Truly a legend, our hero Link is one of the most famed videogame characters ever, and this game is no exception.  Although this is my personal perception, Link looks as if he is thirteen years old, three years after Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, which would make a lot of sense in where Capcom is going with this.  In this story, Link is equipped with more gadgets than ever, from my personal gaming experience with this game, it gets confusing at times.  Nevertheless, Link intends on giving the gamer a great experience.

Princess Zelda

The fair Princess of Hyrule, and heir to the throne.  This is the true image of the Princess Zelda, Ocarina of Time went a little weird on her.  She also appears to be thirteen/fourteen in this adventure.  Although I am well far into the game, I have not met up with her yet.  But since Nintendo bothered with a character art, I am sure she's in there somewhere.  


Din, the Goddess of Power has turned back to human form as the most beautiful women in all of Holodrum.  She is the worlds best dancer and is known throughout the land.  Her and Link shared a dance together, and became very well acquainted.  But once Onox got a hold of her, he has imprisoned her into a crystal and sealed her powers along with her.  

General Onox

Onox is the cause of all trouble in the land of Holodrum.  His fierce appearance and lack of motive makes him a very horribly evil last boss to date.  Not much is known about him, but he is very powerful.  When sealing Din into a crystal, all the seasons went berserk, and out of balance.  A funny Gerudo crest on his cloth robe might be leading to something.....what do you think?


The ever-loving Maku-Tree, the source of all life in the land of Holodrum.  This tree of Life is Link's key to adventure.  After retrieving his sword in a lost cave, Link finds the tree in a deep sleep.  Popping the tree's "nose bubble" will wake him, then presenting him the key to the first Labyrinth.  The tree is the definate key to all seasons.


I am not about to make any speculations, but... if you see what I see, send me a letter.  Could Onox.....


Impa is the Princesses nurse maid.  She has been in the royal family for decades and is a loyal servant to the king.  I am sorry if Ocarina of Time gave you a bad image, but this is what she looked like.  We are yet to see how she is incorporated with the story, but we shall know in time.


Ricky is a very faithful friend to Link.  When you call her, she will give you a ride in her pouch around Holodrum.  Her powered attack is giving a roaring punch to make a tornado to clear all tall grass in the area.  She can also carry you over holes and short clifs. 


A friendly Dodongo which will always help Link through tough times.  Dimitri and help Link swim through deep water, which is needed later on.  He can also take you over waterfalls to further you in your adventure.  He is also useful for eating up enemies.


One of Link's friends, Moosh is a flying polar bear and is willing to assist him at any cost.  He has a powered-up attack in which he shakes the ground to destroy enemies.  Moosh can fly over gaps that are too long for Ricky to jump over. 


A young, crafty, and beautiful witch.  She is seen very rarely flying around Holodrum on her broomstick.  If she collides into you, your items will switch, leaving scattered items everywhere!

Horon Village Shopkeeper

This pleasant man runs the Shop in the Horon Village.  He is very simple minded and does not have much to sell.  Once you get the membership card, however, you can access more items in his shop.

Bipin and Blossom

These newlyweds are having the time of their lives.  Bipin is a very good farmer, and Blossom has to take care of their new child.  You get to name the child and see it progress throughout the two games, via password.


The one and only Holodrum Historian.  He lives in the southeast of Horon Village, you can obtain an item from him, the Cuccodex.


A very talented musician, he knows lots of tips that will help you in your adventure.  He wanders around in Horon Village, so look out for him.


Vasu is the Horon Village Jeweler.  Throughout your adventure, you will find many Magical Rings.  You cannot discover their power until you bring it to him.


Can't waste time with this guy around.  This man owns a clock shop, and is always on a very strict schedule.  You can receive various clues and tips from him.

The Subrosians

The Subrosians are a very secretive tribe of people.  They are in fact so secret, that they have constructed their own world to live in.  This new world is called Subrosia, you must sneak your way around to find an entrance.

The Man and His Cat

This poor man has his cat stuck in a tree.  He has been trying desperately for his cat to come down for days, but the cat won't reply.  Can you help him?

Historian's Daughter

She too, knows much about Holodrum and it's history.  Taught by her father, she can give you many hints and clues to take with you on her journey.  She never leaves without a book in her hand.


This guy just won't quit will he?  This odd man runs the windmill, and does a fine job.  But his windmill is filled with secrets, can you get them all?


This man is a jolly old sailor from the sea.  But what's that in his hand?  Why, it's a seed, must you retrieve this to complete the Rod of Seasons?

Old Witch

It isn't a Zelda game without a witch now is it?  This old hag will provide you with many different potions throughout the game.  I am guessing there will be a mushroom involved...

Malon and Talon

We've met this duo before, first introduced in Ocarina of Time, but now they are back.  They probably don't own Lon Lon Ranch, but some sort of farming is involved.


GOOD GOD!!  Who IS this woman?

Pirate Captain

ARRRG!!!  These Pirates spell out something...  T-R-O-B-B-L-E!  Okay, so they can't spell, but trouble is still on its way.  I would watch out for these guys.