Tektites Tektites

These spidery things jump about all over the place. Red ones move a lot but blue ones only move a little. Tektites have little fighting power

Octoroks Octoroks

A type of octopus that lives above the ground. There are two types, red and blue. Watch out for the blue ones, they're mean. They spit out rocks at Link.

Leevers Leevers

They live in the ground and eat up the energy of creatures that approach them. Blue Leevers are a little stronger, but the red ones don't have much attacking power.

Peahats Peahats

Has little attacking power. This is a ghost of a flower that bounces and flutters all over the place. Link can eliminate it only when it is standing still.

Moblins Moblins

A bulldog-like goblin who lives in the forest. He attacks by throwing spears. A little bit meaner than an Octorok

Armors Armos

A soldier who has been turned into a stone statue. He moves and attacks if touched by Link. He has a fair amount of attacking power.

Ghini Ghini

The ghost who lives in the graveyard. There are two types. There are ghinis who are there from the beginning of the game, and those who appear when Link touches the gravestones. Ghinis have about the same attacking force as Armos.

Lynels Lynels

The guardians who attack all those who come near Death Mountain. Watch out!. They are pretty strong, and Link's shield cannot stop their swords.

Zolas Zolas

Half-fish, half-woman who lives in the water. When she sticks her head out of the water she lets out a ball that Link's shield cannot hold back.

Rocks Rocks

These rocks crumble off Death Mountain and fall down to attack Link. He cannot destroy these natural nuisances.

Zol & Gel Zol & Gel

Jelly-like monsters that walk about bouncing around in the Labyrinths. When Link cuts Zol, it splits into two Gels. Gel has little attacking power, but Zol has twice as much power as Gel.

Rope Rope

A poisonous snake that made the Labyrinths its home. It senses other creatures quickly and suddenly comes after them (and Link, for that matter!) once it has found them. This one doesn't have a lot of attacking power.

Vire & Keese Vire & Keese

Vire are devils that controls the Keeses. When Link cuts them with his sword, it turns into two Keeses. Keeses have little attacking power, but Vire are a little stronger.

Stalfos Stalfos

A skeleton that has two swords in each hand. Little attacking power.

Wall Master Wall Master

A monster hand that appears out of the Labyrinth walls. If it catches Link, it takes him back to the entrance to the Labyrinth.

Goriya Goriya

A little devil that lives underground. He uses boomerangs. There are two of his type, blue ones and red ones. Watch out for the blue ones, they are strong.



The Master of Movement. He appears here and there letting out magic spells that Link's shield can't hold back. He's pretty strong. Watch out!

Darknuts Darknuts

The knights who live in the Labyrinths. They have lots of attacking power. He repels Link's attack from the front with his shield.

Pols Voice Pols Voice

A ghost with a big ears and a weak point - he hates loud noise.

Lanmola Lanmola

A gigantic centipede. Attacking his head won't work. Boy! Does he move fast!

Like Like Like Like

A tube-like monster that has a soft spot for Magic Shields - he eats them up.

Gibdo Gibdo

The mummy man. He's got some strange powers, and some pretty powerful attacking force.

Moldorm Moldorm

The huge worm living in the Labyrinths. It grows smaller as Link attacks. Not so strong.

Patra Patra

The Patra attack in groups, in two types of formations. Both formation groups are strong. So be on your toes!

Bubbles Bubbles

The spirit of the dead. When it clings on to Link, he won't be able to use his sword for a while. The multi-colored ones take away Link's sword for a little amount of time. However, the red ones take away Link's sword PERMINENTLY! The only way to get the sword back is to cling onto a blue bubble.

Traps & Stone Statues Traps & Stone Statues

Somebody placed these in the Labyrinths a long time ago. They suddenly attack when Link approaches them. So you've really got to watch out!