Holodrum E8 - Light the torch here with an Ember Seed to get the Cuccodex.

Holodrum E5 - Give Malon the Cuccodex, and she will give you a Lon Lon Egg.

Random Location in Holodrum - Run into Maple, and you will drop the Lon Lon Egg. She will pick it up and give you the Ghastly Doll.

Holodrum B6 - Give the Ghastly Doll to the woman in the house. She will give you the Iron Pot.

Subrosia B2 - Give the Subrosian cook the Iron Pot, and he will give you Lava Soup.

Holodrum E1 - Give Biggoron the Lava Soup, and he will give you a Goron Vase.

Holodrum G3 - Give the Goron Vase to the Vase collector in Sunken City. He will give you a fish.

Holodrum D6 - Give the old man a fish so that he can get his cat to come down from the tree. In return, he will give you the Megaphone.

Holodrum F1 - Use the Megaphone to wake up Talon. He will give you a Mushroom.

Holodrum H3 - Give Syrup the Mushroom. To do this, you will need to change the season to Winter in Sunken City. She will give you a Wooden Bird in exchange.

Holodrum D7 - Give the Wooden Bird to the clockmaker, and he will give you Engine Grease.

Holodrum F7 - Give the engine grease to the guy by the windmill. He will give you his Phonograph.

Holodrum A3 - Defeat the Deku Scrubb here by deflecting his Deku Seeds back at him with your shield. Trade the Phonograph you got earlier for information on how to find the Noble Sword.

Holodrum A3 - Follow the route the Deku Scrubb told you to get the Noble Sword. It does more damage than the Wooden Sword and allows you to shoot beams from your sword if you have full health.