Episode 07 - Doppleganger
Original Air Date: October 20, 1989

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Link starts the episode practicing his sword skills in his roon, whistling the Super Mario Bros. theme, when he is attacked by a Moblin. Link easily defeats it and finds a Forcefield ring as a prize.

After this, we see Ganon sitting in the underworld, pondering a way to get the Triforce. This is when he realizes Link's only weakness, he'll do anything for Princess Zelda.

Spryte now goes into Zelda's room and notice's a new, tall mirror and wonders where it came from, Zelda wonders the same thing when she comes into the room.

Night falls, and Zelda is looking into the mirror, brushing her hair. Ganon casts a spell on the mirror, from the underworld, and Zelda's reflection comes to life. Zelda's evil clone is outfitted in black instead of blue, and is acompanied by several Moblins.

Several of the Moblins grab the real Zelda and pull her into the mirror. One Moblin remains, which Link defeats when he enters the room. During the fight, the mirror is broken, leaving the evil Zelda trapped inside.

The clone thinks to herself, "I'll have to get the triforce for Gannon some other way." Link thinks the clone is the real Zelda, and compliments her on her "new" clothes.

The fake Zelda runs up to Link and kisses him. Link realizes that the kiss is colder than expected. She then tells him that they're taking the triforce and attacking Gannon. Link agrees, but isn't sure sure why.

They ride off on horses. Link complains about the triforce being so heavy. He asks why she doesn't make it float. In a mean tone, she just tells him she doesnt want to, and then she tells him to shut up.

While passing a pond, Link notice's that Zelda doesn't have a relection, and finaly realizes that she is not the real Zelda.

Meanwhile, in the underworld, Ganon goes off to look for Link and retrieve the Triforce, leaving Zelda in shackles in his lair. She easily breaks free, and goes after him.

Link and the fake Zelda are now in the underworld and are immediately atacked by Staflos. Link defeats the Staflos, and the fake Zelda runs up and kisses him. Then the real Zelda walks in on them.

The fake Zelda realizes the jig is up, and runs off with the Triforce. Zelda and Link run after her. Zelda attacks the evil clone herself and they both fall in a pile of mud. Their clothes are all muddy, and there is no way to tell them apart.

Link realizes how to tell them apart: a kissing contest. The Fake Zelda kisses him, the real Zelda wont. Link then realizes who the fake Zelda in, and shoots her with a beam. On the way back to the castle, Link suggests that Zelda try wearing a black costume.