Stinging a Stinger

Episode 09 - Stinging a Stinger
Original Air Date: November 3, 1989

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Link is riding on a horse in the woods near the castle. He holds a flower. One by one he takes off a petal, saying "she loves me, she loves me not" on each one. Of course he ends up on "she loves me not". Suddenly Link hears a cry for help coming from behind some trees. He jumps off his horse and onto the scene. The scene that he sees is an old man screaming for help, and two big men trying to rob him. Of course, Link defeats the big robbers and the old man is grateful.

So grateful is the old man that he offers Link a brand new sword. "Gee, I dunno..." Link says, "This old sword is pretty tough.." But then the old man says how the sword is much more powerful than Link's sword and that he would take Link's old sword off his hands. Link is still unsure. Then the old man tells Link the new sword will make him irresistable to women, especially princesses. Link gives the old man his old sword right away in exchange for the shiny, new sword.

Suddenly Link hears Zelda's voice calling for help. "I gotta go.." he says and goes to the Princess's side. The old man goes behind the trees where the so-called robbers are waiting for him. He pays them. "Hey I think we should get a bonus," one of the robbers says. "You didn't tell us he was so good."

Going to the Princess, Link witnesses Oktorocks trying to capture Zelda. He boasts his new sword and leaps into battle. No sooner does he start fighting than his sword breaks in half. "I've been stung!" he yells as him and Zelda are captured and brought to Ganon's lair.

While in Ganon's lair, Link and Zelda witness the old man come to Ganon's quarters. He offers Ganon the sword...but for a 1,000 rupees. Ganon, thinking this is an outrageous price, takes the sword from the old man and tells his minions to throw him to Gohma along with Link and Zelda.

In Gohma's lair, Link and Zelda easily defeat it while the old man picks the locks to set them all free. At first the old swindler plans to leave himself and let Link and Zelda be trapped, but Link quickly changes his mind by threatening him.

Once free, Link, Zelda, and the old man go back to the castle. Zelda asks the Triforce of Wisdom what they should do now. The Triforce tells them that since they can't use magic, they need to use natural means to defeat Ganon. "You mean like, bugs 'n stuff?" Zelda asks. "Yep."

So they go outside and gather a bunch of bees nests and wasps nests. They put the bees in a catapult ready for Ganon to come. They place the wasps nests in a little treasure chest. When Ganon arrives, the old man blocks his path. "What are you doing here?!?" Ganon asks. "You should be eaten by now!"

"I got away and came to offer you this: the Triforce of Wisdom, your evilness." the old man holds out the treasure chest (with wasps nests inside).

"Hahaha! Hyrule is mine!" Ganon yells as he opens the treasure chest. Wasps pour out of it and attack Ganon. Then Zelda and Link cut the catapult which flings the bees nests right into Ganon's lap. This makes Ganon retreat. Hyrule is safe again, for now.

With everything all said and done, the Princess jumps and the air and says "We did it! Kiss me!" to Link. "I'd be glad to...honey." he replies. "Oohh I hate bad puns." Another strike for Link.