One night, a girl's voice awakens you from your sleep.

She telepathically pleads.

You jump out of bed not knowing whether the voice was part of a dream or reality. Upon leaving your bed, you find your uncle, who should be fast asleep at this time, preparing to go out, girded for battle.

"I'll be back by moring," he says as he departs. "Don't leave the house."

You watch him leave with the family sword in hand and shield on arm. This night is like no other... Who is Zelda? Where had your uncle gone and for what reason?

And so, on an ill-fated night, a new chapter in the legend of Hyrule's hero begins- a new chapter in The Legend of Zelda!

The Golden land of the Triforce has become a Dark World corrupted by Ganon's evil wishes. However, this is not enough for Ganon; he also wants to make Hyrule, the Light World, his own. To do this, he needs to break the Seal Of The Seven Wise Men.

But he cannot do this with his power alone. He must also use the life force of the descendants of the Seven Wise Men. With Agahnim the wizard as his pawn, this is about to become a reality.

You, as the legendary Hero of Hyrule, must enter the Dark World on a quest to save the maidens that Agahnim has sent there.