Heart Pieces

Heart containers are very useful, but hunting them down can be very time consuming in any Legend of Zelda game. Here, we provide a thorough guide to help you easily hunt down the heart containers found in the Adventure of Link, which will save you later on in the game.

Container # 1
This Heart container is found south of the first palace, Parapa Palace. Fromt eh palace, go south until you reach a path. Follow it, cross the area with the bubbles and keep walking until you see a small wood. Walk to the middle of the wood and you'll enter an action-screen. Walk to the right to get the Heart Container.

Container # 2
You will first need the hammer. This Container can be found just south of the village of Rauru. Use the hammer to smash the rock south of the village, then smash the rock in front of the cave you see on your right. Follow the cave to the end for your prize.

Container # 3
You'll first need the raft, boots, hammer, and jump spell. This container is east of Nabooru Village. Get there by using the raft and going east. Follow the path east of Nabooru Village and walk over the water to reach the palace in the sea. When you're on that small island, walk 10 spaces to the left. From there, go up 4 spaces. Now walk to the left until you reach an action screen. Cast "jump" on yourself to jump up the platform and grab the Heart Container.

Container # 4
You'll need the hammer, raft, and flute for this one. Go across the water with the raft, then go south of Nabooru Village. Use the flute on the River Devil (the black spider), then keep following the path. Follow the path past the cemetary and cross the bridge (it's filled with flying skeleton fish). Once you reach the three rocks (where the hidden palace is), go right and follow the shore. There's an action screen hidden there. In the screen, simply grab the Heart Container and leave.