Ocarina Songs

Ocarina songs return in Majora's Mask. Similiar to Ocarina of Time, Link will learn the songs throughout the game and each play their own part in Link's Adventure.

Song of Time

C-Right A Button C-Down   C-Right A Button C-Down
The most important song in the game, and the first one you will learn. This song allows Link to save and return to the first day. Make sure to deposit your rupees before using!

Sonata of Awakening

C-Up C-Left C-Up C-Left A Button C-Right A Button
This song makes the Woodfall Temple rise out of the water, as well as wake up the sleeping Deku and Skull Keeta.

Song of Healing

C-Left C-Right C-Down  C-Left C-Right C-Down
This song makes fairies appear from Gossip Stones, as well as used in numerous mask quests.

Goron Lullaby

A Button C-Right C-Left A Button C-Right C-Left C-Right A Button
Puts Gorons to sleep, and is needed to calm the Goron Prince so Link can access the Snowhead Temple.

Epona's Song

C-Up C-Left C-Right   C-Up C-Left C-Right
Just like in Ocarina of Time, Epona's Song allows Link to call for Epona and makes Cows give you Milk.

New Wave Bossa Nova

C-Left C-Up C-Left C-Right C-Down C-Left C-Right
This song is given to Link to restore Lulu's voice and to summon the turtle that takes Link to the Great Bay Temple.

Song of Soaring

C-Down C-Left C-Up    C-Down C-Left C-Up
This song allows Link to travel to the Owl Statues that he has previously activated with his sword. Inside temples, it returns Link to the entrance.

Elegy of Emptiness

C-Right C-Left C-Right C-Down C-Right C-Up C-Left
Creates a (creepy) statue of Link's form that is used to stand on switches.

Song of Storms

A Button C-Down C-Up   A Button C-Down C-Up
The Song of Storms causes rain to fall and is used to cure the curse effect and calm Sharp's ghost.

Oath to Order

C-Right C-Down A Button C-Down C-Right C-Up
This song allows Link to summon the four guardians to the Clock Tower to stop the Moon from destroying the world.

Inverted Song of Time

C-Down A Button C-Right    C-Down A Button C-Right
Slows the flow of time to half of its normal speed. Play it again to remove the effect.

Song of Double Time

C-Right C-Right A Button A Button C-Down C-Down
Will skip ahead to the next evening (6 p.m.) or morning (6 a.m.).