Heart Pieces

ClockTown- 15 Pieces

1.  The first heart piece is lying on the edge of the ClockTower.  Give the Moon Tear to the scrub and hop in the flower to reach it.

2.  Once you are human again, go to North ClockTown and go to the area with the three pillars.  Jump from the first to the third pillar and then to the tree with the heart piece.

3.  This isn't easy at all, but if you win the Deku Scrub games inside the grotto at North ClockTown three days in a row, you will win the third heart piece.

4.  Beat the expert swordsman training by slashing all the wood pillars with your jump attack.

5.  Win the timing game with the Postman in the afternoons of the first or second day.  This is easier with the Bunny Hood.

6.  Earn the postman's hat, after delivering the letter to Aroma, and wear it when checking any mailbox.

7.  With Kamaro's Mask, dance in front of the sisters in West ClockTown at night.

8.  Save up 5,000 rupees at the bank to get this next one.

9,10.  Use the All-Night Mask to stay awake through Anju's Granny's stories.  You will get one piece for each story.

11.  Give paper (a deed or a letter) to the hand inside the Stock Pot Inn's toilet.  You can guess what he does with it.

12.  Win the Treasure Chest Game as a Goron and win this heart piece.

13.  Hit all 50 octoroks at the town shooting gallery to win this.  This might be a little challenging.

14.  Win the Honey & Darling's game every day to get this one.  Note: The games change every day.

15.  Wear the Couple's Mask to the Mayor's office and speak to him.

Termina Field- 5 Pieces

1.  There are four grottos (holes) in Termina Field with four Gossip Stones in them.  Transform into any form, other than human, and play a "temple song" like the Sonata of Awakening, or the Goron Lullaby in each of the four grottos.  But make sure you play the same song in each of them.  Once all the stones are the same color, you will receive this piece.

2.  In the Dodongo area of Termina, jump into a near grotto and kill both Dodongos in there, a chest will appear.

3.  Near the entrance to the Great Bay, blow up the rock, jump in the grotto, shoot down the bee's nests from the ceiling, and whip out your Zora Mask to dive down and get the heart.

4.  During the day; near the entrance to Milk Road, there is some tall grass.  Look for butterflies and jump in the hidden hole.  Kill the peahat inside to get the next one.

5.  Use the telescope to look for the Business Deku Scrub who lives in this pit.  When he flies inside, quickly go in the hole and haggle over the heart piece.

Marshlands- 7 Pieces

1.  On the road to the Swamp, shoot down as many Keese (bats) as you can, then climb up the tree they were guarding.

2.  The first time you get a perfect the swamp Shooting Gallery, you get a Quiver.  Get another perfect score and you will be rewarded with a Heart Piece.

3.  Trade the Land Title Deed to the Business Deku Scrub in front of the Tour Guide shop and use it's flower to go to the roof.

4.  Win the photo contest at the Tour Guide Hut by taking a picture of the Deku King or Tingle.

5.  In the far inner garden at the Deku Palace, you will see a heart piece.

6.  You will see a treasure chest to the left at the entrance of Woodfall, but you have to go all the way around to get it.

7.  After beating the Woodfall Temple, beat Koume's Boat Cruise shooting game with a score of twenty or more.

Mountain Village- 4 Pieces

1.  As Deku-Link, trade your Mountain Title Deed for this Business Deku Scrub's Ocean Title Deed.  Use his flower to grab the heart piece.

2.  When the frozen lake thaws (after beating Goht) your Zora-form can dive under to get the chest on the way to the Goron Village.

3.  In the Snowhead Pass, take your Hookshot, Lens of Truth and Scarecrow song to reach this piece.

4.  Use your Don Gero's mask, to gather all the frogs from Termina into one place.

Keaton's Quiz Questions- 1 Piece

1.  In Majora's Mask, you have a chance to meet the legendary Keaton Fox!  To summon the Keaton, wear his mask and go to an area where the weeds run away when you slash them (like north clocktown).  He will then appear and offer you three random-choice questions about the game.  If you answer them all right, you will get this piece.

Great Bay- 10 Pieces

1.  In the underground tunnel part of Gerudo Fortress, activate the switch and run to get the heart behind the gate.  

2.  Use your magic beans and you scarecrow song to get the piece in this shallow cave.

3.  After beating the Great Bay Temple, take the fisherman's boat to this island and score twenty on the jumping game.

4.  Kill all the Sea Snakes at Pinnacle Rock to reunite the sea lovers.

5.  Use the Captain's Hat to interrogate the Stalchilds in the Spider House.  They will give you a password, digit by digit, to a door that can be opened by shooting the colored masks in that order.

6.  Use your hookshot to get to Mikau's second floor room in Zora Hall, and read the song ideas he had in his diary,  Go to the bassist's room and flesh out the songs, then go to band-leader Evan and play them as Link.

7.  As a Goron, trade your Mountain Title Deed for the Ocean Title Deed and use the flower to get the heart piece.  

8.  Catch five fish and feed them to the "Big Fish" in the Marine Research Lab, they will cough this up.

9.  Drop to the bottom of the waterfall's basin and kill the Like Like for an easy piece.

10.  After winning the bottle, challenge the Beavers to a race again and beat 1:50 against both and receive this.

Romani Ranch- 1 Piece

1.  The only heart piece in Romani Ranch is in the Dog Races.  Equip your Mask of Truth to see which dog will win.  You have to win 150 rupees in one day to get this piece (it doesn't have to be in one race). 

Ikana- 5 Pieces

1.  Have the Stalchilds smash open the grave on Day 2, and use your Lens of Truth to find your way to the end.  

2.  As Zora-Link, sell the Ocean Title Deed for 200 rupees and then fly over to get the last Trading Game Heart Piece.

3.  Once you get to the roof of Ikana Castle, walk around the railing, shoot the switch, and fly for the piece on the north pillar.

4.  Kill all four Poe Sisters in under 3 minutes and you can win a Heart Piece at the Ikana Canyon Ghost Hut.

5.  You can't attempt the Secret Shrine until you have 16 heart pieces and the Light Arrow.  When you do, defeat the four mini-bosses and get this one.

Finale Mini-Dungeons- 4 Pieces

1.  You'll have to use the yellow Deku Flower on the final spinner to get the heart piece in the Odolwa.  

2.  As a Goron, use your roll to go through narrow paths and jumps to follow the narrow path in the Goht Dungeon after the exit to reach the piece.

3.  In the Gyorg Dungeon, rely on skill to take the right current to end up at the heart piece room.

4.  If your handy with Bombchus, you wont have any trouble getting the piece in this mini-dungeon.