks her if she brought the clothes he asked for.

She says that she has, but that what he is trying to do is a mistake.

Link says that if Zelda wants a prince, he will become a prince.

Spryte insists that Link shouldn't change himself for her, and that she thinks he is cute just the way he is (especially in the nude!).

Link shoos her out again, and she leaves, giggling.

Facade regales the King and Zelda with stories of his adventures.

Link suddenly enters the room, dressed in a rather dorky getup, trying to look like a prince.

Zelda snickers at him, and the spurs on his boots get caught on each other, causing him to fall down.

Everyone laughs, including Zelda.

Link becomes ticked off and leaves the room.

Zelda feels bad and stops laughing and tries to call him back, but it is already too late.

Link takes off his costume, fuming about how everyone laughed at him.

Spryte tries to reassure Link that Zelda didn't really mean to laugh at him, but he is convinced that she would rather be with Facade.

He then leaves through his window and lands on his horse, and they leave the castle.

Ganon is witnessing Link's departure from the castle, and is pleased that his plan is working.

He then proceeds to the next step of his plan.

The King has already fallen asleep, but Facade is still entertaining Zelda with his stories.

Just as they are about to kiss, some of Ganon's monsters enter the window and start attacking them.

Some of the monsters grab Zelda and toss her out the window, and another monster catches her from below and carries her to nearby swamp.

Her scream is overheard by Link, who has ambivalent feelings about rescuing her, but then decides to do so.

Facade follows Zelda and the monster to the edge of the swamp, and then decides to not go further, lest he get dirty.

Zelda becomes angry at him for not helping her.

Ganon is happy that his plan is still working, and he calls for the swamp entrance to the Underworld to be raised. Zelda sees the entrance and starts to panic.

Facade is apologetic, but still will not enter the swamp to save her.

Just in time, Link arrives and enters the swamp and zaps the monster carrying her.

He helps her get back to dry land, where Facade is still standing.

She growls at Facade, who loses his balance and falls into the swamp.

Link escorts Zelda back to the castle, begging her to kiss him, but she refuses (what else is new?).