Trading Sequence

Present G4 - Lift the rock next to this ghost by using the Power Bracelet.  Push the gravestone out of the way, then follow the ghost downstairs.  Come back above ground and talk to the ghost to get the Poe Clock.

Past D3 - Give the Poe Clock to the Postman in the Village.  He will give you his Stationery.

Past C3 - Give the hand Stationery so he can use it as toilet paper.  He will return the favor by giving you the Stink Bag.

Present G7 - Give the Tokay with breathing problems the Stink Bag.  This will clear up his sinuses, and he will give you Tasty Meat.

Present B3 - The Happy Mask Salesman is hungry, so therefore you should give him the Tasty Meat.  He will repay you by giving you the Doggie's Mask.

Present D4 - Mammu Yan wants the Doggie's Mask to cover up the face of one of her ugly dogs.  When you give it to her, she will give you a Dumbbell.

Past B1 - Give the Dumbbell to the thin man in Symmetry Village so that he can build some muscles.  He will repay your favor by giving you his Cheesy Mustache.

Present D3 - Give the comedian in Lynna City the Cheesy Mustache.  He will tell you a funny joke.

Past D3 - When you find Dekadin in the past, you will see he's in a bad mood.  Tell him the joke the comedian just told you, and he will cheer up and give you the Touching Book.

Past or Present Random Location- Run into Maple after receiving the Touching Book.  She will take it and give you the Magic Oar.

Past D6 - Rafton, the guy who makes rafts wants to enter a competition, and he wants the Magic Oar because he thinks it will help him win.  He will give you the Sea Ukulele.

Past F3 - Give the Sea Ukulele to the Old Zora so that he can hear the sounds of the ocean once again.  He will give you the Broken Sword in exchange.

Past B2 - Talk to the man in Symmetry Village who fixed the Tuni Nut earlier.  He will fix your sword if you can win his mini-game again.  Your reward is the Noble Sword.