Easy and Fast Rupees
There are several ways to earn Rupees in this game, but there is a lot of ways to spend them as well. Lets go through a few that will make things easier.

  • Farming ore by either mining or killing the Talus mini-bosses and selling them is a pretty good way to earn rupees and marking the spots where the Talus spawn allows you to revist after every blood moon to earn more. There is also a good spot to farm near the beach at Hateno Village. If you follow the coastline west or east, you will come across many ore deposits. There is also a cave that you can swim to near here that is full of gem mines. Once again, mark the spot on your map and you can revisit it when the ores respawn after a Blood Moon.
  • An exploit you can use if you want to be somewhat lazy, go to the Lurelin Village in the East Necluda region. The village is on the very south eastern part of the map, on the beach. Here you should find a hut that has Rupees above the door, and inside you can play a game where you bet up to 100 rupees and open a treasure chest to see if you won or not. If you save before playing the game, you can reload the save if you lose and try again.
  • Crafting is another way to make Rupees. Collect every apple you see and you should have a large stock pile of them. If you kill animals for their meat, you can use the meat, another random ingredient, and three apples to craft food that you can then sell for a good amount of Rupees.
  • Snowling near Hebra Tower is a mini game that is bowling in the snow. Just northeast of a tower you should find a cottage called Pondo's Lodge. Talk to the man and he'll allow you to snowl for 20 rupees. Use the statis power to launch the snowball and if you hit a strike you will earn 300 rupees. If you aim for right in front of the right deer, with a little practice you should be able to hit your mark.
  • If you have amiibos, you can scan these in once a day per amiibo to earn items and rupees.