Heart Pieces

Use an Ember Seed to burn the sapling blocking this Piece of Heart in Horon Village.

Change the season to Winter to reach the upper windmill entrance. The Piece of Heart can be found on a ledge in the room you enter.

In the Woods of Winter, turn the season to Winter, then pick up the stone with the Power Bracelet.

Go to the market in Subrosia and buy the Piece of Heart there for 20 pieces of ore and 10 Ember Seeds.

Change the season to Summer, then go to the small lake just East of the eyeglass shaped lake. The water there will have dried up, allowing you to pick up a stone from the ground, revealing a stairway to a Piece of Heart.

Make your way into Moblin's Keep, and fight King Moblin. When he throws a bomb at you, use your Power Bracelet to pick it up and throw it back at him. Your reward for defeating him will be a Piece of Heart.

Just in front of the entrance to the Dancing Dragon Dungeon, you will find a small ledge to jump from. If you jump, you will reach a Piece of Heart.

This Piece of Heart will be surrounded by vines until you change the season to Spring. Fight the currents to reach the Piece of Heart.

Once you have Roc's cape, you can reach the graveyard without using the vines. Change the season to Spring, then enter the cave through the lower entrance. Lift the mushrooms to reveal a Piece of Heart.

After finishing the Subrosian Sword and Shield Maze, the temple remains in Northern Holodrum change. Bomb the cracked wall, then enter the hole it creates to get a Piece of Heart.

Maple- Keep running into Maple whenever she appears. Eventually, she will drop a Piece of Heart for you to pick up.

Gasha Nuts- Eventually when you open a Gasha Nut, a Piece of Heart will be inside.