A Link to the Past returns to the classic overhead view angle. With the Super Nintendo, we have quite a few more buttons to deal with. This small guide should serve as a quick reference for the Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past.

Control Pad Depending on the direction you press on the control pad depends on the direction Link travels. Mastering this is essential for mastering your offensive and defensive techniques.

A Button The A button has many uses. Most commonly, it is used for dashing once you've obtained the Pegasus Boots, talking, and lifting things. It has several other uses, as well, such as reading signs.

B Button When you press the B Button, it will cause Link to attack with his sword. In A Link to the Past, you can press and hold the B button to unleash a more powerful spin attack.

X Button The X button, when pressed, will allow you to view the maps you have, such as the overworld map. Important locations and items are often marked on your map.

Y Button The Y button will allow Link to use an inventory item. From the inventory subscreen you can assign and item or weapon to use.

Select When pressed, a menu will appear allowing you to save your data and end your game.

Start When Pressed, the subscreen will appear, allowing you to choose between your inventory items.