Sing for the Unicorn

Episode 05 - Sing for the Unicorn
Original Air Date: October 6, 1989

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The Cartoon begins with some theme music as different views of the castle are shown. A large crescent moon hangs high in the sky over the castle. The king comes strolling down a corridor.

King: Ahhh. Smell that night air, eh?

He moves down the corridor, toward a balcony.

King: Nothing better after a good meal.

Link is shown walking down a spiral staircase through an archway. Stumbling down the stairs and moving to the ledge...

Link: Ahhh. I ate too much. So hard getting used to living in a castle.

Standing on the balcony of the castle, Link looks down into Zelda's room. He leans his chin on his hand on the rail of the balcony.

Link: Of course I'm doing my best to adapt.

The scene moves back to the king, standing on the other balcony.

King: (sigh) Ahhh.

Back to Link.

Link: (Sigh) Ahhh.

The scene changes to a cave with bright purple light eminating from a divot in the ground. The music changes to a fast, scarier beat. A large cave enterance appears, the same color of the light, with more light radiating from it also. Numerous gargoyles are seen flying out of the entrance, followed by a white, winged unicorn carrying a shadowy body. It is seen to be Ganon, and with a deep, hideous, laugh he flies away followed by his gargoyles.

The scene changes again back to the castle, where the roof peak of Zelda's room is shown. Then Link is shown, standing on the the ledge opposite, with a long rope in his hands. Just as he is about to swing. He is stopped by the king.

King: Hey, what are you up to Link?

Nervously Link replies.

Link: Ahh I was just going to ah swing in through your daughter's window, and try to get her to kiss me.

The King looks at Link.

King: Not a chance.

Link: No?

King: NO, you'll need to take flowers. (reaches over and grabs some) then you might succeed. Yes, girls are crazy about flowers(and he hands the bouquet to Link).

Link: (holding the flowers) Flowers, right, thanks!

King: Good luck my boy (pats Link on the back)!

As Link is patted on the back, he slips from his spot on the ledge and swings down on his rope while yelling. He swings into Zelda's room. Lets for of the rope, tumbles several times in the air and lands sitting next to Zelda's bed. he then lays back, straight as a board, and sticks the flowers straight into the air.

Zelda: (sitting up on her bed with a surprised look) Flowers? For me? Oh how sweet(smelling the them). You're sweet Link. Clumsy, but sweet. (She leans down over Links out stretched body). So for you, a BIG kiss.

Link: (looking surprised) You mean it worked?

Zelda then leans down to kiss him as a scream from the king is heard in the background. Zelda stands up and runs off screaming Daddy. Link pulls his hat down over his face.

Link: This always happens.(looking discouraged).

The scene now shows Ganon riding his winged unicorn comming over the cressant moon. He then swoops down landing on the castle.

Zelda: Ganon is after Daddy.

Link: Stand aside princess.

Link then grabs a large board over his head and hurls it toward the window. He then grabs another and proceeds to do the same thing. He then runs out the window, using the board like a diving board flinging himself into the air. He does a flip in the air and lands sword drown facing Ganon. Ganon is standing across the corridor with the king tied up next to his unicorn holding the rope.

Ganon: HAH! I have you now!

Link steps down off the ledge he was on.

Link: Not so fast Ganon.

Ganon: (motioning to his gargoyles)You! Get him now!

The gargoyles lunge at Link. But Link sends 4 busts of energy from his sword killing each attacking gargoyle. 3 more attack, and manage to grab Link's limbs.

Link: Hey! get off me.(Link is lifted into the air).

Ganon: (His unicorn is begining to lift off the ground with the king dangling) Farewell hero!

King: (while tied up)(muffled cries)Link. help me!

Link: (while fighting gargoyles) Noo!!

Link breaks free from them just as Ganon takes off. Link runs to the ledge, and jumps after them. He is barely able to grab the tail as the unicorn flies away. Zelda runs to the ledge where Link had just jumped.

Zelda: Link! Stop him!

Link is being dragged though the air by Ganon's unicorn. Link uses his sword to shoot 2 energy bursts at Ganon. This angers Ganon and he turns around to face Link.

Ganon: Take this hero!(He then fires a bright blue beam at Link knocking him from the back of the horse)

Link tumbles to the ground. Screaming NOOOO.

King: (speaking to Ganon) I say, that wasn't nice at all.

Link: (while falling to the ground) Looks like I'm about to drop out of the hero business. Wait! once chance (he grabs onto the legs of one of Ganon's gargoyles) Phew! Safe.

Ganon: That's what you think.(Ganon shoots two blue beams hitting each of the gargoyles that are holding up Link. he begins to plumit again)

King: (to Ganon) Really, that was quite impolite.

Ganon: Silence, prisoner!(he flies off into the night followed by several of his gargoyles.)

Meanwhile Zelda is running along the ground with a large wagon of hay. She makes it just in time to catch Link. Hay splatters everywhere!

Zelda: (brushing hay of herself) Link? Link? LINK! (she runs towards his sprawled out body) Link, speak to me, Link!

Link: (moaning) Dying.. kiss me.

Zelda: (stands up away from Link. Disgusted) uhhh! you! You're fine, obviously!

Link: (sitting up) Ow, come on princess.

Zelda: No! you let my father get captured by Ganon.

Link: Hey! Excuuuse me princess. I wasn't falling to my death for fun just then.

Zelda: (standing up) He have to go rescue my father.

Link: (standing up also) Oh, right, right, I was just getting to that part.

Zelda: One thing bothers me though.

Link: What's that?

Zelda: Where did Ganon get that flying unicorn?

The scene changes back to Ganon's layer. you here his deep cackling in the back ground. A large spinning Cone can be seen, Then Ganon is standing next to the unicorn.

Ganon: The unicorn! The most magnificant creature I have ever captured.

Now the king my prisoner! Soon, Hyrule will be all mine!(laughing)

Ganon is seen standing next to the unicorn.

Ganon: Take him to the pit room!

King: You won't get away with this you know! No, Zelda and uh uh Link, yes that's his name, will come and uh rescue me you know

Ganon: But what they had better do, is turn the kingdom and the triforce over to me in one hour!

Ganon then disapears in a blue flash. And the king is shoved into the pit room. The door is shut, and Ganon apears there in another flash.

Ganon: Or you'll be falling for a long long me! (laughing)(then he disappears in another blue flash)

The floor begins to open up in the center, with a bright yellow light comming through the hole.

King: No, no not good. Not good AT ALL! My!(holding his head) I certainly hope that Zelda and Link get here soon.

The scene changes to the silhouette of Link and Zelda in a large doorway. The room lights up, and Link and Zelda are shown in a large corridor. There are large Toy solidiers lining both walls of the hall.

Zelda: I still wonder where Ganon got that flying unicorn. Beautiful creatures aren't his style.

Link: We'll ask him when he see him, OK? Now stay quiet and don't touch the statues.

Zelda: Why?(AS she touches the base of one).

The statue comes alive.

Link: (pointing to the moving statue) That's why!

He reaches for his sword, but he is kicked by the massive foot of the solidier before he can use it. His sword drops to the ground next to him as he hit the base of another statue. Link looks up and the 2nd statue is comming alive.

Link: Hey!(as he is scooped up by the mighty hand of the toy soldier)

Zelda, Shocked by what is happening, leans and accidentally touches another statue. She screams as that one comes to life also. The statue then tries to scoop her up, but she jumps out of the way.

Link: Let me go marble head!(the statue tightens his grip) OW my toes!

Zelda screams as she is being surrounded by 2 of the solidiers. They both dive at her, but she jumps out of the way, causing the 2 statues to crash heads. She lands on their fallen bodies. She then pulls out a boy and light arrow and shoots the soldier holding Link, and it vanishes in a flash of light. Link falls to the ground, but lands on his feet. One of the 2 soldiers she is standing on reaches up a massive hand and grabs Zelda.

Link: Out of my way princess(racing towards her with his sword in hand).

He shoots two shots from his sword, killing the 2 remaining statues. He then tosses his sword into the air catching it in it's pouch. With a proud smirk on his face, he catches zelda falling through the air.

Link: Tada! Saved you again. Kiss me!

Zelda: I was just going to.

Just as the words leave her mouth. The floor under them opens up.

Link: This always happens. (As they are falling to the hole, voice trailing off)

They fall out of a tube onto the floor of a cave where immidately 5 stalfos show up.

Zelda: Ahh!

Link: I'll take a rain check on that kiss princess.

Link reaches for his sword, and stands up.

Link: Duty Calls.

He draws his sword and heads for the stalfos flying through the air. Kicking and shooting, he kills all but 2. These ones knock him to the ground, and his sword slides across the floor.

Link: Oh rats!

Link struggles as they try to pin him down.

Link: Princess, Help!

Zelda: I lost my bow in the other chamber!

Link: Don't tell me these things!

3 beams of light come out of nowhere, killing all the stalfos. Then an unknow figue appears. They begin shooting at Link, as he dodges the shots.

Zelda: Link! What's that creature?

He jumps and flips away from the shots until he reaches his sword.

Link: I don't know princess, but i'm going to ZAP it.

He shoots at the creature, but it doesn't die, just staggers back. The creature then returns fire, hitting Link in the shoulder.

Link: Oww, Hey! That's no magic creature, it's a real person like us.

Zelda: Good,(she runs over and puts the creature into a full nelson), then I'll grab it.

Link puts his sword away and walks toward Zelda and the creature.

Link: Now, we'll see who this is.

He reaches over and removes the mask the person was wearing. Link whistles as he realizes it's a girl.

Zelda: What? who is this?

Link: A dream come true!

Zelda releases the girl.

Link: Hey hold it, we're not evil, we won't hurt you!

The girl murmers in a foreign language

Zelda: She doesn't speak our language.

Link: Oh, I'm sure her and I can communicate somehow.

Zelda reaches over restraining Link.

Zelda: Back off, I'll handle this!

The scene changes back to the pit room where the King is being held captive. The hole in the center is becoming ever larger. Ganon appears on the wall.

Ganon: I expected my demands to the castle nearly an hour ago. You better hope your daughter responds soon or.

King: My daughter will resond all right, but not in the manner you think.

The scene goes back to the chamber where Zelda, Link, and the girl are. The girl is holding a locket with a picture of the unicorn in it.

Zelda: Her name is Sing, she is from a land far away.Ganon stole her unicorn, and she is trying to rescue it.

Link: Well, we were on a rescue mission anyway, so let's make it a party.

Link grabs a spiked ball and tosses it across the chamber. It lands and explodes creating a large hole in the wall. Link stands infront of the hole he just made. He waves his hand.

Link: Come on, let's go!

The 2 girls follow him along a jagged cliff towards a large castle. The scene changes back to the pit room again, where ganon is standing on the wall.

Ganon: What the?

King: I think my daughter is responding to your demands.

Ganon: Well she's too late! You have only a few moments left.

The scene changes yet again back to an exterior view of the castle. Link is fighting off 2 villains, and he kills them both with his sword. As he kills one, a necklace drops to the ground.

Link: Come on, Move it move it.(signaling the girls to cross the bridge over to the castle. he turns back to the necklace.) Ahh, a magic whistle, this could be usefull(he then runs with the girls over the bridge).

2 guards run toward the group, but Sing jumps into the air, and lands on the other side of them near her unicorn. She turns and kills both gaurds.

Zelda: Good job Sing, you've got your unicorn, but where's Daddy!?! (she then notices a large monster walking toward them. She throws a bomb at him killing him. Where the bomb exploded a large yellow light is coming from the hole.

King: Hey, what?

Zelda: Daddy.(Zelda runs over to the hole, looking in to see the pit room with the king standing on the ledge) Daddy!

King: Ohh, Zelda(He squirms on the edge of the hole).

Ganon appears outside, confronting Link by the bridge. He takes two shots at Link. One Link block, the other he reflects back and hits Ganon. Link then holds his sword out, pointing at Ganon.

Link: One more Zap and you're de-energized Ganon.

Ganon: Except you won't Zap me Link.

Ganon then zaps the ropes the the bridge Link is standing on. The bridge catches fire, and Link swings throught the air barely holding on.

Ganon: Farewell, Link.

Suddenly Ganon is struck by a boomerang. He flashes a few times and disapears, Zelda then appears on the screen.

Zelda: Link? Daddy? (the King starts to fall into the pit) Daddy! (Just then Sing comes out of the hole with her unicorn, having saved the King) Sing! you saved him, thank you thank you.

Link: (Still hanging on the bridge) It looks like a happy ending. Now we just have to get out of here. Time to whistle up a wind.( he then plays a note on the whistle he found earlier. A swirling wind comes by and picks up everyone)

King: Ohhh, I say.

Link: We're on our way home. Kiss me princess.

Zelda: Ohh no, I'm too dizzy.

Link: Oh, come on.

Ganon: (far in the distance) I'll get you yet Link and Zelda!