Stone Break Slab Locations

*Note: Locations are labeled as 1 being the bottom row of the first row of the figure made by the map and with A being being the first column on the left side. Columns with no design for the map do not count. (Use the Dungeon Maps page for these.)

Dungeon 1: Tail Cave
Located in room 4F. No catch to getting to the room. You can easily enter it by starting from the room you get the map in and going up, to the right and up again. The only catch is trying to defeat the Three-of-a-Kinds, and even then, they aren't that tough. You just have to be patient.

Dungeon 2: The Bottle Grotto
Located in room 3A. The path to get this one is, you first need a key, then starting from the room one up from the entrance go left (using the key). Watch out for the razors and kill the Keese in order to open the doors. Then just go up. The next trick is avoiding the hazord of dropping into the pit and getting hit by the Hardhat Beetle on the other side. Simply convince him to move over to either the right or left sides of the room, then use quick speed to jump over the pit in the middle and then hit the thing into the pit with your sword. The Stone Slab/Beak is YOURS!

Dungeon 3: Key Cavern
Located in room 5B. However, you can't reach it yet. Either you can wait to have the Pegasus Boots, or you can go down stairs with a key and open the north door and hit the crystal switch and go back up stairs to get it. Not to hard, was it?

Dungeon 4: The Angler's Tunnel
Located in room 2E. Frankly, if you are having that much trouble getting this one, you shouldn't be playing the game!! From the entrance, go up, up the stairs and to the right, take another right, and you have accessed the chest. Oi....some people...

Dungeon 5: Catfish's Maw
Located in room 2C. The room isn't hard to get to, I assure you. To make the chest appear that contains it, simply kill the two Iron Masks that are in the room.

Dungeon 6: The Face Shrine
Located in room 5B. To get to the chest you must enter by way of room 5A, not 5C. It is really easy, don't worry.

Dungeon 7: Eagle's Tower
Located in room 2A. Honestly, I sometimes think this Stone Slab/Beak is not always worth the trouble. Ok, this guide will work on the basis of my "Boomerang Trick" mentioned in the walkthrough. In room 6D, hit the switch with the boomerang if the blocks are not down, then, standing on the blocks, hit it again and go down. You must have unlocked the block going up the stairs or have a key to do so. Go up them and go right and drop down. Now, go left twice. It does not matter whether or not have you have fought the cyclops, just be sure to drop in one of the holes to the farthest left of the room. Down you will drop onto the ledge where you can now by-pass the blocks that previously blocked your path and now allow you to reach the Slab/Beak.

Dungeon 8: Turtle Rock
Located in room 1H. There are multiple ways to get to this room, but here I will list only one and the one I take. From the entrance, go up, up, right, make a path to the blocks to the left and follow it, bomb the wall, go up, go down the stairs and through the passage. There! You are in the room!! The chest is easy enough to get once you are rid of the Ropes.