That Sinking Feeling

Episode 06 - That Sinking Feeling
Original Air Date: October 13, 1989

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Zelda and Link are on a picnic. They are just about to kiss when the ground elevates and spider-creatures emerge. The creatures capture Zelda and start toward the Underworld entrance, but Link zaps them before they can escape with her. After rescuing Zelda, Link feels pretty lucky, so he asks her again to kiss. She agrees, "as long as the cupid statue is still there". Suddenly the cupid statue sinks. They decide that something screwy is going on. Link, of course, doesn't get his kiss. The two take the Triforce of Wisdom and go after Ganon to figure out his "sinking" scheme. Right after they leave the castle, the castle sinks into the ground.

The Triforce tells Link and Zelda that the castle is in Ganon's clutches. He has captured it, because he thinks the Triforce is in it. After searching through the castle, Ganon is upset the Triforce isn't there.

Meanwhile, after going to the Underworld, Link and Zelda get a magic bracelet after defeating a knight.

The two enter Ganon's lair. As Ganon is still in the castle, Zelda goes for the Triforce of Power. Link goes after Ganon in the castle. Ganon gets the drop on him, though, and ties him in chains. He sucks the princess towards him, in hopes of getting the Triforces from her.

Suddenly, Link remembers the bracelet he obtained from the knight. He puts it on and becomes super-strong. He breaks the chains holding him, and punches Ganon. Ganon crashes into the magnet, which magnetizes the castle back to the surface in its correct spot.