Mad Batters

Curious about where the 3 Mad Batters are? Don't know what the are? What is best option to choose at what time? Ask no more!

Mad Batters - 3 batters placed in hidden locations throughout Koholint Island. When you sprinkle Magic Powder on their wells they will rise out and "curse" you. You have a choice of which curse to choose from. Carry more Magic Powder, Carry more Bombs, or Carry more Arrows. (In other words, don't be fooled, their curse is a good thing.)

  1. Hidden in Mysterious Woods under a rock. Best to go here right after Dungeon 2 and choose to carry more bombs. (If you don't have bombs, yet, when you do, you will instantly have them maxed.)
  2. Hidden in Martha's Bay, reach it by going through the passage that isn't too far away, contained inside a bunch of holes and bushes. Best to go here WITH the bow and arrow set so, after you have returned the Ghost to its grave. Ask for more arrows. You will need them for the Face Shrine.
  3. Hidden in the west part of Tal Tal Mountain Range under a rock. It will be guarded by two moldorms. You are on your way to beat Dungeon 8 (the only time you can reach it, anyway), so you really don't have a choice when to come here. Get the last thing that he will curse you over. Magic Powder. You will need it to beat one of the Nightmares in the Wind Fish's Egg anyway.