Our hero is back for another great installment of The Legend of Zelda.  This time, Link has been shipwrecked and washed up on an island called Koholint.  A sweet girl finds him on the shore and takes him back to her place.  This time around, Link can acquire many new and useful items for his journey.  Who knows, he might learn some new skills as well.

Princess Zelda


This maiden from Mabe Village saved your life when she found you washed up on the beach.  Marin bears an uncanny resemblance to Princess Zelda.  She is a very musical woman who loves singing and yearns for life off the island.  She has many friends among humans, animals and even some among monsters.



Tarin is Marin's father. He bumbles a bit but is kind-hearted.  He loves mushrooms and often goes to the forest in search of some for his dinner.



This mysterious owl follows you throughout your adventure.  He seems to know much of the island and the whole world in general, including the Wind Fish.  But is he friend or foe?


Grandpa Ulrira 

This old man is a walking encyclopedia of Koholint Island.  He knows everything about the island!  However, he is not very talkative and it can be difficult to get information out of him.  His wife is the loud, old woman who loves sweeping the front of her house.


Mr. Write

He loves reading and is always writing letters. People say he is writing to a charming young woman in a city far away. Doesn't he look a little familiar?

Old Man

Crazy Tracy

This moderately odd woman lives to the northeast of Mabe Village. They say she can create a variety of secret medicines. You should visit her house at least once on your adventure.


Wind Fish

Not much is known of this character. All we know for sure is that as long as the Wind Fish sleeps, Link cannot escape Koholint Island. Will you ever wake this character?