In this section, we list general hints and tips that will help in your adventure through Termina.

Clock Town Shop Hours

Bomb Shop : 24 hours
Clock Town Bank : 24 hours
Curiosity Shop : 10 pm - 6 am
Honey and Darling's Shop : 6 am - 10 pm
Tickets on Sale : 6 am - 5:59 pm
Tickets Redeemable : 6 pm - 11 pm
Mayor's House : 10 am - 6 pm
Milk Bar : Cleaning 10 am - 9 pm : Business 10 pm - 6 am
Post Office : 3 pm - 12 am on day one and two
Shooting Gallery : 6 am - 10 p
Stock Pot Inn : 8 am - 8:30 pm
Swordsman's School : 24 hours but closes at 11 pm on day three.
Trading Post : 24 hours
Treasure Chest Shop : 6 am - 10 pm

Easy money

If you kill the Dodongos in the north of Termina field, you get alot of money, and they are easy to kill as well.

Easy money 2

When you kill the vulture outside the entrance to Milk Road, you'll get 200 Rupees.

Easy money 3

In East Clock Town, go up the ramp between the Stock Pot Inn and the Milk Bar. Turn left and head around the back of the Milk Bar to another ramp. Go up the ramp and straight ahead. Jump to the platform and then jump to a green/red stripped target which is part of the "Honey & Darling's Shop" sign. Jump to the other target on the wall and then to the platform ahead. Continue around the back of the "Town Shooting Gallery" sign and drop down to the next platform. There is a chest with a silver Rupee in it!

Fix the signs

If you slash a sign and want to read what it said, just play the 'Song of Healing' to repair it.


Throughout the game you will most likely notice some frogs that are just sitting there, and when you talk to them, it is no use. Well, if you wear the Don Gero's Mask you will actually be able to talk to them! If you first play through the Snowhead Temple, then talk to all the frogs and meet them in Mountain Village, they will reward you with a Heartpiece. This is where the five frogs reside:
  1. Already waiting for you in Mountain Village after you have completed the Snowhead Temple.
  2. In the Laundry Pool area in South Clock Town.
  3. In the Southern Swamp.
  4. In one of the Mini Boss rooms of the Woodfall Temple.
  5. You can find the last one in one of the Mini Boss rooms in Great Bay Temple.

Get Epona into Clock Town

Ride towards the west entrance of Clock Town so that you are really close to it as the dawn of a new day. With any luck (you will need it), you'll turn up in Clock Town in the morning.

Get into Sakons Hideout, whenever you feel like it!

If you roll just right into the crack in the rock on the right of the entrance to his hideout, you can enter, but if you don't do it just right sometimes you'll fall out of the game into some water in the sky, but it just warps you back to the place you left.

How to get Epona back

You must have played through Snowhead Temple. Go visit the Goron Powder Keg instructor in Goron Town., you'll find him in a cave to the left of the entrance of the city. Take his challenge. If you make it, you are now able to carry Powder Kegs. Buy a Powder Keg, go to Milk Road and blow up the huge stone blocking the way to Romani ranch, using a Powder Keg. Next, go talk to the little girl, and she will give you a callenge after a little chatting! Take the challenge, and blow up 10 baloons in 2 minutes, it's easy. Now, when you have done that, the girl will teach you Epona's song, and you can call her when ever you need her!

Pictography contest

If you take pictures of
The Deku King: A piece of Heart.
Tingle (the weird guy that sells you maps): A piece of Heart (it's the contest proctor's missing son)
Big Octorock or the Monkey: 20 Rupees or Free Boat Cruise
Anything else in the Swamp: 5 Rupees or Free Boat Cruise
No other picture will get a reward or a free boat cruise.

Use the Blast Mask without losing health

Equip the Blast Mask, hold out your shield with R and press the C-Button you assigned the mask to (while holding R). If you've done it right, you shouldn't take any damage when using the Blast Mask!.

Wear the Fierce Diety Mask, everywhere!

To wear the Fierce Deity's Mask out and about in Termina, first you must restart the three-day cycle with the Song Of Time. Then, put on the Bunny Hood, warp to the third day and go to Sakon's hideout in Ikana Canyon. Once there, slow down time with the Inverted Song Of Time, go up to the right side of the boulder entrance and find the thin crack between the boulder and the mountain-side. Now, back away from that crack, run at it full-speed (with the Bunny Hood on) and roll into the crack. This may take several tries, but don't give up. Also, you might get through but fall into nothing. If that happens, don't worry. Your saved files and cartridge will be fine, just try again. Once inside, talk to Kafei (KEEP THE BUNNY HOOD ON! NEVER TAKE IT OFF!) The two of you will then start the race to get the Sun Mask. Early in the race, you will gain temporary control of Kafei. When you do, press Start and equip the Fierce Deity's Mask to whatever C-Button you have the Bunny Hood assigned to. (Link should still be wearing the Bunny Hood.) When you regain control of Link, he'll put on the Fierce Deity's mask! Huzzah!

Note: You must finish the race to use the mask outside. If you fail, you have to reset your N64. Also, if you go into Clock Town, you won't be able to leave. If you do go inside Clock Town, though, try to exit by passing by one of the guards guarding one of the exits.
Submitted by: Link432

When you play the Song of Time

-Normal: you start a new three day period.
-Backwards: you slow the flow of time, and time will only pass by with half of the normal speed.
-Double: That's when you play the notes twice, you skip forward to the next night/morning.

When you play the Song of Time you

- Keep:
-C-button items.
-Dungeon maps and compasses.
-Tingle's maps.
-Bombers notebook.
-Rupees, if you save them in the bank.
-Ocarina Songs.
-Great Fairy items.
-Things from the bosses.
-Activated owl statues.

- Lose:
-People get their problems back.
-Progress in the dungeons.
-Rupees that is not put in the bank.
-Stray fairies.