Gameshark Codes

Item Codes  
Infinite Health (3 hearts) 010CA2C6
Infinite Rupees 1 01XXA5C6
Season Modifier 2 01??4ECC
B button modifier 01xx80C6
A button modifier 01xx81C6
First slot modifier 01xx82C6
Second slot modifier 01xx83C6
Third slot modifier 01xx84C6
Fourth slot modifier 01xx85C6
Fifth slot modifier 01xx86C6
Sixth slot modifier 01xx87C6
Seventh slot modifier 01xx88C6
Eighth slot modifier 01xx89C6
Ninth slot modifier 01xx8AC6
Tenth slot modifier 01xx8BC6
Eleventh slot modifier 01xx8CC6
Twelth slot modifier 01xx8DC6
Thirteenth slot modifier 01xx8EC6
Fourteenth slot modifier 01xx8FC6
Fifteenth slot modifier 01xx90C6
Sixteenth slot modifier 01xx91C6
Infinite Rock Currency 01xxA7C6
Infinite Rock Currency 3 010yA8C6
Inf. Magic Fire Powder 0109B5C6
Inf. Bombs 0109AAC6
Inf. Gasha Seeds 9199BAC6
Have All Items on second subscreen 01FF92C6
Item Modifier Slot Y(First Sub Screen) 4 01XXYYC6
Member's Card 01089CC6
Flippers 014097C6
Gasha Seed 011098C6
Maku Seed 014098C6
Dragon Key 01109AC6
FloodGate Key 01089AC6
Gnarled Key 01049AC6
Hard Ore 01049CC6
Blue Ore 01029CC6
Red Ore 01019CC6
Bomb Flower 01029BC6
Pirates Bell 01049BC6
Treasure Map 01089BC6
Have Boxing Gloves 01019BC6
Pieces of the Heart 010XA3C6
Have all Jewels for Ancient Ruin Entrance 01FF9BC6
Cannot be transported to Explorer Crypt entrance even if torches go out in Seasons 0104A9CC
Always have full bloom Gasha tree by leaving screen and coming back 5 01FF4BC6
Infinite Red potions on second screen 01FF97C6
Force game restart 0102E0C2
Shield Level 01XXA9C6
Sword Level 01XXACC6
Boomerang Level 01XXB1C6
Feather Level 6 01XXB4C6
Ring Box Level 91XXC6C6
Have All Rings 01FF16C6
Hero Cave Infinite Keys 01016EC6
Level 1 Infinite Keys 01016FC6
Level 2 Infinite Keys 010170C6
Level 3 Infinite Keys 010171C6
Level 4 Infinite Keys 010172C6
Level 5 Infinite Keys 010173C6
Level 6 Infinite Keys 010174C6
Level 7 Infinite Keys 010175C6
Level 8 Infinite Keys 010176C6
Have Big Keys 01FF7AC6
Have Compasses 01FF7CC6
Have Dungeon Maps 01FF7EC6
Show all item values 7 01FF92C6
Have Mirror Shield 0103A9C6
Have Master Sword 0103ACC6
Bomb Holding Capacity Modifier 01XXABC6
Infinite Bombchus 0150ADC6
Fruit Pouch Holds 99 0103AEC6
Have All Seasons 018FB0C6
Upgrade Boomerang 0102B1C6
Upgrade Slingshot 0102B3C6
Upgrade Roc's Feather 0102B4C6
Have Access to Advanced Shop 8 01EA14CF
Walk Through Walls 9 010033D0
Invincible 10 01012BD0
Tunic Color Modifier 11 01??1BD0
Sword Color Modifier 12 01XX1BD6
Location Modifier 13 01XX47CC
Invisible Sword 14 011A1ACC
Can't Use Sword And More Code 15 011245CC
Can't Load Up Sword 010104D2
Can't Load Up Sword 01DD06D2
Metrix Sword Mode 010621D2
Metrix Sword Swing Mode 010B31D2
Metrix Sword Mode 010621D2
Ultimate Metrix Sword Mode 010621D2
What Your Sword Will Do Modifier 16 01??04D2
Always Shoot Swords Out Of Your Hand Mode 17 010000D6
Dark Sword When Loading Sword 01FF06D6
Infinite And Max Health 18 017FA2C6
Have All 16 Hearts Plus Infinite Health 19 01FFA3C6
Have All 16 Hearts Plus Infinite Health 20 0156BAC4
Gain Health Then Die In 3 Seconds Mode 21 0192A2C6
Near Death Heart Beat Beep Is Always Off 22 0156BAC4
Fast Near Death Heart Beat Beep Is Always On 010EAFC4
Always Swimming Mode 23 01FF0FD0
Able To Float And Walk On Air Mode 01F00FD0
Mega Moon Jump Mode 019014D0
Can't Jump Mode 24 01E014D0
Windy Mode 25 010100D6
2 Halfs Link Mode 018811CB
Two Faced Link 01241ED0
Get Transfer Somewhere Else 26 01000BD0
Transparent Link 010B1ED0
Transparent Link 2 01021ED0
Walking Upside Down Mode 011B1ED0
Ice Skate Mode 017422D0
Ultra Fast Music 010075C0
Link Action Modifier 27 01??22D0
Link Action Modifier 2 28 01??23D0
Always Invisible Mode 01001BD0
000 Death Counts 01001EC6
Max Death Counts 01FF1EC6
Have And Enable Mermaid Suit 010CA3C6
Infinite Ember Seeds 019AB5C6
Infinite Sent Seeds 019AB6C6
Infinite Pegasus Seeds 019AB7C6
Infinite Gale Seeds 019AB8C6
Infinite Mystery Seeds 019AB9C6
Infinite Seed Satchel" Infinite All Seeds" 019AB5C6
See A Cool Event In Game 29 01DE41D4
Have All Essences Of Seasons"All 8 Of Them" 01FFBBC6
Dream Mode 30 0105CEC6
Level 6 Inf. Small Keys 01097EC6
Fight Maple Alot 011E3EC6
Never Fight Maple 01003EC6
Infinite Health 31 9140A2C6
Infinite Bombchu 910AADC6
Auto-Kill Of Some Enemies, Plus Earth Quake Mode In Some Area's 32 011A84D0
Some Enemies Can't Move 012A8DD0
Most Enemies Are Dead 01019FCC

Number Comments
1 The rupees show up like yxx on the screen. This value works in hex, so if you want 10 rupees, enter 10, not 0A. Values above 9 screw it up.
2 00 - Spring
01 - Summer
02 - Fall
03 - Winter
3 The rocks show up like yxx on the screen. This value works in hex, so if you want 10 rupees, enter 10, not 0A. Values above 9 screw it up.
4 where YY = 82 - 91. This is the slot modifier as per Gray Vader code.
where XX=
00 - none
01 - Level 1 Shield (Shows as L-2)
02 - none
03 - Have Bombs (use with inf. bomb code)
04 - Dog, Bat or Cat icon?
05 - Level 3 Sword
06 - Boomerang (Shows as Cape)
07 - Rod of Seasons
08 - Magnetic Gauntlet
09 - none
0A - Switch Hook L-2(Can't use item)
0B - none
0C - Biggoron's Sword
0D - Bombachu
0E - Wood Shield (shows as L-2)
0F - Non Magnetic Gauntlet (Doesn't do anything)
10 - 12 - None
13 - L-1 Slingshot
14 - None
15 - Shovel
16 - Power Bracelot 1
17 - Roc's Feather (Shows as Mirror Shield)
18 - None
19 - Seed Satchel w/ ember seeds
1E - Fool's Ore
20 - Ember Seeds (Doesn't Work)
21 - Scent Seeds (Doesn't Work)
22 - Pegasus Seeds (Doesn't Work)
23 - Gale Seeds (Doesn't Work)
24 - Mystery Seeds (Doesn't Work)
By using different slots you can populate the primary items screen and then save your game. You will then have these items forever. Items that show as one thing such as the cape (but are really something else) can us upgrade codes to get the proper item with the proper picture.
5 Works in all patch locations. You do not have to even plant a seed!
6 Also, the value for feather in either game is 17(hex).
7 Not really useful unless you cheat to get items that dispay the level or quantity of that item
8 Turn this code on when at the north entrance to town. Go left on screen and the closed door will be open. Enter the door and turn the code off.
9 You must turn this code off to open treasure chests.
10 You cannot jump into a mine cart. You have to turn the code off to do so.
11 When the screen turns white (i.e. when entering a dungeon), you must turn the invincible code on or get hurt for the tunic to change colors.
12 Digits to Accompany Sword Color and Tunic Color Modifiers
08 - Green
09 - Blue
0A - Red
0B - Gold
0C - Invert Blue
0D - Invert Red
0E - Tan
0F - Purple and Light Blue
13 offsets to be posted later
14 aka Police nypd
15 Note For Code Above: You Won't Be Able To Use Your Sword While If You Use It In Slot B, But If You Put Your Sword In Slot A You Will Be Able To Do Cool Sword Tricks And More
16 00=Cool Sword Swing
01=Can't Load Up Sword
02=Sword Always Loaded
03=Cool Sword Trick
04=Cool Sword Trick 2
17 Note For Code Above: Seeing Link Firing Cool Fire Sword Things Out Of His Hand Can Be Really Neat As Well As Useful,Etc
18 This Code Worked For Me But I Did Hack It With My Cheat Device Pro 3.0 So If It Works Then Fine If It Doesn't Then Use My Have All 16 Heart Codes Instead
19 Note For Code Above: There Is Only One Side Effect With This Code And That Is Your Always Hear That Near Death Bep Thing All The Time
20 Note For Code Above: This Is A Better Version Of The Have All 16 Hearts Plus Infinite Health Code That Had The Near Death Beep Thing. This Code Turns Off The Near Death Beep Thing Makening This The Best Code To Use As To Have All 16 Hearts Plus Infinite Health.
21 Note For Code Above: You Gain Health For A Few Seconds Then You Lose It In 3 Seconds, Kinda Like God Saying Naw I Change My Mind And Just Suck Your Health Away, Etc
22 Note For Code Above: This Can Be A Very Useful Code If You Are The Type Of Game Player Who Hates To Hear That Constant Near Death Beep.
23 Note For Code Above: Its Fun Seeing Link Swim With Or With Out Water And Swimming On Land, Etc
24 Note For Code Above: White Men Just Can't Jump lol j/k Also Am Not Black But I Thought This Comment Made In The Move White Men Can't Jump Would Be The Best Way To Explain This Code, Etc lol
25 Note For Code Above: Always Hear A Windy Like Sound,Etc
26 Note For Code Above: Play With The On/Off Switch Of Your Cheat Device Pro To Move A Round To Be Transfer Some Where Else,Etc
27 00=Dead
01=Sword Stance
02=Sleeping 04=Sword Stance 2
08=Sleeping 2
0E=Sleeping 3
16=Dead 2
17=Looking Up At Sky 19=Flying Like Super Man
1C=Digging With Shovel
1F=Digging With Shovel 2
20=Sleeping 4
21=Dead 3
23=Always Looking In Different Directions
24=Always Looking North
26=Always Looking South
2A=Half Invisible/ Flying Like Super Man
2D=Sleeping 4
2F=Always Looking In Different Directions 2
35=Turn Into A Bird Of Some Kind 40=Upside Down
48=Ice Skate Mode
4C=Looking Up At Sky 2
54=Turn Into A Red Fire Ball
61=Ice Skate Mode 2
64=Half Invisible/Hands In Air 65=Sword Stance 3
71=Ice Skate Mode 3
74=Ice Skate Mode 4
75=Sword Stance 4 7E=Playing The Harp Of Ages
28 00=Falling
02=Hands In Air 05=Doing Lots Of Things At Once
07=Always Have Your Shield Up
09=Flying/Swimming 0D=Acting Like A Bull
0E=Half Invisible/Sword Stance
29 Note For Code Above: With This Code On You Will See An Event Where All The Essences Of Seasons Will Come Together And More
30 Note For Code Above. Link Will Fall Asleep" This Code Works Just Like The One I Made For The Old Zelda Game, Also Use The Code 0100CEC6 After Your Are Done With This Code And This Code Will Turn Off The Effects So It Doesn't Mess Your Game Up,Etc But Don't Use Them Boh At The Same Time Thu. Use 0100CEC6 By Itself When Your Done,Etc
31 This will give you inf health for all your hearts. also sometime it seem you lose health but if you use your sword it would shoot even if you seem to loose health
32 aka Police NYPD