Third floor in Maku Tree 
Successfully complete a non-linked game with no deaths to get a third floor to the Maku Tree.

Change seasons 
You can change seasons if you go to a screen with a different season, then keep walking back and forth between screens.

Holodrum secret 
Start a new, then choose the "Secrets" selection. Enter one of the following codes to start a Seasons linked game:

t b Heart f b G g r q Club 
Square - Circle ( ! y Up Arrow - ~ 9 
Ring secret 
Go to the Red Snake in Vasu Jewelers and select the "Say" command, then enter the following code to get all 64 rings. Note: You must talk to Vasu to get a Ring Box in order to get the Red Snake to ask the "Say" command. You must use the "Holodrum secret" code for this code to work.

r b Heart Spade Spade y Club N Right Arrow 3 
4 Diamond = : g 
Memory secrets 
Give the following codes to Farore for items such as the Master Sword, Mirror Shield, Biggoron Sword, Bombchus. Note: You can only reach Farore after getting the Gift Of Time. And in order to get these codes to work you must talk to the corresponding "Secret Givers". For example, in order to get the Fairy secret to work you must talk to the lady by the fountain in Horon Village. You must use the "Holodrum secret" code for this code to work.

Secret Code 
K Zora - Right Arrow F Square q 
Library - Right Arrow F Circle s 
Troy - Right Arrow F Y w 
Tingle ! / t Q w 
Symmetry ! / t Heart m 
Fairy ! / t Spade $ 
Elder - Right Arrow F Triangle n 
Tokay ! / t Diamond &