These look a lot like skulls with black and white spots revolving around them. The boomerang is rumoured to be able to kill them. It is usually best to avoid them though!

Armos Knights

These are magical statues that come to life when Link gets too close. Some can be killed with just a sword. Others require a boomerang or magical boomerang to destroy.

Ball & Chain Trooper

This redarmoured soldier has a giant spiked flail. If it hits you, you take quite a bit of damage, so leap out of the way and slash him with the sword whilst his guard is down. He can also be hit by Slingshot or Seed Shooter seeds when his guard is down.


A squat tower, blueblack in colour, that is only capable of revolving on the spot. If it sees Link it will fire a short laser blast at him, which is usually easily dodged (or reflected with the Mirror Shield). You cannot destroy them.


These jellyfish are found in JabuJabu's Belly and thereafter. They are electrically charged. Don't hit them when they are flashing; wait till they are just floating around normally and hit 'em with the sword or switch/long hook it you are underwater. When killed they split into two Bari (?), which are easy to kill. Just swipe 'em again...


These red and white bubbles have a skull in the middle, and unlike Sparks, don't just stick to walls. Hitting them with a boomerang will finish them. Just make sure they don't touch Link first, for they will curse him and leave him unable to use his sword if they do.

Beetle, Hardhat

These squat beasts have a thick black shell and two leering eyes. They cannot be killed by conventional methods, but they can be knocked down into pits using your sword (or bounce them off your shield), and they can be crushed by a Magnetic Ball using the Magnetic Gloves.

Buzz Blob

These gelatinous things look a lot like walking cucumbers with eyes. They store static electricity and use it to great effect when someone hits them with a metal weapon. This means that swords are out, as well as both Switch Hook and Long Hook. Most other things will kill or stun them. For variety, try sprinkling Mystery Seeds on them.


These quite fat fish are only found in the sidescrolling underwater bits. They tend to swim in set patterns (memory like a goldfish), so you can avoid them fairly easily. In Ages, since you can attack underwater, you can actually kill them use the sword of Switch/Long Hook. For those of you who didn't know, these guys are from the Mario games.


These crabs are, well, crablike and are found on most beaches throughout Holodrum and Labrynna. Just hit them as the charge you.


This is the result of sprinkling Mystery Seeds on Buzz Blobs. Listen to what they have to say.


These red or bluearmoured knights are armed with either a sword and shield or a bow. The Archer Knights are easy to beat. Just stick your shield up and rush them. If you are feeling particularly daring, don't bother using your shield and simply slash the arrows out of the air as you charge. The Sword Knights are more of a pain. They will raised their shield and charge you. Basically, hitting their sword is not going to do you any good, so hit whatever other part is available.

Deku Scrubs

These little guys are naturally camouflaged as bushes. They pop up, look around, then spit seeds at Link. Whip up a shield to deflect their shots back at them. Two hits will get them to surrender, and they will (usually) offer you helpful advice.


These are blue hands that appear from the floor and rush at Link. They usually work in packs. If they grab you, your are taken back to the start of the dungeon, so either get rid of them with your sword or just run past as quick as your little legs will carry you.


These are the tiny blobs (either red or green) that leap upon Link and slow him down. They do not damage you in anyway, and one sword slash can often kill multiple ones at a time.


These ghosts have one eye and large tongues. They float about in graveyards. More will usually appear if you touch their graves. They can be killed by most normal methods, but the trick is to let them al out whilst keeping your eye on the original one. Kill him to kill them all.


These are stocky mummywrapped creatures that just wonder around and look fat. They have no attack except to touch Link, so either stay at a distance and shoot them with seeds, or hit 'em with an Ember Seed to turn them into a Stalfos.


Also known as Iron Masks, these guys have (unsurprisingly) iron masks. There are two ways of killing them. First, they are very weak. Hit them on the backside and they will die quickly. The easier way is to use the Magnetic Gloves on them, or the Switch/Long Hook, then hit their exposed body afterwards.


These guys catch me every time. The hide under rocks or bushes and then rush out at you when you walk past. They are quick, but only more in straight lines. The Grass Hoarders are easy to kill slash them with your sword. The Rock Hoarders you can either avoid or lift the rock off their back and slash them to kill.


These are the black bats that infest everywhere. They are easy to kill though: just slash 'em with your sword or use anything else...

Keese, Fire

These are a slightly harder version of the keese. They set you on fire if they touch you. They also fly to high to be hit normally. You have to wait for them to dive before you can finish them off.


Leevers look like spiky paperweights in my opinion. They come out of the ground and rush Link. If they touch you, they hurt you. Just slash 'em with the sword.

Like Like

Giant moving jellymoulds. I hate these things. Let one swallow you and it will eat your shield, so either stay away and avoid them, stay away and shoot them with projectile weaponry, or just hit them normally being extra careful not to let them touch you. Unlike the N64 games, killing LikeLikes will NOT get you your eaten item back!


These come in a red or blue variety like most monsters in the game. They look like centaurs with the body or a lion and a humanoid torso. They have swords for arms that shoot beams of light. They are difficult to kill with a Wooden Sword, so just avoid them until you have a more potent weapon.


These round critters are able to reverse their magnetic polarity. They spin round, changing colour from blue to red or vice verse, and then fire a fireball
at you. Use the magnetic gloves to get them where you want them (a corner is best) and then slash 'em repeatedly so they don't get a chance to fight back.

Mimics, Arm

These guys are orange and run around with their arms outstretched. They do the exact opposite of whatever Link does (movement wise). Just hoard them into a corner and slash 'em to death.


These black, segmented, wormlike creatures slither around. They take several hits, but can be killed with just a normal sword.


These dogheaded humanoids are equipped with either boomerangs, spears, or occasionally a sword. Hit them with your sword while avoiding their projectile weapons.

Moblin, Pig

These pigheaded moblins are usually armed with swords or spears. Take 'em out the same way as normal moblins.


These fourlegged, landdwelling octopi spit rocks at Link. Block the rocks with your shield then just hit 'em till they explode.


These spinning flowers are invincible whilst they are flying round in the air like little helicopters. Wait until they have settled on the ground, then hit them with your sword to kill them.


These are centipedal bugs that hide in holes in the ground. If you see a pair of eyes in a hole, jump back immediately otherwise this beast will most likely getyou. If you are quick, slash at them with your sword to kill them as they emerge.


These are fireballs that leap up at you from lava. They cannot be destroyed.

Podobos, Chain

These are found in the Lava Lake in Subrosia. They rise up from the lake and spit fireballs at you. Avoid them


These are segmented cacti creatures from the Mario games. Slash it repeatedly to knock away its sections to kill it.

Pols Voice

The rabbitlike ghosts may seem cute, but they are as deadly as the other monsters in Holodrum and Labrynna. They are virtually invincible as well. Place a bomb next to them to blow them up, or use a Flute (or the Harp of Ages) to play a tune next to them to make them explode.


These midnight blue birds sit on tree or fly onto the screen and swoop at you when you get near. Either avoid them (easy), or hit them as they fly at you.


These are green snakes that charge at Link if he is within a horizontal or vertical line of sight (they can't do diagonals). Slash at them before they reach you. They are easy to kill.


Cousins of the Bubble, these guys follow the perimeter of the room, or an object in it. The only way of killing them is with a boomerang (after which they will turn into a fairy). Just avoid them otherwise.


These are quite often found when you are digging for rupees. Also, Facade drops them at you when you fight her. Hit them with your sword.

Spike Beetle

These spiked beetles resemble Hardhat Beetles in all respects save for the fact their shell is covered in big spikes. Use your shield to block them when they charge you, then hit their soft underbelly when they curl up from the recoil.


These guys are undead warriors who wouldn't give up their place in life. There are three types. The basic ones just walk around. They are usually blue, and can be beaten with a sword as normal. The green ones tend to leap about a lot. It is best to corner them and slash away. The gold ones also leap about, but they throw bones at you as well. Same tactics as the green ones should work though.

Stalfos, Shrouded

These stalfos wear dark green robes and are armed with swords or spears. Kill them as you would Darknights or Moblins.


These are goldencoloured, twolegged, hopping beasts. They are fairly easy to kill though. Just wait for them to jump at you then move out the way. Hit them as they land.

Tektite, Water

These are the fourlegged, blue, water variety. They skirt around on water. Dive underneath them to avoid them, or stay on land and snipe from the banks.

Tile, Flying

These things are usually red, and lie in pretty patterns on the floor. Then the doors of the room lock and they start lifting off and flying at you. Two tactics you can use are backing into a corner and sticking your shield up, or slashing every which way but loose at them and destroy them all before they hit you.


These are bladed blocks that whistle across your path, then slowly retract. There are four colours: red, blue, green and gold. They are quicker, getting faster in that order. Also, certain green ones may revolve around a central point.

Traps, Large

These are a bigger and more sinisterlooking version of the normal trap. They follow a set pattern around the room so just stay out of their way because you can't kill them.


Also known as a Clutch, this red hand appears from the roof and swipes up whatever is in its path, taking it back to the start of the dungeon. Just avoid them. They are more trouble than they are worth!


Don't know what they are actually called, but they look like little candles with feet and eyes that wander around quite placidly or just sleep on the spot. Light their heads with Ember Seeds to send them dashing off around the room until they explode.


These are robed and hatted wizards who disappear and reappear at will. The green ones are the basic ones. They are rooted to the spot, so always appear in the same place. The red ones teleport around a bit. The blue ones don't disappear but instead go ethereal and walk around. All three types fire blasts of magic at you. All three can be killed with the sword.


These are fishlike creatures who emerge from little whirlpools in even shallow water and spit fireballs at Link. They can be killed with a good sword hit, or a decent projectile attack.


These are large gelatinous blobs, red or green in colour. When killed, the red ones split into Gels, whilst the green ones simply die. A simple sword hit will do. Slash at the red ones twice to kill the emerging Gels before they have a chance to leap at you.