I. Introduction
Ok, here it goes. Here is what I will not cover in this walkthrough: when to get Secret Seashells, when to get Heart Pieces, when to get Photographs, and whatever else I mention in the walkthrough as a 'refer to'.

Another thing I will not cover is how to get the stone slabs/beaks. I will be posting the Tablet/Owl Messages before each dungeon. This walkthrough is the Player's Quick Version. You can find their locations and how to get them in the section labelled "Stone Slabs/Beaks".

Last thing to cover, this walkthrough is for both games Regular and DX version. There are very few differences, however, if there is a difference when it comes to battle strategies, I will mention both, I promise. Until then, I will speak in terms of "DX" version mostly. So, when I say Stone Beak or something, I mean Stone Slab.

II. Beginning
The moment you wake up, you meet Marin. After she is done talking with you, go talk to Tarin to get your shield and then leave the house. Once out, follow the path to the south and enter into the Toronbo Shores area. Explore the shores themselves and you should come across your sword and your first introduction to the Owl. Follow his directions: go back to Mabe Village and take the north path and enter the woods.

Explore. There are two areas of interest you will find in here. A racoon that will get you lost, and a log tunnel. Go through the log tunnel. At the end, outside, is a Sleepy Mushroom. Now that you have that, go back through the tunnel. (Don't forget to retrieve the rupees from the chest.) Once out head north twice and take a right until you exit the woods. Once out of the woods follow the path. This path will lead you to the Witch's Hut. Give her the mushroom and she'll give you the Magic Powder. Take this back to the racoon. Pour the powder on his sensitive nose to watch him go crazy. Tada! You saved Tarin! Go up. In the chest is the Tail Key. Listen to the Owl now.

Now that you have the key, head to the dungeon. From the entrance to the shores take a few rights and follow the path through the trees.

III. Dungeon 1: Tail Cave
"Turn aside the spined ones with your shield."

As you enter your first dungeon, you should head west. Killing the two Hardhat Beetles by throwing them into the pit, you receive your first key. Head over one more. In this room kill the two Gels. Opening the chest reveals the compass. Heading back and going north brings you into a room with two small Gels and a Hardhat Beetle. Kill these monsters to freely step on a button which will reveal a chest with a key. Go east. Kill the Keese and Stalfos in this room to reveal the chest that holds the map. Returning and going west brings you into a room with four Keese. Kill the Keese to open the doors and so you can continue on your quest. Going up and killing the moldorm will give you a chest with 20 rupees. Going up once more, you will find a locked door.

Going through, you will see a shut door and a block puzzle. Make your way around to it to deal with it. To Zelda veterans, this is a classical puzzle that can be solved simply without a second thought. However, for those new to Zelda games, simply look at the puzzle as having to complete a pattern. Push the block toward the rest of the others. The door will immediatly open. Going into this room you will find a stone tablet-whose message I posted above-and two spiked beetles, or the 'spined ones'. Putting up your shield as they ram into you will cause them to flip over, exposing their vulnerable underside. Two swipes with your blade takes care of them. The destruction of these monsters opens a secret passage. Making your way through takes you into another part of the dungeon. At the end of a tunnel, you will find a chest. This particular chest gives you the Roc's Feather. The Roc's Feather allows you to be capable of jumping over obstacles.

Make your way back to the block puzzle. You will now be capable of jumping over pits. Head out of the this area and down one more scene and go east. You will now see another chest. Open it to gain a key. Take the upper east path and head down the tunnel. In the next room you will find a Hardhat Beetle and a pit. Equip your feather to jump over the pit. Push up against the locked block to open it and continue up the stairs. Now you can reach the chest that contains the Master Key. Return back to the room that you received the key in. This time, take the lower east path. In this room you will have two directions. To the north is the room that contains the stone slab. Jump over the pit to enter the room to the guardian of this dungeon.

Guardian: Rolling Bones

To defeat him is simple. When his spiked roller nears you, jump over it. Then, stand in one place and lay down on that sword button. The guardian makes a straight path to you and does not veer off unless you do. Eight hits takes Rolling Bones out. With his death, it opens a portal to and from the entrance. If you are low on hearts I suggest refilling yourself.


Head north. Be careful of the Blade Traps. Open the Nightmare's door.

Nightmare: Moldorm

Moldorm, is simple to defeat as well. The only thing you must watch out for is being pushed into the pit. If this happens, make your way through the tunnel where you will return to the room outside of the Nightmare's Lair, in which you will have to restart the battle. To kill Moldorm simply hit the tip of his tail four times.


Instrument: Full Moon Cello

IV. Moblins Attack! Rescue Bow Wow!
If you head toward town, you will hear about the latest Mabe Village News: Bow Wow has been kidnapped...er, dog - no I will resist the urge! Go through the Mysterious Forest until you reach the circle of pits - the one with the heart in the center. Go right, up, and right. Enter the cave. Work you way through until you reach King Moblin.

Boss: King Moblin

Fend off his arrows with your shield, have your back to one of the doors. When he pounds his chest RUN! He will 'flatten' himself if you did it right. If you are quick, you can get in three hits before he gets up. Head back for the wall and continue this process until he is dead.


Rescued: Bow Wow

Now, head back to the area where you receieved the Tail Key, go left. Now up and go right until you reach the swamp. Only Bow Wow at the moment can eat the Samp Flowers, it may take some doing but he will eventually eat them. When he eats them, you'll be able to reach the next dungeon.

V. Dungeon 2: Bottle Grotto
"First, defeat the imprisoned Pols Voice, Last, Stalfos..."

When you enter, head up. Light the two torches with the Magic Powder to open the right door. Defeat the two Stalfos to receive a small key and open the door. Defeat the Mask-Mimic to receive the compass. Head back up and go to the right. Hit the switch to lower the blocks and go down. In the chest there is a small key, hit the switch to lower the blocks to get it and go to the right. Hop over to the ledges until you reach the button to make a chest appear. In this chest is yet another key. Go up. You can defeat the two Mask-Mimics, but you will only get an extra key for the room to the stone beak. Go to the right and defeat the two Spiked Beetles, then unlock the door. In this room, push the two blocks together to open an underground passage. No problems here, just jump over to the platforms. When you come out, jump over to the center platform, collect the heart and jump to the other side and go through the door.

Guardian: Hinox

Defeat this beast by hitting and run until he throws a bomb. If he pounds his chest, get as far away as possible quickly, otherwise start taking flying lessons. This beast is one of the harder ones in the game. Just keep at him as best as you can. Good Luck!


When you have defeated him, exit stage right. Jump over the pits until you go up. Stop! Don't move! Let the keese be sucked into the vacuum mouth. Once they are gone, use the suction of the vacuum to carry you over and up to get the chest which holds the Map. Now, work you way out of the room. The chest contains 20 rupees. At the moment concentrate on the locked room to the left. Equip your sword and the Magic Powder. When you enter you will see two ghosts and two torches. Your only defense against the ghosts is your sword, but they also reappear and fairly close, so work your way carefully to one of the torches. Once you light one of them, the ghosts are vulnerable and start to run. Either way, kill them or let them escape, you receive the Power Bracelet.

Turn back and lift the bottles out of the way of the upper path. Get close to the switch and hit it with your sword and jump into the recessed block and hit the switch again. Jump off and get the chest for a small key. You'll want to hit the switch again to get through the next room. Pass the hard-hat beetle and go into the next room. You will want to go down. Once again - Stop! Don't kill a thing and refer to the Dungeon Hint. The Pols Voice is the bunny thing (duh! he's the one imprisoned). The only way to defeat it is to hit it with the vase at the corner of the room. Push the blocks out of the way first. Next, attack the keese. Last, the Stalfos. Receive the Master Key. Now go back up and unlock the door. Defeat all of the enemies to open an underground passage. The key here is for the platforms to go down. For the one that gives you problems, pick up a pot and use it for weight. The last room is the entrance to...

Nightmare: Genie

There are two stages to this boss. The first being the easiest. To defeat this form, go to the very left of the room. Now, when they made the DX version, he was slower so I will put both techniques here. When he starts throwing fireballs, regular version - RUN! DX version - Slow step! When he stops, go before the door and hit the bottle with your sword to stun him. Pick the bottle up and dash it against the wall. Repeat until the bottle breaks.

Now that he is out of the bottle, Genie is ticked! Here is what I suggest. When he dematerializes, go against a wall far away from him and start walking its length back and forth. When he rematerializes, his fireball should miss you if this was done correctly. Now, hit him and he will dematerialize, again. Continue this until he is destroyed. If you are as good as me, you shouldn't lose a heart.


Instrument: Conch Horn

VI. The Search For Five Golden Leaves
Once you have the Conch Horn, it is time to take Bow Wow home. Now, before you enter into Ukuku Prairie, you will need two things, a shovel and some Bannanas. The shovel you buy at the Mabe Village Tool shop. As for the Bannanas, follow the "Trading System" section on Zelda Xtreme and update your game to this point. Once you have these items, head to the east of Mabe Village and lift the blocking rocks and enter Ukuku Prairie.

Go over and down. Follow this makeshift trail until you reach a house backed by a field of bushes: Richard's Villa. Go in and talk to Richard. He'll offer you the Slime Key in exchange for the Five Golden Leaves he dropped back in Kanalet Castle.

To reach Kanalet Castle, go east and head north, taking a right turn only when necessary. The gate will be closed so you will have to go to the east corner of the castle. There you will find Kiki the Monkey. He will gladly help you in exchange for those Bannanas you have and move you one more up in the "Trading System". Now, to collect the Golden Leaves, go to the section of Zelda Xtreme entitled "5 Golden Leaves". Once you have them, head back to Richard's Villa. He'll move so you can push aside a box to reveal a hole.

Inside the Hedge Maze, take the following recommended path for a short cut. (One refers to bush and sentences refer to the actions in the game screen.) Cut a path through the middle to the right. Cut the bush in front of you and go down. Cut the bush in front of you, cut the one to the right, cut the one to the bottom, then the right, right again, then go back up into the previous screen. Cut the bush to the right to reveal a hole, jump over it. Cut a straight path up to the last one, and then cut the one to the left, then two down, two over to the left, up and enter to the left screen. Cut the bush down and dig a hole. A key will come up.

Now that you have the key, head to the left from Richard's Villa until you reach the key hole. Press up to it to unlock the dungeon. Now, head to the left of Richard's Villa and go up until you reach the edge of some trees. Go around them and head down. You will see land, jump over to it. In the next screen hop over to the dungeon.

VII. Dungeon 3: Key Cavern
"Far away... Do not fear, dash and fly!"

Once you enter the dungeon you will find that the door seems to be stuck, you will have to break it down with one of the pots in the corner. Save the room to the right for later. In this room kill all enemies to receive a small key. (Careful of the bombs, they can cause major damage to the unsuspecting adventurer.) Go up and get trapped. Kill all the gels to reopen the doors (enjoy the chest's present). To the right is the map that you can't reach yet, so go up. Ignore the stalfos, they can't help you, yet. Go up and go down the stairs. With your key open any of the four doors, but only the following two are necessary. In the north room: kill all of the enemies to receive a new key. The switch is also here so you can go retrieve the map (and stone beak). The east room is where you want to be in the end. Ignore the enemies and go up the stairs.

In this new room, walk around to kill all of the gels and receive a small key. Go up and go up again, go to the right, go up, kill the monsters to open the door and go left, open the chest to receive the compass and bomb the left wall. Kill all of the enemies and receive a small key. Head back down and take a left where you had first went up. Kill the gels to open the north door. (Before you enter make sure you have a lot of bombs.)

Guardian: Dodongo Snakes

I suggest shield and bombs equipped. The only way to defeat them is to have them eat three bombs each. To do this, throw the bombs into their mouths or place the bombs in their path. The shield will protect you from damage if they bump into you (front-ways at least).


Once you defeat them, go right and move the blocks to reach the chest and receive the Pegasus Boots. Now you can break through crystals. Do that and push aside the block and go down. Bomb the wall in between the lights and enter. Now, the hole here is what the owl's message refers to. This takes some time to master. You have to run at the hole and jump at the very edge to boost you over. Jump too soon and you won't make it, jump too late and you'll tumble into the pit. Once you do it, don't breath a sigh of releif just yet, you get to do it one more time. Open the chest to reveal the Nightmare's Key.

Once you have this key, go through the dungeon to open the chests you were not able to get previously and go into the rooms you did not explore until you have collected at least four small keys. Once this is accomplished, go to the room south of the Guardian's room. You will notice a locked block in the top right hand corner. Open it and make your way through the circle.

In the underground passage, dash attack against the block to make it fall. Continue and perform a fly jump (dash and jump) to reach the ladder.

In the new room dash attack the enemies and catch the flying heart to fill your health. The next room you can battle keese to receive an extra useless key or you can attempt:

Nightmare: The Slime Eye

Once you enter, dash against a wall to make this Nightmare appear. Next, slash at its pupil, but to fully disconnect it you must dash attack. (Easier said than done, right?)

It's second stage is two eyeballs, each with three hits to them. Hit them or come too close and they will jump up and try to land on you. Even if you go unhit the impact will stun you to allow a team attack from the other eye or for it to manage to hit you. I wish you good luck for there is no easy technique to these creeps. (My vast superior knowledge fails me on this topic.)


Instrument: Sea Lily's Bell

VIII. Marin and Yarna Desert
Time to head to Animal Village: go to the right, listen to the owl, go up the stairs and fall off the ledge. Go up to the portal location and take a right and follow the path. You will meet Tarin who is the next part of the Trading System. Bomb the huge pig face out of your way and take a right. Go up, take a right, go down twice, and take a right. Clear the bush at the end of the tree line to reveal an underground passage that will take you across the river. Go down twice and take a right to visit the village. Go into the house in the bottom right hand corner of the town, complete the next piece of the Trading System and learn some valuable information. You need Marin...back in Mabe Village. Fortunately, you don't have that far to go. Exit the house and go south and left. You have found another portal. Hop in to land one screen away from the entrance to Mabe Village.

Unfortunately, Marin isn't in her usual spot. Talk to a kid to learn she is down in Toronbo Shores. (If you explored at the beginning of the game you may have noticed a secluded area free of monsters or any objective. Go there now.)

Why don't you please the girl and sit with her? *Sigh* such a romantic scene. The Japenese are crazy about the underlying love story in anything they do, I've noticed (Animes especially).

Once you have her in your company, head back for Mabe Village. If you missed it on the way, go into the Dreamshrine to collect the Ocarina. To kill the Arm-Mimics you must dash attack! So simple. Head back to the portal and drop in to Animal Village. Go to the bottom left hand corner to find the path to the Yarna Desert. Have Marin sing to the walrus to make the glug move! Once that's done, Marin will go sing in Animal Village. Go talk to her at any time (before the seventh dungeon) to learn her song for the Ocarina.

In Yarna Desert, go north twice to meet:

Boss: Lanmola

Be careful not to get sucked down into the middle of the pit or you will have to start all over again. This guy takes up to six or so hits on the head with your sword. Come on! This guy's as easy as Moldorm!


Receive: Angler's Key

Head back out of Yarna Desert now that you have the key. The owl will talk to you on the way. Head to the portal and zip over to Ukuku Prairie. Head up and take the short cut to Tal Tal Heights through the cemetary and Tabahl Wasteland. Lift the obstructing rock and explore the region. There isn't too many places you can go quite yet. You should be interested in two things. One the portal that gives you a future shortcut in times of need. Two, a keyhole in a very peculiar place. Use the Angler's Key to reveal a dungeon behind a waterfall.

Head back to the screen north of the Camera Shop or a screen over from the stairs leading up to the Windfish's Egg. Go into the cave you see. For the block puzzle inside, chop down the north crystal and push the side block it was guarding to the right and move the obstructing south block down to open up the staircase. In the next screen after you go through the long tunnel, ignore the chest, you need the hookshot to get it and there's only 50 rupees inside. Step outside for a chest that has 50 rupees in it. Re-enter and dash away the uphending crystal and leave the cave.

Outside head to the right. There is another cave that will lead up to Papahl and the next Trading System item. You will come to a very dry location and a ledge that you can drop from. So jump! You will land in front of the next dungeon.

IX. Dungeon 4: Angler's Tunnel
"The glint of the tile will be our guide..."

Head up and ignore the monsters, go up the stairs and head up into the next screen. Go over once and take the path leading up. Following this will get you to two places. One is a room with a pit, the other is the room one up from this which gives you a chest that contains the map. Dash and fly over the pit to get to the other side. Blow up the cracked block and push the other out of the way to get the chest that contains a small key. Go up two to get another small key. Head back to the room one up from the entrance of the dungeon.

Kill the spiked beetles to open the door to the right. The chest contains the compass. Kill all enemies to open the bottom door which houses a chest that contains a small key. Open the locked door. Ignore the water tecktites and jump over the deep water spots and open the locked door. In this room there is a chest blocked off by water. It only contains 50 rupees. Head up and fly over the pit. Open the locked block and take a left (the tunnel will come later). In this room when you kill the gels you will notice a key that falls into the pit (into the tunnel we passed). You will also notice you are one key short to open the door to the north. Go down twice, jump over the water pits, go west twice, and go up. The chest here is fake. Go up and take note of this room. Remember it as the "Tile Room". Go east to reach a chest containing a small key (finally!). Head back to the locked door to continue your adventuring.

Guardian: Cue Ball

Head to either the east or west side of the room and power up your sword. When he reaches the corner and pauses, release! You will hit him and he will spin back. Continue this attack until he dies.


Go up. Equip the Power Bracelet and pull out the lever to open the doorway from the blocks. Dodge Sparks and race to the doorway to barely make it through. In this room kill the gels to open the door and open the chest to receive the Flippers! Go down and kill the Iron Masks and the gel. Now, follow the glint of the tile and memorize the pattern it takes. Go down, move the block and go into the room to the east. You are in the "Tile Room". Use the pattern on these tiles. Enter the tunnel that opens up.

Dash pat the Thwomp. For the second one be quick! You need to jump onto its head to reach the ledge and the stairs. Once out of the passage collect your reward: the Nightmare's Key.

However, before you go to battle the Nightmare, return to the tunnel we had previously ignored. You need that small key. Now, head back to the screen that is south of the island chest containing yet another 50 rupees. Swim over to the push button that will open the door. Open the locked block and go down into the tunnel.

Dodge the Cheep-cheeps to make it to another section of the fake chest room. Open the Nightmare's door. Inside you will find a blocked door to the north (houses the next instrument) and stairs. Go down the stairs and enter the underwater battle.

Nightmare: Angler Fish

This beast has only two attacks. The first is to send Angler Fries out after you. The second is to ram into you, crash into the side of the screen, and send debris on top of your head. The recommended way to fight him: press your sword button wildly and move only in up and down movements. Don't try to follow him on one of his ramming rampages. It just wastes time.


Instrument: Surf Harp

X. The Ghost of Martha's Bay
When you exit Dungeon 4, it is recommended that you take a left and enter a cave to meet Manbo and let him teach you his mambo. When played, his mambo takes you to a pond outside of Crazy Tracy's Health Spa. However, if you are in a dungeon, it will take you back to the entrance.

Now, get back on some dry land and use the song for a short cut. You initially want to head toward Martha's Bay (the area east of Toronbo Shores). As you go along you will be joined by a very unlikely creature. No fear, he just wants to get back to his house that is located on Martha's Bay.

Once you have taken him home, he'll want you to take him to his grave. Once again, play Manbo's Mambo to warp in front of Tracy's. Go to the screen that is to the left of the Witch's Hut and lift the block. Take the left path to get to a lone grave.

He will then tell you about something in his house for a present. At this time, it might prove profitable to collect all of the Secret Seashells. The prize you will receive will be helful in the next dungeon.

To reach the next dungeon from the ghost's house, go right and fly over the pits to go up, take a right, go up and head into the water and take a right.

At first it looks as if there's no way to get into the dungeon. However, you will notice small rocks around the bottom left hand corner rock. Dive around that area and find an undersea tunnel leading into the circle of rocks.

XI. Dungeon 5: Catfish's Maw
"Dive under where torchlight beams do cross..."

*Note: in the following walkthrough you will not be required to fight the Guardian, however, I will put the battle strategy before the NIghtmare's. I will also not cover a good portion of this dungeon and at least one small key, if not two.

When you enter take three rights and go down into the passage. Use Roc's Feather to jump on the platforms making sure that the next block is in the correct position or not too hard to reach. If you mess up, exit the scene to reset the puzzle. In the room out of the passage, kill the Stalfos and break the crystals so that you can push the two top blocks together. This gives you a small key. Head back into the passage (there is nothing in the left room, yet).

Once back, kill the Iron Masks - the bolt of the L-2 sword helps get these creatures since you can kill them by their sides and you don't have to catch them for the slight chance of killing them. Killing them opens the door. (Don't forget the compass in the chest! I'm not going to tell you to get all the chests...it's implied, geesh!) Use the key on the top door and go up. You will have to kill all the Stalfos to open the next door. Go in and face:

Master Stalfos Part 1

He is actually pretty simple. Hit him with your sword to make him crumble then lay a bomb on him. After a few of these, he will give up.


In the next room is a chest...unfortunately, Master Stalfos seems to have what it contained in his possession. -And knowing the game, it was probably something very useful. So, time to seek him out!

Go up and you will notice a block puzzle. You want the room on the right but the button is above. So, push the block up and go left, go back and push the block and go up, go back and push the button and move the block and get into that room.

Master Stalfos Part 2

Same strategy, same outcome.


Go back and go up. Go up and take a left. Kill the hidden gels. One you will have to lift a jar and move a block to get. This opens up the door. (Duh!)

Master Stalfos Part 3

This guy is becoming annoying, yes?


Go left to get the map. Now, play Manbo's Mambo to warp back to the entrance. Remember the room that we dodged at the start because there wasn't anything in there except four blocks? Go back there.

Master Stalfos Part 4

Same strategy, different ending. Mission Accomplished!


Received: Hookshot

Now, go back up. (Use the hookshot against Iron Masks for much better results.) When you are in the room two screens to the left of the entrance, go up, up, up, right, up, left, up. Dive into the deep water and make your way throught the underwater tunnel. When you come out, throw your hookshot over to the hook on the rolled up bridge to bring it to you and make your way to the chest that holds the Nightmare Key.

(This paragraph is not necessary if you already have one key.) Head back to the water chamber. Go down and to the right and go up. Jump into the right bottom corner and hookshot to the chest. Go right and get the small key in that chest.

Head back to the fake chest room that was suppose to hold the hookshot. Go into the stairs. Make your way through the tunnel. Go right, avoiding the Hooded Stalfos, kill the Stars to open the door and go through, and take another right. Open the locked block and hookshot over the pit. This will take you to the Nightmare.

Guardian: 2 Gohmas

Aaah, traditional Zelda terrors...like in the other Zelda games, its weak point is its eye. Arrows or the hookshot will work.

Follow the Gohma as it goes back and forth. If it stops and shudders, face it and put up your shield. It will bump into you, and if it works it takes away a good amount of health. However, if it just stops, not moving an inch, get your shield and weapon read. When it opens its eye, SHOOT! If you hit it, you are safe, if you don't, it will shoot a fireball.


Nightmare: Slime Eel

Choose a side of the room, right or left, and hang around those two holes. Stand near the corners and not so much in the middle of the wall, to avoid the crawling tail that is searching desperately for you.

Now, pay attention to your two holes. When the head pops out and the tail is clear, rush over to it and hookshot it to pull it out and LAY DOWN ON THAT SWORD BUTTON!! When it retracts back in, get out of the way before the tail hits you. Repeat this process. It should take a minimal of three hookshot pulls depending on how fast you can get with that button and whether or not your sword is L-2.


Instrument: Wind Marimba

XII. Before The Face Shrine
(If you have not bought the Bow and Arrow set, do so now!)

Time to head back over to Animal Village. And while you are at it, why don't you complete the Trading System? Head down to the Toronbo Shores after you have the Magnifiying Glass. Along the beach is a cave which contains a miscroscopic creature. Trade him the shovel to receive the boomerang which will be helpful later on.

Time to explore north of Animal Village. You will meet the owl along the way who tells you there are two shrines and that you should visit the one to the south first. Let's follow his wisdom. Keep going right - you will have to do some block lifting - until you can finally go south.

This area is pretty basic. All you have to worry about are Gels and Armos. To kill Armos, use the boomerang and get an arrow every time with regards to Guardian Acorns and Power Pieces. (There is even a secret passage around this area. It would give you a secret seashell, however, you already got all 20. It will just give you twenty rupees now.)

When you reach the Southern Srhine, go in and equip your bow and arrow set. You need at least 10 arrows.

Boss: Armos Knight

To defeat this guy, don't even bother moving from the door. When he wakes up, shower him with arrows and he will keep his distance. Every now and then he will jump and knock Link off his feet and stun him. Quickly begin the shooting again to push Armos back again. It should take around 10 hits or so (according to the hint book, but I suspect more). Good luck!


Received: Face Key

Go up and light the torches and read the plaque on the north wall. (Now there's a dramatic twist for you!)

Now, time to head to The Face Shrine. Go out of the shrine location and go to the rock maze and work your way north and then west. You will come to two steps into the water. First, there is a bomb-able cave which is a Fairy Fountain. The stairs north lead to a cave that will take ou under the Rapids and above for a shortcut to the Raft Shop so you can fill in your map and catch a few goodies. The one south will lead you to the small island. Under the left Armos is a passage that will take you to the Face Shrine. Use the key and go in.

XIII. Dungeon 6: The Face Shrine
"Enter the space where the eyes have walls..."

Go to the right and ignore the wizrobes. Go up and ignore the Moldorm and Sparks (if possible). The go left which is the only way you can really go. Ignore the Mask Mimic and lay a bomb near the Crystal Switch and rush to the right path going up, pause right before you go through so that the bomb goes off and the blocks go up, now go up. You should be able to see a path on the floorleading to the wall, so why don't you try to blow up that section of the wall to see what happens? Go in through the newly made door.

(The room you now stand in is the left eye of the map.) Walk around the room to kill all the Gels and to open up a secret passage. The passage is pretty self explanatory, just watch out for the new monster: Great Bubble.

When you make it through, you will have found the reason you hit the Crystal Switch. If you did so, the barriers will be down (if not, go back!). Eliminate the 2 wizrobes and the Moldorm to open the door. The chest contains Power Bracelet L-2. The jar hides a fairy. The Elephant Barriers block the door. Lift them with the new bracelet.

Remember this room? Remember to reset the Crystal Switch so those barriers are up and take the left path. The button to open the door is under the pot in the northwest corner of the room. In the next room, kill all of the Wizrobes to get the Map. (If you hit the Crystal Switch, reset it, you aren't quite done, yet, with this barrier setting.) The room up has a blocked door that won't open unless you hit it with a jar. If you kept the barrier setting you are all set, if not...you know where the switch is.

When you go up, you should be able to go right. The chest contains the Compass. Before you go up the stairs and head right, hit the Crystal Switch. Finally, you will come to a room with pressed down barriers that make the Face Shrine symbol, or something similar to it. In the "eye" areas are two Wizrobes you must kill to receive a small key.

If you have Manbo's Mambo, play it to return to the entrance.

This time, head right. Lift the Elephant Barriers out of your way to avoid the razors and take that right. In this room, choose a corner and hold up your shield and patiently wait as Tiles fly up to hit you. When done, the door will open. In the next room, pick up one of the Elephant Barriers and throw it at the door to the right. Destroy all Wizrobes to open the doors and go up. Follow the watery path to get a small key in a chest and return to the Elephant Barriers room. This time, use a key to go up.

Kill the Gels and bomb the north wall and go through to enter the right eye of the Map.

Guardian: Smasher

You will want to equip your shield and Power Bracelet for this task. You mostly want to stay as far away as possible from him. When he throws his cannon ball, be brave and face it with shield up and quickly rush to pick it up and return fire! This takes quite a few hits, but be patient. And when he dies you get not only one but TWO fairies.


Now, go up. Don't try to go up here, or you will be sent three rooms down in a mysterious warp of some kind. Instead, lift the left Elephant Barrier to reveal a passage.

Coming out, place yourself in a bottom corner and allow Tiles to pummel your shield once again, but HEY! you get a key out of it this time. Go up. Use the Elephant Barrier to break the door to go left. Throw the Chess pieces until they are both standing up (patience...there is no trick...just like throwing dice: luck). Go into the underground passage in the next room.

You will appear in a room with three Pols Voices. Play Marin's Ballad to quickly eliminate them and go down. Destroy the Dodongo Snakes so you can go left. Hookshot over and open the locked block and head up twice. Throw one of the jars against the chest to receive the Nightmare's Key.

Jump down and make your way back to the room north of the Guardian's room. (You should recognize the place well enough to do this.)

Go back through the passage, but this time, when you come out, go down. Carefully walk around the room to reveal Gels, but let the Vaccum Mouth suck them down the pit (a monster doing good deeds...ironic, no?). Once the door opens, go right.

Push the top block over to the right and throw 2 bombs over the pit to destroy the Wizrobe and still stay safe from the Laser Eye. Now, go through the opened door.

You will see two Sparks traveling around four torches each. You can light the unlit ones or, if you want to save Powder, use your boomerang to turn them into fairies.

Nightmare: Facade

Do not wait until the guy appears! He is the floor, basically! The moment you go through the door, start laying bombs in the middle of it. If you are quick enough you might be able to defeat Facade before the battle officially starts. (I have managed it several times!) However, if not, you only have two to three hits left at the most. Dodge Tiles and jars as you await his appearance to lay another bomb on his face before he disappears again.


Instrument: Coral Triangle

XIV. The Flying Rooster and Return to Tal Tal Mountain Range
Don't have the third and final song, yet? Let's go fetch it. (Be sure to have at least 300 rupees with you.)

From the Face Shrine, go to Animal Village to jump into the portal and use the sequence until you get to the edges of Ukuku Prairie. Go left and down two. Fly over the pits and read the sign post. (This is START.)

Follow the direction of the sign post without steering from the path and read the first one you run into. The signs are lined up to each other, so line up next to the sign and walk in the direction told and you will never get the wrong sign. I will leave you here because this puzzle was too much fun for me (hey! anything wrong with that?!) When you are done a passage will open up. Go in to meet Mamu. Pay him 300 rupees to learn his song. Now, head to Mabe Village.

Head to the village square where Marin had been before. (Take note that Marin is not here or in Animal Village.) Push up on the weathervane to reveal a new secret. Go down and find the bones of the deceased Flying Rooster. Resurrect him with the stirring Song of Soul that you just learned.

Play Manbo's Mambo and head toward the Tal Tal Mountain Range. Head through the caves until you come one screen to the right of the location you jumped from to get to Dungeon 4. Go up the long stairs and go two lefts and go into the cave.

For the block puzzle, use the bottom block to push up and dump it into the pit. Push the left one left into the pit. Push the next one up. Push left, push up, and left. Easy, huh? Now, hookshot over to the other blocks or pick the rooster up to fly over. In the next room, fly the rooster to the other platform to get to the room that contains the Bird Key. Go out and head back down the stairs.

This time, go right and go into the cave. The north wall is bombable and leads into a room full of chests containing 20 rupees. First go outside without opening one and go back in to get all of them. Back to the cave...

When you exit the cave, go right. Go up the stairs and into this cave. Follow through until once again you are out. Go left to enter another cave. As you make your way through this one, remember that Hardhat Beetles can be defeated with bombs.

When you come out and are low on hearts, bomb the bottom cave open for a fairy fountain. Now, go to the upmost cave. When you go out, head to the left and congradulate yourself! You have reached Eagle's Tower. The lock is on a block to the left. Open the Tower and go in.

XV. Dungeon 7: Eagle's Tower
"The riddle is solved when the pillars fall!"

(If you do not have the boomerang, go get it. The way I do this dungeon requires it!)

Go two to the right and kill the two Like-Likes to receive a small key. Take the door up and go up the stairs.

Here you will notice a chest surrounded by barriers. Not too far is a Crystal Switch. Here's my trick. Press closely to the barriers far away from the switch bu you must be pressed against the barrier. Select your boomerang. Now at the same time as you throw it, press the control pad corner in between the right and down directions. If done correctly, the boomerang will fly diagonally southeast. If you were in the correct spot, the boomerang will hit the switch. Go to the chest to receive the Mirror Shield. Hit the switch again and go up.

Pick up the cannon ball and carry it to the right doorway. Throwing it with the blocks there won't work. Turn and throw it to the platform and it will bounce behind the blocks. Now, go open the blocks and rush to the door. Even if the blocks close, you should still be able to pick up the ball.

Carry it out to the next room and hit the pillar at its side. Throw it to the front and the ball will bounce back into the pit (should this happen, it will return to the room you got it from). If you want the map go up and throw the chess pieces until the stand upright. Go back to the 1st Pillar Room and jump over the pit and go down two and hit the Crystal Switch. Go up two spaces and retrieve the ball and bring it down one to the 2nd Pillar (hit it by the front-side). Go back up and move the block to go left. Go up (you will take damage from the spikes, sorry). Dodge the Three-of-a-Kinds to left-down. You are in 3rd Pillar Room, but you sorta can't reach it. Just throw the ball over there until you can make it. Go back and defeat the Three-of-a-Kinds for the compass. Go down the stairs.

Go up-left. Kill the Anti-Kirby with the boomerang and continue down twice. Go up the steps. Go up to the Turn-Door. Take a corner and let the tiles hit your shield. When they are done, the door will open, go through. You are now in the 3rd Pillar Room. Destroy the pillar. Push the block down the pit and throw the ball over and jump over, yourself, and go right. Carry the ball down two (the room with the Crystal Switch). Throw it over. Now, go down the stairs one up from the 3rd Pillar room, again.

Do the run around to go up the stairs, but this time, go down to face the Hinox. Kill him and you get a small key. The next room contains Three-of-a-Kinds. Place their game to destroy them and make a chest appear. Go to the right room to grab the ball and bring it here. Throw the ball over the pit (there is an area between two blocks where nothing is at).

Now, go left and up two and right. You are now in the 3rd Pillar Room. On the south wall you should see two torches. Place a bomb in between them and go down. Follow the path (4th Pillar Room!) and bomb that wall. If you solved the Three-of-a-Kinds, the way should be obvious. Hookshot to the chest! Pick up the ball and go destroy the 4th and final pillar.

Use Manbo's Mambo to return to the front of the dungeon. Go two rights and up to the stairs. Perform the boomerang trick if the barriers are up and go down. Unlock the locked block and go right. Hop down to the stairs.

Welcome to the 3rd floor! (If the barriers are not down, make one last trip to the second floor to hit the Crystal Switch.) Go up and go right.

Guardian: Grim Creeper

This guy is simple. Choose the south wall after he is done speaking. Now press your sword button wildly! In this manner you should effectively eliminate all six Big Keese he sends out after you. If not, try again. Even if you miss one, you will still have to fight all six.


After the fight, the doors will open. Go up and kill the Sparks with your boomerang for fairies, and push the two blocks together. From the chest that appears you now receive the Nightmare Key!

Go down, left, left, and up. Go up the stairs and hookshot across. Go down and right and up the stairs.

Once outside, go up the ladder.

Nightmare: Evil Eagle

All you need to do is hit this bird six times on the beak with either the L-2 Sword Lightning Strike, boomerang, or the hookshot. Sometimes it will fly low. At other times, it will disappear for a while (go quickly to the middle of the platform). Whichever direction he comes from, turn and face him with sheild up. This could go two ways. One, he will shoot feathers at you. Two, he will ram you (be quick and you can get a hit off him from this attack). If he pushes you off the tower, guess what...you will have to start the battle over again.


Instrument: Organ of Evening Calm

XVI. Rescue Marin and Explore West Mountains
Once out of the dungeon, drop off the ledge to the right and make your way back through the caves (make sure you aren't returning to Dungeon 7). Your goal is: outside the cave where you received the Bird Key.

Go there but don't go into the cave again, instead go up the stairs to the left of it. Head left and use the hookshot across the bridge. To rescue Marin you just hookshot through her and you'll pull her across. Now go left and chop down the suspicious looking bush to reveal a staircase.

Make your way through the cave and you will end up in the eastern part of Tal Tal Mountain Range. Dodge the falling rocks as best you can and make your way upward. Once at the top, go left thrice and then jump off the ledge. Bomb the north wall where you see the cracks. In the cave is a fire-shooting cannon. Only the Mirrior Shield will get you by. Once out, go left and down, then left, and left one last time. (Or you can just go the only ways there are to go, easy enough, huh?)

You will now be at a peculiar turtle looking thing. Play the Song of Soul to bring it to life. Hit its head with your sword until it is dead. Nothing special about this guy, ok. The opening for the next dungeon will then be clear.

XVII. Dungeon 8: Turtle Rock
"Fill all the holes with the rock that rolls, this (+) is the key!"

When you enter, go up. The Winged Demon you meet is easily killed with your boomerang since it easily dodges your sword. Once it is dead, go left and kill all of the Snake Ropes to go up. Defeat the Hinox with your hookshot or boomerang to open the way left. Fill in the holes with the rolling block (best to push the button in the direction you want it to go one tile before). If you mess up, exiting the room resets the puzzle. Rolling Block Directions: left until end of blocks, up, left, down. This will give you 20 rupees and opens the path. Go down (up is later). Go left and defeat Rolling Bones. Go up and destroy the Winged Demon for a key. Go down twice for the compass (careful, if the Vacuum Mouth sucks you in, you get sent back to the entrance).

Warp back to the entrance, go up and go right. The button is under the top left pot; press it and go down. Kill the Mimics to open a passage. Once through, make your way behind the pot. When the Laser Eye is looking away, lift it up, push the button and rush through the door. Defeat Smasher and go left. Fill in the holes for a small key. Rolling Block Directions: down, left, up, left, up, left, up, left, up, left, down twice, right, down, right, down, right, down, right, down, right until filled. Kill the hidden Gels to receive a small key. Bomb the north wall. Don't bother to hit the Crystal Switch, just bomb the left wall and warp back to the entrance.

Go up twice, then right. Rolling Block Directions: up twice, left until done. Follow this newly made path. To get to the chest, push in the top and bottom blocks and push the middle up or down (the map!). Warp back.

Go up twice, then right. Rolling Block Directions: up three, right two, up. Push the block into the lava. Go up and unlock the block and go right twice, then go up. Walk around to kill all of the hidden Gels to go up. You must defeat the two Gibdos for a small key. Be careful when you do this - the floor can't hold Link up for too long. Go right four times (ignore the Dodongo Snakes, you can't defeat them effectively just yet). Go down and shoot an arrow at the statue for a key. Go left and head to the left side of the chest and push that block down and the other to the right to receive another small key. Push the top block right to go out of the room. Go up and go out through the stairs.

Outside you can collect your last Heart Piece (if you've been keeping up with collecting them), find a warp for easy access to the dungeon if you need supplies in town, and another way back in - to the Dodongo Snakes' room.

Kill the Dodongo Snakes by throwing bombs down to them. When they are destroyed you get another small key. Go right and down.

Bomb open the left wall and go right twice (using keys). Go up the stairs and go back to the right. Hookshot over to the underground passage. Go through and go down.

Guardian: Blaino

This guy is not easy to defeat. You can only hit his back or sides. It is best to try and keep your sword charged to get better hits in when you do manage to.

There is only one thing you must watch out for. If he winds up really wide, do not be in front of him! If this blow hits you, he will send you back to the entrance and you will have to track all the way back.


When he is dead, warp back to the entrance. Go up twice, then right. Rolling Block Directions: up once, right until done. In the room you will see a wall that you had bombed down, go in and hit the Crystal Switch and warp back to the entrance. Use the Guardian's warp and go through the right-up door. The blocks should now be down and you can receive the Magic Rod.

Warp back to the beginning and go up, left, up, left, and up. Kill the Snake Ropes and light the torches for another Small Key.

Warp back (using that song alot, aren't we? Better than all of the traveling it would take, though.) Go up twice, then right. (Guess that's getting repetitive, too...so is this next part.) Rolling Block Directions: up one, to the right until finishes. This time, you want the stairs before you go to the next room. Go through the passage.

In the tunnel is the first screen, unfreeze the bottom ice cubes. The next screen, jump to unfreeze the top layer leading to the exit. Once out, use a key to go left. Kill the Cue Ball and go up.

This is the most excruciating of all the puzzles depending on your luck. So keep your patience and try hard to get it. Rolling Block Directions: up three, right two, down, right, up, right two, down three, left, up, left, down, left, up, left, down three, right. You now have the Nightmare's Key.

Final time!! Warp, go up twice, then right, open the path to the right room (check up for the instructions). Go through the passage:

First room - Melt the first ice cube. Face up and melt those ice cubes (if you don't need the Goomba, wait until he's beside the cube to flame him up). Go up the ladder and melt that row. Face up and melt that cube. Jump and melt that top layer. Position yourself on the last row and face down and melt! You will fall so go back up the ladder. This time when you fall, hit the wand button to melt the cube. Go back up the ladder and jump into the next screen.

Second room - Stand on the two bottom rows, pressing yourself close to the verticle row of four cubes and face up. Fire the wand and it will melt the two top cubes (the one you are beside and the one on top). Jump on the other cubes to reach the exit. Then, enter the Nightmare's Lair!

Nightmare: Hot Head

You can only harm him with the Magic Rod (fire against fire? Doesn't make sense but...it works).

You want the strategy? Fine, I'll give it to you! Stand where you are and shoot the rod like crazy!! Since the guy only jumps back and forth through the lava pit, you are bound to hit him some time. Even when he bursts into a new form and zips around the room...he is sort of - contained.

No movement on your part required!


Instrument: Thunder Drum

XVIII. The Final Battle and The End
Before you make the final trip to Mount Tamaranch and the Wind Fish's Egg, you will need one thing! Go to the library in Mabe Village.

The book you want is the bottom-right book. (Must have the Magnifying Glass to read!) It is titled: Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint Island. Within will be listed one of these four codes:

  • left, up, right, up, left, up, right, up
  • left, left, up, right, right, up, left, up
  • right, up, up, right, up, up, right, up
  • right, right, right, right, up, up, up, up

Head to the Wind Fish's Egg and play Marin's Song which will be played in full by the Sirens' Instruments. The egg will open. Go up twice (well...actually, you will fall on the second up).

Use the code you received in the library. If you mess up or want to exit, go down.

To battle the final boss, you need Magic Powder (at least 3), one bomb, 25+ arrows. (Secret Medicine advised for newbies.)

When you do the code correctly, you will come to a pit. Drop down.

There are six Nightmares you must face.

Nightmare 1: Shadow Bot

Sprinkle Magic Powder on this guy three times. Shield highly advised and watch the floor when he disappears since he could come up right under your feet if you aren't careful.


Nightmare 2: Agahnim's Shadow

Ever play Z3? If you did, you know what to do. Otherwise, the main point is to shoot his fireballs back at him by hitting them with your sword.

The first two times he casts a spell, it will be a fireball. After that it randomly switches from fireball to an ice beam that can only be dodged (your shield is useless against it). It takes four fireballs to kill him.


Nightmare 3: Moldorm

Same general idea as the Nightmare of Dungeon 1. However, this time it takes 8 hits and when you do hit him, he runs around in a crazy fashion (give him a moment or two and he'll settle down again).


Nightmare 4: Ganon's Shadow

You must dash attack him with the sword and Pegasus Boots. If you, for some odd reason, have the L-1 Sword, it takes 12 hits. With the L-2, it only takes six.

Once again, if you played Z3 you will know this guy's attakcs. He will swing his trident around and create fire bats that you must dodge and then dodge his trident that he throws.


Nightmare 5: Lanmola

Two ways to kill this guy. If you are quick, hit him once with the Magic Rod. If you aren't, hold up your shield and let him put you in a corner, then lay a bomb and blow this creep away!


Nightmare 6: Dethl (Death-Eye)

This Nightmare is the one that will present the ultimate challenge! Equip Roc's Feather and the Bow. Jump over his long arms as you stand before him, patiently waiting for him to open his eye. It takes about 25 arrows or so to defeat him (worse than anything Gohma offered, right?). However, if you were smart and followed my instructions and got the boomerang, try this other tactic.

Jump over his long arms as you wait patiently for him to open his eye. When he does, throw the boomerang. It only takes one hit! However, it is hard because sometimes the boomerang hits his tough armor instead of the eye and doesn't hit Dethl. But all in all, I'd rather use this strategy.


After you have defeated Dethl, walk up the stairs to watch the ending cinema!!

If Link has 0 deaths - Original Version Players: Marin flys across "The End" screen with seagull wings on her back. DX Version Players: Marin appears, singing her song one last time, before fading into the form of a seagull. And then you get a message from the producers.

(For the idiots out there that missed it, Marin's wish came true!! She wished to be a seagull and travel the world, singing for people. -Remember the "Sea Watch" love scene?!)