Underworld Connections

Episode 08 - Underworld Connections
Original Air Date: October 27, 1989

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While sleeping in his room, Link gets up and starts to sleepwalk. He picks up his bow and arrow (with a string attached to the arrow), walks over to the window, and fires it at Zelda's balcony. He gets up on the window sill and starts to tightrope sleepwalk over to Zelda's balcony. She is there waiting and splashes water in his face before he gets there. He wakes up, looks down, loses his footing, and falls but catches the rope. "Just what did you think you were doing?" she asks. "What are you talking about? I was sleepwalking!" he replies. "Sleepwalking? Hah! You were trying to sneak a quick kiss," she accuses him. "No I wasn't..well, maybe I was, but I was asleep, it wasn't my fault!" he explains. "Hmmph."

"Well can you blame me?" he asks her. "Whether I'm awake or asleep you're the girl of my dreams."

"That's the sappiest line I've ever heard."

"Did it work?"

"Judge for yourself.." she bends down to kiss Link, who is still hanging from the rope. Suddenly vires (flying bat-like creatures of Ganon's) attack! They are after the Triforce of Wisdom. Link throws a bomb to stop them, but instead it blows the Triforce into three different pieces. Each of the three vires picks up a Triforce piece and starts their way back to the Underworld. Link catches one and zaps it. They now have one Triforce piece, but the other two are on their way to the Underworld.

Zelda thinks of a plan. She figures if Link zaps the Triforce piece they have, the psychic link of the Triforce will make the zap go through to the other pieces of Triforce and zap the other two vires. "It's worth a shot," Link says as he zaps the piece of the Triforce.

Sure enough, it zaps the vires, who have already made it to the Underworld.

"Did it work?" Link asks.

"I don't know. Wait a minute..." Zelda feels one side of the Triforce piece. "This side is wet...." she feels another side.."and ow! this side's hot!"

So they've figured out that one piece is in a wet place and the other one is in a hot place. They get dressed and set off to the Underworld.

Ganon learns from the vires that scattered in his domain are two pieces of the Triforce. He plans to sneak up on Link and Zelda when they complete the Triforce and steal it from them. As Link and Zelda enter the Underworld, they are attacked by snakes which Link quickly zaps. "Link stop! Ganon will know we're here!" she yells. "Hey, excuuuuuse mee, Princess.." he says back.

They arrive at the black falls, and Zelda deduces that one of the Triforce pieces is there. She orders Link to dive in and find it. He does and finds it.

"Link! Link are you all right?" she exclaims. "Your triforce chunk, fair maiden. Kiss me." he puckers up. "Wonderful!" she says as she grabs the Triforce piece and ignores him...he falls on his face.) "One more to go! C'mon Link!" (.mp3 122k) They arrive at a fiery place. There it is! It is on a little piece of rock surrounded by fire. Link slowly picks it up with his sword, not touching it because he knows it is hot. All right, they've found all the pieces, it's time to go home right? Nope.

Right that moment Ganon appears. He demands the Triforce, so Link obliges and throws him the hot Triforce piece. Ganon quickly throws it away, and it lands like a puzzle piece right on the other two pieces, which Zelda is holding and has put together the other two. The Triforce is whole again. After zapping Gannon three times, they set off back to the Castle, and of course Link asks for a kiss, but since he's all dirty, she declines. The episode ends with Ganon trapped in his own evil jar and saying something about revenge.