Fairies in the Spring

Episode 11 - Fairies in the Spring
Original Air Date: November 17, 1989

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Zelda and her father are relaxing in the royal pool. The King speaks of his new waterpark that is being built as they speak.

At the new park, the knights are constructing, when suddenly, water creatures rise from the ground and attack the Knights. When word of this get to Link, he vowes to defeat these monsters.

Link and Zelda are in the park when suddenly they are attacked by a water monster. Link defeats it and it splashes to the ground leaving a puddle.

All of a sudden a rush of water sweeps Link and Zelda into the Pool. Link asks Zelda for a kiss, but alas, she refuses because she hates wet kisses.

The King appears out of nowhere and starts talking to them. The water monster appears and takes the king underwater.Link searches but cannot find him.

Link and Zelda return to the castle to seek advise from the Triforce of Wisdom. It tells them to search the pool again. They return to the pool and the Triforce creates helemets that will let them breathe underwater.

After searching the pool thoroughly, they come across a drain. A huge fish bursts through and takes the Triforce, along with Zelda attached to it. Using the Triforce's power, Zelda creates a wall of ice in the fish's path. It crashes into it and releases the Triforce and Zelda, Link then Zaps the fish.

Link and Zelda surface in what seems to be a spring. Before they can make certain, they are attacked by more water monsters. They notice the monsters are made from a light shining through the trees.

Link searches the trees and finds a Fairy whom claims to be Spryte's sister. She tells them the monsters were created because the Knights were using the water from the Fairies spring for the King's Park. So they wanted to scare them away.

They agree to share the water, and the King invites the fairies to come to the Park whenever they want. Both the Fairies and Hylians are at the Water Park. Link and Zelda are about to kiss, but Spryte shows up just in time to zap them.

"It never fails," sighs Link.