Items & Equipment

Location: Cheval's Grave (Yoll Graveyard)
Use: allows you to swim in shallow water.

Mermaid's Suit
Location: Dungeon 6- Mermaid's Cave
Use: allows you to swim underwater, in dark water, and on the ocean.

Magic Potion
Location: Maple or Syrup
Use: when you fall after losing all of your hearts, this potion heals you completely.

Maku Seed
Location: Maku Tree after obtaining all 8 Essences of Time.
Use: get to the very top of the Black Tower.

Gasha Seed
Location: everywhere
Use: plant in soft soil to grow Gasha Trees.

Graveyard Key
Location: cave under tree in Yoll Graveyard.
Use: unlock second half of Yoll Graveyard.

Cheval's Rope
Location: Cheval's Grave
Use: give to Rafton to make him build the raft to take you to crescent Island.

Ricky's Gloves
Location: pile of dirt near tree on the beach near where you found Ricky.
Use: give to Ricky so that he will giver you a lift.

Island Chart
Location: Tingle
Use: make Rafton allow you to use his raft to reach Crescent Island.

Cracked Tuni Nut
Location: one of the girls in the center house of Symmetry City (Past).
Use: take it to Patch on Restoration Wall to get it fixed.

Tuni Nut
Location: fixed by Patch after his
Use: deliver it back to center house in Symmetry City.

Bomb Flower
Location: given by Great Moblin after crashing his keep.
Use: blow up giant rock to free the Goron Elder (past).

Crown Key
Location: given to you by Goron Elder after freeing him.
Use: open Dungeon 5- Crown Dungeon.

Brother Emblem
Location: Goron Dance in the Present.
Use: get to the top of Rolling Ridge.

Slate (x 1, 2, 3, or 4)
Location: Dungeon 8- Ancient Tomb.
Use: open the path to Ramrock in the dungeon.

Rock Sirloin
Location: Goron Cart game on Rolling Ridge.
Use: give it to Goron in Dance Hall (Present)

Goron Vase
Location: give Rock Sirloin to the Goron in the Dance Hall.
Use: give it to the same Goron, only in the past.

Location: Goron that you give the vase to.
Use: give it to Bomb Game Goron to compete in his game.

Old Mermaid Key
Location: Goron Bomb Game
Use: open the present form of the Mermaid's Cave.

Lava Juice
Location: Goron Target Game
Use: use with the Old Mermaid Key to get the Letter of Introduction.

Letter of Introduction
Location: Goron near top of Rolling Ridge (show him the Lava Juice and the Old Mermaid Key).
Use: give to the Goron Dancing Master in the Past.

Mermaid Key
Location: Goron Dancing Master (give him the Letter of Introduction).
Use: open the past form of the Mermaid's Cave.

Library Key
Location: Present form of King Zora (save his life in the past with the Magic Potion).
Use: open the Library in the past.

Book of Seals
Location: Library in the present after talking to the Queen Fairy.
Use: unveil a path in the past library to the Fairy Powder.

Fairy Powder
Location: end of invisible path in the past form of the library.
Use: change the Queen Fairy back to her normal form.

Zora Scale
Location: given by Zora after beating Dungeon 7- Jabu-Jabu's Belly.
Use: open path to Sea of Storms (past in normal games, present in Linked games).

Tokay Eyeball
Location: Pirate Ship in Sea of Storms
Use: open cave on Crescent Island leading to Sea of no Return.

Rings (x any number from to 99)
Location: everywhere
Use: get them appraised at Vasu's Jewelers.

Ring Box (Level 1)
Location: Vasu during first meeting.
Use: hold one ring.