A Hitch in the Works

Episode 10 - A Hitch in the Works
Original Air Date: November 10, 1989

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With little activity from Ganon's minions, Link is assigned chores by the Princess. The castle handyman Doof magically animated a golem made of various odds and ends to help with chores, but the self-admittedly poor magic user watches as it runs wild. Moblins attack and as Link fights them off, the golem falls on him and knocks him unconscious. When Zelda finds him 'napping' she doesn't believe his story. Link convinces Doof to make fake Moblins to attack Zelda and trick her into letting him out of chores, but she overhears his plan. When real moblins attack and confuse everyone, they kidnap the princess and take her to Ganon where he made a collar that compels Zelda to do his bidding, including marrying him.