Death Mountain Descent
This report and pictures have been possible thanks to MAGUS.

Okay, okay, so not MANY people know the most ultimate glitch known-to-man on this game, but that's where I come in to spread the news of this great glitch (Htloz, tell others that you put in this great glitch). Okay, enough with the chit-chat, let's go to business...

NOTE: You do NOT need a Gameshark or any other type of cheating mechanism to use this. This is straight from the game itself.


First, you must be on Death Mountain in Hyrule, not the Dark World. This is when you FIRST get there, and you do not have the Moon Pearl or have not beaten Agahnim the first or even the second time. While you are on Death Mountain, notice the bridge. If you haven't been to the bridge before, it's all the way to the right from where the old man's cave is (the one where he gives you life if you talk to him). Go up the ladder, then where all the large boulders stuck to the ground are, go all the way to the right. You will see a broken ladder.

Now, go back up Death Mountain and to the warp portal where you go to the Dark World when you step on it.

Once you are a bunny on Death Mountain, you can either go back down using the ladder, or use another but quick method to go down (which is you go directly down when you change, then you'll see a crack in the ledge.

Jump down from it, then jump down from the platform you landed on.). It doesn't matter which way you go, just go back to where the bridge is. When you get to the area where the bridge is supposed to be, there won't be a bridge there, just 2 "statues". Now here is where you get to the big part of this glitch. I will be doing these in steps to not make it that confusing...

The Death Mountain Descent Steps:

1. Go up to the section right under the top statue.

2. Look to the right side of the screen, then use the Magic Mirror to teleport.

3. While looking to the right side of the screen, move ONE PIXEL!

4. Wait until you stop flashing and you are teleported back.

4a. If you do not accomplish Step 3 correctly, you will be teleported back. Move back to step 2 again and try over. It's not really that hard, though.

5. Once you are teleported back, and if you did it correctly, you will notice that you are one pixel closer to the edge. DO NOT MOVE! Instead, teleport back.

6. Once you teleported back, move to the right until you are stopped by thepost on the bridge.

Take out your sword then gain power into it (hold the Sword Button). While holding the Sword Button, SLOWLY move toward the portal until you are teleported back.

7. If you did it correctly, and if you went to the portal as slow as you can, you will be teleported back, but will stand on the ledge without being teleported back into the Light World.

7a. If you did not complete Step 6 correctly (which means you went too fast), then you will be teleported to the Dark World then teleported back to the Light World. You must start back at Step 2 over again.

8. Once you are on the ledge, DO NOT MOVE LEFT OR TO ANY OTHER DIRECTION! Doing this will cause a failure and you will have to do Steps 2 - 6 again. When you are on the ledge, move to the right and you will fall into the black area with all the lava streams moving around.

Move all the way downwards and then when you see a large section of a ledge on the bottom of the screen, move down the right-side of it and off the screen. If you do this correctly, you will be on a large ledge. Jump down and you have completed the Death Mountain Descent. Why do you want to do this glitch? Well, if you jump down off the last ledge in this glitch, you will notice that you are now on the grounds of the Dark World. Because of this, you are able to explore almost the entire regions of the Dark World WITHOUT having to beat Agahnim nor do you need all the Pendants. Cool, huh?

Now that you have completed this most precious glitch, it's time to make things better. Notice that in the Dark World, all of the graphics are a little "glitchy"? Well, that's because you're not supposed to go to the Dark World from the black area in Death Mountain. If you do not like the look of this, please use the Magic Mirror to return to the Light world, then go into the portal to return back. See? Everything's normal again. Also, when you are in the black area, if you do not move toward the correct area, which is the large ledge, you will be stuck in the waterfall or the side of the ledge, and you will have to restart. There are MANY glitches that come from this one, but for now, since they have been gone for a while, I am testing them all. I only have one glitch pertaining to this right now. Go ahead and read it. The "Metamorphosis" Fairy


Chris Houlihan's Secret Room

Ok, wondering who the heck Chris Houlihan is? Well, from what I understand from a walkthrough, there was a contest some time ago by Nintendo, and...the winner got his name put into a Secret Room of "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past". The winner was none other than Chris Houlihan!

Alright, I bet you have heard enough with the gabbing. "How in the world, Max, do you get into Chris Houlihan's Secret Room. Images don't do us a bit of good. Or did you just get in by mere chance like so many others?" No, I did not just find it by mere chance like so many others, in fact, I had no idea about this being in the game until I read it in a walkthrough a few days ago, and I asked Starfe about it and gave the directions the guide gave us and we went to solving it. Starfe was the first one to access this room and to prove that the walkthrough and this secret were completely true. I, however, could not...and I believe it has to do with something about how far you are in the game. I had only just beaten the Flooded Palace. He had...well...not everything but is clearly past Agahnim since he has Silver Arrows (an item that cannot be received until you are past that point). ::Giggles:: It was not until by an error that I got to access the room myself. ^_^ Starfe tried to send me a movie of what he did to get into the room, but...somehow...instead of a movie, he gave me his file in the form of a movie. I merely just played his file until I got it. It took him 2 tries, it took me 3-4. :P SHUT UP STARFE!!

"Max!! You aren't answering the question!! How do you do it!! Where's the HOW!!" Ok, ok. Well, actually, there are supposedly several ways. A few include the way we took: the Hyrule Castle garden entrance, or the Pyramid of Power after having defeated Agahnim, or...and this might have been a glitch, as a friend told me earlier, he got in by just entering Link's House!! Well, the thing is....who knows WHAT these guys did...'cause they certainly can't remember. However...there is one person that thankfully did right it down. ^_^ And now we're here to pass on this "secret". Here is how Starfe and I got in to Chris Houlihan's Secret Room.

First, you probably have to have your game up to the point of nearly fighting Ganon, since I couldn't do it after the Flooded Palace but I could instantly, sorta, do it after I got ahold of Starfe's file. However, this is not proved, Next, access your game and if you are in the Dark World, go to the Light World, save and reset. Now, when you reopen your file, choose to start at the Sanctuary. Now...this is a timed thing so you are going to have to move fast, you can take the time to kill enemies, but DON'T GET HIT BY ANYTHING!!! Now, dash from out of the Sanctuary, dash down the path and dash right, dash to the right, dash down, cross the bridge and dash down, dash down until you can take a left. You will be at the garden, pick up the rock and throw it, now race up to the secret passage way you jumped in when the game first started. If you did it in time and didn't get hit (and the alignment of the stars was in precise order) you won't fall into the underground passage. Instead, you will drop down into the room shown in the above picture. There are five groups of nine blue rupees and a telepathic-tile. Touch the tile to get the message displayed in the picture. Not much else to it except a WONDERFUL rupee stash and the fact that you are one step closer to knowing every secret in "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past".

*Sigh* And so he will shut up about it....all credit for this goes to Starfe as well as all praise for his finding the secret room first....but I was the one that brought it up ::sits and pouts:: Ok...but HA!! If it weren't for me, your great achievement would come to nothing Starfe the Deathwind!!!

*Updated Note* To those who are curious, like I was, and wondered if this room could be accessed in the GBA re-released version of LttP, the answer is "No". Not unless you use some sort of hacking device. The room is in the codes but you cannot enter it through a normal route.


The "Metamorphosis" Fairy (Death Mountain Descent glitch needed)

This report and pictures have been possible thanks to MAGUS.

With this glitch...actually, I'm not going to tell you what it's for, although it might be extremely helpful. As it says a few spaces up, the Death Mountain Descent glitch needs to be completed, but what you also need is Zora's Flippers. Without them you might as well forget this glitch.

Like I used in the last glitch, this glitch will be using Steps.


1. When you are the bunny, make sure you have at least 2 fairies for this trick. One for the trick, and possibly one for the journey to get to the place this trick is needed for.

2. When you have the Zora's Flippers and the 2 fairies in bottles, proceed to Kakariko Village, downward through Kakariko Village and to the right, proceeding towards Link's House.

3. Once you get there, move down to the "swamp", and go down to the section of the lake, when you're right next to the right-side of the lake, continue getting hit by the enemies until you are almost dead, then quickly try to jump into the water, moving into the water again and again.

4. Continue doing this and you will easily notice that you will be standing on the water. Do it over and over until the screen scrolls. You will notice that the bunny (Link), will be "skating" on the water, stay on the water and with about 1 heart left (actually, 2 hearts will do, just make sure one hit will be your last).

5. If you die with just ONE hit, you will fall down as Link, then the fairy will sprinkle her little picsy dust on you, making you come alive again.

5a. If you do it incorrectly, the screen will become EXTREMELY glitchy, scrolling over and over, collecting "pieces" of the screen as it scrolls, and you will not have any control whatsoever. If this happens, press the Restart button, because it will go on and on and on for eternity.

So, why do you want to die like this? Well, if you're not stupid or blind, you may notice that instead of Link returning in bunny-form when the fairy brings him back to life. TADA! Link's ordinary form will return and now you will feel much safer with a sword and shield at hand. You might want to save afterwards.

The Chicken Lady

Once you have the magic powder, go to Kakariko village where the blue-haired gal paces back and forth and shouts for guards apoun seeing Link. Sneak past her and go into her house. In the top left corner there is a pot, pick it up and you will find a chicken, sprinkle it with magic dust and it will turn into a clone of the blue-haired gal, and when you speak to it, it will whine about what you've done to it and ask to be changed back. Try it!
Submitted by mR.fLiBbLe

Other ways of reflecting Agahnim´s magic

While fighting Agahnim, you can reflect his magic with the bug catching net. 
Submitted by Locke2384

Magic refill tip

If you hit a frozen enemy with the magic hammer there is a 8 in 10 chance you will get a magic refill.
If you catch a bad wild) bee it will become your own good bee.
Submitted by Raichu537

Funny things

You can sprinkle magic powder on those electric dudes and they talk and say funny things.
Submitted by Harry MacKay

Invisible "Creature"

I don't have THAT much info on this one, but I think that if you use the one of the Medallions (I'd suggest trying each one) in the "correct" section of the swamp you may notice that something is hit, and when you check the screen to see what was hit, you'll notice that it was nothing. This is the invisible "creature", with this, you can do anything you want at it (like place bombs at it). If nothing seems to happen, that must mean the "creature" "moved" to another place in the swamp. If you do find it, lucky you.

Okay, now that all the glitches of "mine" are gone so far, and I am trying to check out new ones, you may want to E-mail me for comments, questions, and possibly if you are having problems on one of them. My E-mail address is at: [email protected]

Submited by MAGUS12406

Trick/Glitch #1

(Requires turbo pad) Get the Pegasus Boots, go to Hyrule Castle. At the first bottomless pit that goes off-screen, use turbo on boots and holding the A button, walk off of ledge until you are off screen. From here you can access any castle or cave in both the Light and Dark Worlds. There are hazards though, you can get stuck and if you are in the Dark World for too long, (though you will not change into a rabbit, regardless of whether you have the Moon Pearl or not) you will die. But please explore because I have found the Ether Medallion in hidden rooms and you may also win the game without getting any Crystals or all Medallions.

Trick/Glitch #2

In the house with only a chicken throw magic powder on the chicken and it will turn into a lady.

Trick/Glitch #3

In order to get to the main dungeon in the third crystal palace of the dark world you will have to go through the second skull and out the third, then go up and to the left to find the last alien looking skull. Stand in front of in and use the fire rod to destroy it's snout. In order to engage blind in the fourth crystal palace you must go up to the top floor and all the way right, then bomb the cracked area in the floor there so that the sunlight can shine through to the floor beneath. Then go to the lowest right hand level and "rescue" the false princess, you can go to the room where the compass shows blind to be and the "princess" will transform into blind the monster. To get to the sixth crystal palace you must find the flute and play it in the village square next to the bird of the light world, then go to the haunted grove and play it next to the stump. This will call the bird who will then give you several options of locations it can take you. You can also play the flute at these location to be picked up again. Once dropped on the ledge in the light word desert you must lift the rock to find a teleporter into the dark world. Go almost due north and use the ether medallion on top of the skull where it has a matching symbol and you will open the door to the sixth crystal palace. Also a piece of heart can be found by going to the north-east corner of the dark world desert, stand in the culdesac and use the mirror then lift the large rock to reveal a set of stairs down.

Trick/Glitch #4

In the treasure chest game in the village of outcast, go to the chest in the top right-hand corner and see what a great surprise is from it! In the Dark World, go into turtle rock and find a door that leads to a walkway along the outside wall. As soon as you get outside, use your mirror and warp into the light world. Enter the door that you warped in front of and defeat the monsters inside (they're a bunch of woosie's). From there go through the door above and gain what should be the final piece of heart.

Trick/Glitch #5

When facing the Wizard, get and use the Net. It reflects the bolts.

Trick/Glitch #6

After you get the Master Sword, go back to Hyrule Castle. Chop down any bushes, weeds, ect and kill all enemies outside the castle. Then go back to the secret entrance. (Which you fell into at the beginning of the game.) Then jump in. You should be in a room full of Blue Rupees. 

Trick/Glitch #7

You don't need the Hookshot to get inside dungeon #6. All you need to do is go behind the block in the beginning then dash into it. While your in the air moving to the right side press and hold right until your in the other side. Do the same thing on your way out of the dungeon, this time using the other block.

Trick/Glitch #8

There are five easy ways to get money. First, in the town, there is a girl who walks in front of her house. She is the girl with no mail box. What you do is go in her house and pull on the mario picture. Two and three, the fish--when they are out of the water, pick them up and put them in deep water and it will give you $20. If you cut the grass under anything that jumps up in the air and you will get something. At the pyramid, pull on a statue and you will get $20. Lastly, pull on a claw at crystal seven.

Trick/Glitch #9

Before you beat Agahnim go to the swamp ruins and you will see little rabbits jumping out of the grass. If you cut the grass under the rabbits if you can't see 3D hit behind where they jump out. If you hit the spot the rabbit will be lying on the ground, and when you go to the rabbit it will say "Alright, take it Thief" before vanishing and leaving behind an item.

Trick/Glitch #10

Get the cane of Somaira, then go to Ice Palace, and go to the room with the four blue Onffs enemies, one Stalfos Knight and on the left is a ice person foe. Then use the cane on the button so the door will stay open. It saves time!

Trick/Glitch #11

In the Dark World, in the vicinity of Ganons palace, some caves in particular have areas impossible to cross because the floor in invisible. Try using Ether magic to reveal and find your way across. This also works in later dungeons.

Trick/Glitch #12

There are these little green guys walking around in the area where the magic shop is. If you put magic powder on them, they will turn into silly green guys. If you freeze them while they are transformed and you hit them with your hammer, they will turn back to normal. Also defeating these green guys usually gives you a magic refill. But beware they will electrocute you if you don't have the Hero Sword (Sword #4). Stun them with a boomerang first.

Trick/Glitch #13

If you catch a bee, put it into a bottle. Then, when you release it, it'll attack the enemies! If you have a frozen enemy, like with the Ice Rod or Ether, use the hammer on it, and you'll usually get either a small or large Magic refiller. You can pick up frozen enemy's and throw them. The magic Cloak, you don't need the level 3 lift. Here's how. Go to the graveyard in the Dark World, and go to the spot where it would be in the Light World, and use the mirror. You'll end up between the dark stones, and the tombstone. Dash into it from there.

Trick/Glitch #14

You can get to places other than Death Mountain, and beat levels 1 and 3 in the Dark World..... and not have the Moon Pearl! Here's how it's done: Start a new game. Rescue Zelda, beat the Eastern Palace, and get the Pegasus Boots. Go to the Desert Palace and get the Power Glove. Go up Death Mountain, get the Magic Mirror, and step on the Warp Tile to get to the Dark World. Fall off the cliff at the mall break in the edge. Go right until you reach the edge which has 2 gate posts, but no fence. Jam yourself tightly against the underside of the top post and the edge of the cliff. Use the Magic Mirror. Charge your sword, very lightly tap right on the control pad, and let the portal pull you back. DON'T MOVE!!! Use the Mirror again right where you are. This time, charge your sword and move all the way off the portal. When you become solid again, keep you sword charged and move slowly back left onto the portal. You should be standing.....on the edge of the cliff! Hold right-and you will jump off the edge of the cliff! Walk right, you will see a break in the lava slightly above and to the right of a round rock. Jam yourself against the left side of this rock and move down to the next screen. *CAUTION* If you do not go down in the spot indicated, everything will get really glitchy and you will have to reset. Bummer! When you have crossed, graphics will be a little glitched, but you can fix this by using the mirror and letting it pull you back. Next, go to the Dark world Swamp Ruins. CAREFUL!! You are still a defenseless and easily killed bunny! Make sure you have a fairy in a bottle at this point. This is how I remember making this work, it may not be accurate. I'm not sure. Go to the big pond NW of the ruins. Go to the right side of it and go into the shallow water. Keep moving left until you hit the deep water. Now, move left by lightly tapping left. When you cross to the next screen, you should be walking on the water. If not, go back, move down a little, and go left again. When you are walking, get killed. Use up all your fairies getting killed. When "Game Over" comes up, choose Save and Continue. You should be in the Dark World (I Think-bad memory) and you should be human w/o the Moon Pearl!!! If this does not work, try variations until something works. Sorry I can't remember. When something works, you're off to beat the Dark World!

Trick/Glitch #15

To get to Chris Houlihan's room, you must first go to the light world. Then press select and choose "Save & Quit." Open up your game again and choose to begin in the sanctuary. This part will now require speed. When you begin quickly use your sprint boots to go south. Then quickly run west a screen. Then run south until when you head east you will get to the castle. Once there run east until you nearly hit the castle. Then go south. Run east again, then north to where the secret passage in the bush is. Dash through the bush. If you get in it quickly enough you will enter Chris Houlihan's room which has lots of blue rupees and a sign that says the name of the room.

Trick/Glitch #16

If you go to the lost woods right above where the lumberjacks are, you will see a tunnel. If you go in there, there will be three chests. The guy will say, I'll let you open one chest for 100 rupees. One chest contains 20 rupees, but the other two contain 300!! You can only do this once though.

Trick/Glitch #17

The places to get all of the Magic Bottles Buy one from the merchant in the Lightworld's town. Get one under the bridge leading to the castle. Bring the locked chest found in the Dwarfsmiths house (in the darkworld after your sword is tempered) to the old man at the entrance to the desert in lightworld. The other one should be found in a chest somewhere.

Trick/Glitch #18

This is a other way to get the magic cape. Go to the dark world cemetery go cut the bush go inside the little space and then go to the top of the little space and use the magic mirror and then go to the bottom of the little space and dash into the reddish pink thing and go down the stairs then go up and open the chest.