Take a look at the many bugs and secrets you can unlock by exploiting the programming of Majora's Mask.

Zora's Swimming Backflip

This isn't a glitch, it's a trick. I figured it out when getting the hart piece in Zora Hall. Go to Zora Hall and put on the Zora mask. When you enter take 2 rights and run by the 2 doors then keep going under the waterfall then past the next 2 doorsand past the other waterfall. You will come to an edge that drops off into water. Go in the water. There should be a bump in front of you that is almost out of the water. The bump just has some shallow water over it. You will know it when you see it. Go between the land and the bump. The "star" is the bump, the "exclamation point" is the places you can be between the bump and land, and ( is the land.

* !!!! (

It's about like that. Face the Bump and press and hold (A). If you do it right you will do the backflip. If you are too far away from or close to the bump you will just swim towards it and stand on it. If it's not working get more towards the wall too. I think its the only place in the game you can do it, at least this easily. If you do the backflip and land on the bump or land on the land behind you on your head it will hurt and damage you 1 hart. Im Sure it works,I've followed my directions and did the trick about twenty times to make sure I wasnt going to screw it up.

Hide In Powder Keg

This one is kind of fun. Purchase a powder keg and then put your Goron Mask on. Then set up the powder keg in his hands. Then press R and it will drop and you will be standing in the keg. Quickly switch to Link or the Deku and press R to duck. It looks like yo're hiding in the keG! And the best part is, when it blows up you don't get hurt!

Take Your Own Picture

Ok this is how you do it. First, equip the picture box on one of your c buttons. The next part is sometimes hard to do. As soon as you press the picture button hit A real fast! if you did this right while it's zooming in you'll take your picture! Pretty neat huh?

Fierce Diety Mask Glitch Part 2

This really isn't a new glitch, but something that I think needs to be added on to the glitches. I read
recently that you can become the Fierce Diety in other places besides boss battles by performing the little trick in Sakon's cave. Well I did that and it worked, but I noticed that the person that submitted it said taht you can't leave ikana after that. You can. The river running through the vally leads back to the
potion shop near the Deku Kingdom. When you exit Sakon's hideout, just run forward. If you enter the Stock Pot Inn, the game won't freeze but you will be stuck inside because you won't be able to get out the doors for some reason. Also, oknce you enter Clock Town, you will be unable to leave because the guards think you are a Deku Scrub for some reason?!?!. Finally, talking to the bomber kids will freeze the game. Thats about all I know right now about this.

Make Anju's Mom Upset

On the second day if you haven't fixed Anju and Kafei's relationship, you can go to Anju's mother at the Stock Pot Inn and wear the Kafei's mask and talk to her. She will get quite upset and yell at you! You can also do this even if you fixed their relationship, just do as I said only on the third day.

Swim While Not In Water

O.K, first go to Ikana Canyon and heal that ghost in the cave with all the skulls. After that stupid cut scene with the Gibdos the water turns normal. Now turn into the Zora jum into the water. swim around and eventually youll swim in the air. Its kinda stupid but it looks cool.

Easy Way On The Moon

I have done it 3 times now....and every time it has worked, when you are playing whit the kid wit the boss mask from stone temple.. you figth many enymies... but in the room after where you hockshoot to the chest... you have to bomb the wall and shoot the switch... but there is the "glitch" if you dont like blowing up any thing at al... and doesent feel like shoting whit the cold youst play the "song of storms" in front of all the gosip stones and colect the fierry... and then the ladder wil apear... i found this becauce i needed more energy an i remembered that if i play the "song of storms" in front of an gosip stone it woud give me an fierry.. so i did... and the ladder was ther the first time i was in the room.. did not understan why i got arrows and bombachues.. could not find any thing i had to use it on... the barns in front of the door was also not there the first time i got in that room.. i did this fore the 3 time only minutes ago yust to make sure i wasetn going to make an fool of my self!!! ps: sorry my bade english... :O)

Big Fish's Head Inside The Floor

Well, first, you have to go to the Great Bay Temple, and go to the Boss Room. There, turn into Oni Link, and face the big fish. THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT, YOU ONLY WILL HIT THE FISH WHEN HE JUMPS OVER YOU, WAIT FOR HIM BY PRESSING AND HOLDING B-BUTTON, AND WHEN HE JUMPS, HIT HIM WITH YOUR SPIN ATTACK. It's not necerary to do it with the spin attack, but there are more chances to hit him when you use it. If you do right, the big fish will get into the water, making strange sounds which tell you he is hurt. WELL, HERE COMES THE GLITCH, THERE IS A WAY TO MAKE THE BIG FISH STAY AT THE PLATAFORM, WITH HIS HEAD INSIDE THE FLOOR. WHEN HE JUMPS, HIT HIM IN HIS HEAD, AND IF YOU'RE LUCKY HE WILL NOT GET INTO THE WATER. HE WILL STAY ON YOUR PLATAFORM WITH HIS HEAD INSIDE THE FLOOR, THAT'S FUNNY, BUT IF YOU DO THIS GLITCH, THE TIME HE IS GONNA THROW THE MINI-FISHES, HE WILL STAY ON THE PLATAFORM WITH YOU, AND THE MINI-FISHES WILL APPEAR FROM NOTHINGNESS. Don't worry if you don't do it at the first time, keep trying, because it's really funny to see how the mini-fishes appear suddenly from the water, and when the big fish is on the plataform with you, try to hit him, to see what happens, because I have not done that yet

Diving Link Glitch

Okay everyone! If you are EXTREMELY bored and want to do somthing stupid, this is for you! As adult Link, on the far side of the Gerudo valley canyon area, stand next to the tent. Face the waterfall and slowly walk towards the edge. MAKE SURE YOU ARE AT ABOUT A 15 DEGREE ANGLE OR ELSE YOU'LL JUST JUMP!!! Now run towards the edge as if to dive. Link should go into a dive and go off. Now this part is a little tricky so listen up: hold the control stick left so you are over the little ledge. You should still dive but hit the ground. You get this REALLY weird view of Links body, kind of a wireframe esque thing.

See Through Walls

At any place where two walls forming a corner, stand in the corner facing parallel to the wall that you want to see through. Then Z-Target, and if needed, try to move sideways a bit. you should be able to see what is on the other side of the wall. This works really good in the rooms in the Stock Pot Inn.

Broken Blast Mask

At any wall, Z-Target so the camera is facing away from the wall. Then turn Link around and move slowly toward the wall wearing the Blast Mask. If you do it right, then the blast mask will look like its shredded into little pieces, but if you move away it will go back to normal.

Never Stop Falling

First,go to Zora Cape and go to Mikau's and Tijo's room.Then,go to the right corner in the water and go in.Then,go face the wall in the corner FARTHEST from Tijo.Then,push+hold the stick up.Link will not stop falling until you let go of the stick.

Fun With Stone Mask

First put on the stone mask and go North in Termina! (were the Real Bombchu's are) Once your at the real bombchu's, get close to one and quiky Take the stone mask off so the real bombchu start's to attack quikly put the stone mask back on and get out it's path and turn around and watch in go!note:If you don't understand what a (Real Bombchu) is,go to screenshots click on page17 it's the top-left screenshot! If you get good you my be able to get two of them to hit each other!It's preety cool! note:Real Bombchu's are only out in day time!

Stock Pot Inn Glitch

If you go in the inn at any time and go around to the place where Anju is,(the receptionist desk) and turn into a Zora. Then, face the bookshelf with the cow on it and push up with the control stick, you will jump up and stand on the top of the shelf. You can see upstairs and the stairs and perhaps the people going on the stairs, too. Try it out!

Box Glitch

In east clock town, if you pick up a box and press R, it will fall on you and you will be in the box. You can walk out and do it again. If you want, you can dance, march, transform, or whatever inside the box. It is pretty cool.

Fierce Diety Mask Glitch

I didn't find this one myself, but I think it's cool... at the end of the Kafei/Anju sequence, when you're in Sackon's cave, put on a mask. (I did it with the Bunny Hood, I don't know if it works with other ones...) When you switch to Kafei, put the Fierce Diety mask on the C Button that the mask you're wearing is assigned to and continue the maze. When you're Link again, he will automatically transform into the Fierce Diety (Kishin Link) and you can continue as him! When you're done with the maze, you can walk around Ikana Graveyard as Kishin Link! Unfortunately, you can only walk around until the Moon hits a few hours later, and you can't take off the mask. You can't leave the Graveyard without Epona, and you can't play the Ocarina to go back. But it's still fun to be twice as tall and incredibly powerful like that. A lot of the camera angles screw up, so this can get really weird. And, as far as I can tell, nothing in the game will freeze or mess up when you do this.

Zora's Viewpoint Glitch

I think this will work just about anywhere where there is water that you can swim in. The best example is the Laundry Pool. As Zora Link, swim towards a corner. You can't do this is you sink down to the bottom. Float as far as you can towards the edge and then press C up. If you get the correct angle, you can see through the wall. If you go to the corner of the laundry pool closest to where you enter and do this, you can see the path leading towards the exit. If you look to your left as far as you can without seeing the wall again, you can see the clock tower's clock. There is no other viewpoint in the laundry pool where you can see that, so why was it added in? Another great place to do this. Go to the beaver's brothers place. When you first enter, look towards the left. You see a fence. Go into the water and swim towards the right side of this fence. If you do the glitch, you can really see the texture of the water. Normally the water would be covering it, but now you can see it a lot better. Try it in other places!

Dancing Redeads

Wear the Captain's Hat, Garo Mask, or Gibdo Mask in Ikana Palace. If you go into a room with ReDeads, they will all be dancing and won't hurt you. But if you take off the mask, they stop dancing and will try to kill you.

Dog Army Attack

In South Clock Town, if you get bored with just one dog attacking Deku Link, go to Romani Ranch. Turn to a zora and go to the Doggy Racetrack. Grab the attention of every dog so they all love you. Pause the game. Put the Deku mask on your c button and unpause. Now turn into the deku and a lot of the dogs will be attacking you. Run!

Cremia killed Epona!

After saving the ranch from the aliens, put Epona on the yellow road close to the barn. On the senond night, let Cremia take you on a ride in her wagon. If you placed Epona in the correct place, Cremia will drive into Epona and Epona will always be stuck in front of the wagon horse (won't be stuck when you get to milk road). That kind of looks like Cremia killed Epona.


Ok I'm not sure how I did this, but anyway. At 12:00 I played the Song of healing for the ghost dancer (I don't think you need to but just in case). Then I bought a Powder Keg in the bomb shop. I opened up Romani Ranch at 1:00 am. At 2:30 I fought all the "Ghosts" (With the Bunny Hood on, I think that's important). Then at 6:00 the next day I went on the Milk Wagon (Wearing The Circus Leaders Mask). Since the Gorman brothers wouldn't attack I had all 3 bottles safe. I all ready had Romani's Mask so Ramani just gave me a hug. Then I went to the milk bar at 10:00. Then I changed into a Goron and talked to Toto. Then I changed to Zora link and played for Toto. Then I changed to Deku Link and played the song. Then finally I played the song as normal Link. I got the Circus Leaders mask again. Then when I could move again. I was moving around like a rocket. I went out the door then. I'd say if I put on the bunny-hood I'd go even faster!

Headless Bone Guys

Requirements: Captain's Mask, Hero's Bow When: Any day between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM Where: Ikana Canyon Graveyard
Anytime after sunset, go to the Graveyard in Ikana Canyon. Wearing the Captain's Mask, Z-target any of the skeletons wandering around. If you shoot an arrow at it, its head will come off, but it will still walk around and talk. It's funny to shoot off one's head off then get it to salute.

Black Hole

Go to the post office on the third night where the guy is complaing he can't flee. Then go over to his bed where he put a letter. Use Z-Targeting so your facing away from the big circle on the wall and your facing at the door. Then slowly walk towards the letter. While standing on top of it, a big black and brown shape will appear in the middle of your screen. If it doesn't work, try it with the bunny hood or blast mask on.

The Ranch Glitch

Turn into a goron, go to the side of the barn, by the Gossip Stone, to the part that sticks out. Go to the front of it and do the goron slam thing, you should get on top off the part that sticks out. Turn into Link, put your back to the wall, (not the edge) and back flip, you should fall into nothingness, and I THINK not lose any hearts.

Save More Than 5,000 Rupees In Bank

Make sure you saved 4,999 rupees at the bank. Carry 500 rupees and then save all of that money in the bank to have 5,499 rupees in total in the bank. Isn't that neat?

Bottle Locations

Get Bottle #1 Go to Southern Swamp and then to the Lost Woods. Follow the monkey and then you will see Koume lying on the floor. Talk to her with child Link. Go to the Potion Shop. Kotake will listen about how Koume got hurt. She will give you a bottle with a Red Potion.
Get Bottle #2 Beat the Snowhead Temple. Then go back to where the 2 wolves and the old goron was. You should see a huge boulder in this area. Go to where it is and use a Powder Keg to go to the race. Get in first place and you will get a bottle with gold dust.
Get Bottle #3 Go to Milk Road. It needs to be Dawn of the First Day. Use your Powder Keg to blow up the huge boulder. When you're in Romani Ranch, talk to Romani and she will tell you a story about some aliens. After you practice, you will learn Epona's Song. Make it night. Wait until 2:30 and then a bunch of aliens will appear. Your task is to keep them away from the barn by shooting arrows at them. Watch out. They may sneak behind the barn, too. This is easier if you have the map of Romani Ranch. When it is 5:15, all the aliens will disappear and Romani will give you a bottle of milk.
Get Bottle #4 Warp to Zora Cape and go on top of the high waterfall by using the hookshot (look at the Item Locations trick to find out how to get it). When you enter another place, use Zora Link. Target that beaver so it goes underwater. Go down there and take his challenge. After you beat him, beat his big brother to get a bottle. Oh yeah. Beat both of them again without going back through time and you will get a heart piece.
Get Bottle #5 On day 3 at night, go to Ikana Graveyard and order the skeletons to open the grave. Inside, help Dampe out. If you dig up three blue fires, a big poe will appear. Kill it and get the treasure chest.
Get Bottle #6 If the Curiosity Shop Guy is in Kafei's house, talk to him to get the Keaton Mask and priority mail. On the 3rd night, give the mail to Madame Aroma wearing Kafei's Mask to receive a bottle of special milk. She is in the milk bar.

Unlimited Magic

After you can go into the Milk Bar as a member buy Cheateu Milk and it will give you infinite Magic for three days (Infinite on the Moon). This is very helpful for when you battle Majora's Mask.

Riding Epona In Clocktown

First, call and ride Epona to the west entrance of the Clock Town. Wait for the Countdown to another day (e.g. if you are in the First Day, go there at 5:00 a.m.). Run towards the entrance (Do this although you think you cannot go in) When the second day starts, you will appear in Clock Town with Epona! Don't get angry if it jams or it doesn't work, because it takes some time. Another thing this glitch worked on my game but not on my friends so only some people can do this trick

Easy Money With Light Arrows

Equip Light Arrows and go outside Clock Town in the Field at night. You will see flying monster-type eniemes with blue flames. If you shoot them with a light arrow you will get 50 rupees. However if you get hit with them when they have the blue flame, they will jinx you

Run Really Fast

Go to the milk bar latte at 10 pm on days 1+2. Play your instrument for Mr. Toto(King Ruto) as Link, then Deku Link, then Darmani, then Mikau. Gorman(Ingo) will give the Circus Leader's Mask. Turn back time to "Dawn of the First Day". Do that same task again, but this time, play for Mr. Toto as normal Link last. You'll get the mask once more, but here's the glitch: as a hylian, start running around. You'll run fast! But transforming or leaving the bar might return you to your normal speed. If you put on the Bunny Hood, you'll go REALLY FAST!

Sleepy Gorons

In the goron shrine, play the goron lullaby to any goron and they will go to sleep. I tried to wake them up with the sonata of awakening, but it didn't work.

Longer Deku Water Hops

Transform to your Deku form. If you need to hop far distances in the water, just before you go off a platform, spin attack. You'll skim about two feet and then start hopping across the water.

Better Swords

The Great Fairies blade This is an easy Item to get. All you have to do is collect all the fairies in stone tower and bring them to the great fairies boon and this will be your reward.
The Razor Sword This is a fairly easy sword to get if you can afford it. When you've cleared the snowhead temple and have defeated Ghot it will cause spring to begin in mountain village. This enables you to have your sword sharpened at the mountain smithy. For 100 rupees they will sharpen it into a razor sword. The razor sword does double the amount of damage but returns to normal after 100 swings and cant be taken back in time with you. In my opinion the razor sword is not really worth 100 rupees but you need it to get a different sword that I think is worth a whole lot more.
The Gilded Sword If you want this sword and you should you must first have the razor sword. To get the gilded sword you must have the gold dust and you need a powder keg to get that. Head over to Goron Village and into the bomb shop. Not the one inside holding its spring bargain sale but the one outside in the Southeast chamber (You know the one that was frozen over before you beat Ghot). Change into a goron and head on in the chamber. A giant goron will be there selling powder kegs but will not just sell them to anyone. First you have to pass a test. The test is to transport a lit keg to the bolder blocking to goron races. Pick up the keg and hurry. The only way to get out of the chamber is to throw the keg up the hill and then you roll up. Keep using that strategy to get out of the chamber. Your gonna have to run all the way up the path and then leave goron village. Your gonna want to continue up the path with the bridges and the second hot springs (You know the place were you had to fight the 2 white wolves) and all the way to the entrance that leads back to mountain village. But instead of going back to mountain village look to your right and head up the path of hills using the same strategy you used to get out of the chamber with the goron selling powder kegs. After you reach the top, set the powder keg by the giant bolder and wait for it to explode. Clearing the bolder has now caused the goron races to reopen. You will need to win first place in the goron races to get the gold dust which is not very hard to do. Before you go in make sure you talk to the goron selling powder kegs again and he will give you a free powder keg and your certification to carry them. Now you can return to the goron races and win the gold dust. When you win the gold dust take it to the mountain smithy and he will sharpen your razor sword into the gilded sword. If you no longer have your razor sword you will have to start all over so make sure you still have your razor sword. The gilded sword does triple the damage and always stays the same so basically it is yours forever. Note: You must have your gilded sword by the dawn of the the final day or the swords smithy wont do it since it always takes until the next morning until its done no matter when you give it to them to sharpen.

100 Rupees

100 rupees There is actually 2 100 rupees that I have found.There is one in East Clock Town.Go to were the code bommer stands and guards the entrance to the observatory.Turn right.(If you had the Bunny Hood,this would be a lot easier.)Go up the stairs,and if you walk a little,you can see that there is a ledge.Go back,and start running back to the ledge,roll just right when you get to the end.If you do that,you would be able to make it to the other ledge.If you don't make it,try again.This time you still have to jump the ledge,but you can't jump that far,so you're going to have to jump into the basket.When you do,there should be a round thing above you.Don't be scared, just to it and you will easily grab and climb it.Now you will be able to get to the other ledge.Get to it and go straight.Climb the wall,keep going straight and there should be a treasure chest with a 100 rupees inside. The other 100 rupees should be inside the bombers hideout place.Once you get inside,turn left.Just go past the spider,it will only hurt you if you touch it.Keep on going straight and there should be a ledge.Climb it and bomb the crack that you see.There should be a treasure chest with another 100 rupees inside.

The Great Fairy Rewards

These are the rewards you get from the great fairy:
Clock Town: Magic Meter (fairy in laundry pool), Great Fairy Mask (fairy in East Clock Town at night)
Woodfall Temple: New Spin Attack
Snowhead Temple: bigger Magic Meter
Great Bay Temple: Double Defense
Stone Tower Temple: Great Fairy Sword

Invisible Sword

This is a pretty neat trick that will let you turn you sword invisible. With your fairy sword in your hands talk to any of the postboxes in Clock Town. When it asks you to make your deposit, press the C button that the fairy sword is on. It won't accept it, but your sword will now be invisible - you can even fight with it!

Fall Through The Floor

When your in the main part of Clock Town (South). Hookshot up to the treasure chest holding 20 rupees near the entrance to the treasure chest mini-game area. Run off the edge (Wearing the bunny hood) and go as far as you can to the right. If you get it right you should fly through the ground ...Freaky of what!!! (It works in Zelda O.O.T. too in places like the chains above the drawbridge leading into Hyrule Market or the entrance to Forest Temple from the tree!)

Ghost Flags

Ghost Flags In Clock Town, you might notice an occasional string of flags going to one building to another. Face Link toward a string of flags, and slowly move him sideways. Watch as they disappear.

Defeat Goht Easily

Use the Oni Link Mask. Target Goht and shoot your beam thing to paralyze him. Use your beam again to hit him. About 3 - 5 with the beam thing and he's dead. I almost forgot. The beam thing comes from the sword.

The Mario Mask

Go back to the Happy Mask Shop guy. If you look around in his backpack, you can see the Mario Mask.

Item Locations

Bow: Woodfall Temple (treasure chest)
Fire Arrow: Snowhead Temple (treasure chest)
Ice Arrow: Great Bay Temple (treasure chest)
Light Arrow: Stone Tower Temple(treasure chest)
Ocarina of Time: Clock Tower (shoot skull kid with bubble)
Notebook: Bomber Gang (play and win hide-and-seek as a kid)
Moon's Tear: Outside observatory (look at top of Clock Tower using the telescope)
Powder Keg: Goron Village, Bomb Shop
Hookshot: Pirate Fortress (shoot beehive to get pirates out of the way first)
Deku Stick: all over Termina
Adult Wallet: save up to 200 rupees on bank
Giant Wallet: beat 2nd Gold Skulltula dungeon

Postman Game

When playing the game where you have to push B right on ten, it's easier if you wear the bunny hood you can see the numbers.

Four Gossip Stones

You may have noticed the four gossip stones in a grotto. You will get a heart peice if you do this right. Play the Nova, sleep, or awakening song to the big gossip stone. Among termina there are four grottos each with four gossip stones, play the same song you did to the first stone to all of them. There should be a grotto 100 steps or more in front of each gate. You may have to move left or right a little.

Kill Sakon

This is a really cool trick. When Sakon is stealing the old lady's bag shoot a arrow at the bag while he is stealing it.

Sakon's Hideout

In Ikana valley you'll notice a sign next to his hide out. If you roll at a certain angle at the edge of the door, next to the sign, you can get in. But if you roll at a different angle you'll fall into nothing ness.

Feirce Diety Mask

To get this mask you must get all the 20 masks. Next go inside the moon (must have beaten all the temples). Play hide and seek with all the kids. They will ask for your masks that's ok when you go back in time you will have them. Next go by the kid next to the tree. He will give you the mask. It's worth it, trust me! You can kill the bosses so fast.

Easy Rupees

The bird in front of milk road will give you 200 rupees. Easier to kill if wearing stone mask.