Using the map above (the very atlas in your game if you press select) use the location points below to figure out where the seashell is and then use the specifics to learn exactly how to get it in the screen. You only need 20 Seashells to receive the Level 2 Sword in the Seashell Mansion (I-11), and if you get certain specific ones you can receive the sword after you beat Level Four: The Angler's Tunnel before even entering Level 5: Catfish's Maw. These locations are marked in blue.


Eagle's Tower A-15 Inside this dungeon you will come to a room that you will have to defeat Hinox in again. If you fall into the upper left hole you will fall onto a ledge in the room below. Go up along the ledge and you will come to a chest that contains a Secret Seashell.

Graveyard H-05 Near the Ghost's grave, there is a bush surrounded by patches of grass. Cut down the bush and dig where it use to be.

Kanelet Castle H-09 You must have the Flying Rooster with you. Go to Kanalet Castle and it will be to the left before you enter through the gate. Use the Rooster to get over the pits and enter the grotto to find a chest.

Mabe Village K-04 It is under one of the many bushes in this screen that is south of the Shop.

Mabe Village K-02 Enter the dog house next to Madam Meow-Meow's house and use the shovel to dig in the bottom right corner.

Martha's Bay P-07 Once you return the Ghost (who appears after you beat Level 4: Angler's Tunnel) to his grave he will tell you that he left something for you in his house under a jar.

Martha's Bay N-11 On the island that has the bridge with the Fisherman beneath it. Dig around on the island to find it though it generally is near the Owl Statue.

Martha's Bay O-10 This is the screen with the Mermaid Statue, however, don't go the statue. You will be on the wrong bit of land. You have to approach this screen from Martha's bay to the right of the Ghost's house.

Martha's Bay P-09 Get tho this screen by going right from the Ghost's house. It is hidden under the bush on that small island (a little obvious).

Mysterious Forest H-02 When you enter the Mysterious Forest go right and you will see a chest. You can get it as soon as you have the Power Bracelet if you don't already.

Richard's Villa N-07 Once Richard allows you to move the box and let's you into the passage below, take the left path and it will lead you to a chest that contains a Secret Seashell.

River Rapids G-13 I say River Rapids, however, I should probably say Face Shrine. Inside of this dungeon is a back entrance that leads you out into a screen in the Rapids. Near this exit is a chest that contains a Seashell.

Seashell Mansion I-11 Enter the Mansion when you have "exactly" 5 Seashells and you will receive a 6th Seashell as a present.

Seashell Mansion I-11 Enter the Mansion again when you have "exactly" 10 Seashells and you will receive an 11th one as another present.

Southern Shrine K-15 On your way to the Southern Shrine to get the key to the Face Shrine you will come to a screen with four Armos (two protecting different ways). Choose the right path to get to this screen, then awaken the bottom right Armos up to make him move off the stairs into a grotto with a chest that contains a Seashell.

Tail Cave N-04 Inside this dungeon there will be a room with a single Moldorm buzzing around. The left wall in this room can be bombed taking you into another room that has a chest containing a Secret Seashell.

Toronbo Shores N-03 To the left of Tail Cave there will be a lone tree. Ram into it with the Pegasus Boots on the right side (no other side will work).

Tal Tal Mountains A-13 To the right of the Cucco house if you cross the bridge you will come to a bunch of rocks. Under one of them is a Secret Seashell.

Tal Tal Mountains B-14 On your way to Eagle Tower you will enter a cave that has a suspicious dry bit of ground in front of a wall. If you bomb it and follow the path you will come to a room of chests. Past that if you go outside you will come to another chest that will contains a Secret Seashell.

Ukuku Prairie I-12 To the right of the Seashell Mansion there are a bunch of bushes. Cut them down to find a Secret Seashell.

Ukuku Prairie K-06 If you go up the steps to the right of the entrance into the Key Cavern you will find a single spot surrounded by patches of grass. Dig up that spot to find a Seashell.

Ukuku Prairie K-05 One up from the Signpost Maze will be a screen with a Telephone Booth and a tree. Ram into the tree with the Pegasus Boots to knock out a Secret Seashell.

Ukuku Prairie K-07 You will need the Flippers if you don't have them. As you are jumping over onto each island go up one screen and you will come to another island with a single bush on it. Cut it down to grab the shell (don't cut it down from the bottom or it will fling the shell into the water and you will have to leave and come back into the screen).

Ukuku Prairie L-10 Three scenes up from Level 5: Catfish's Maw you will be in an area with Pig Soldiers and strange circle rocks. In this screen life up one of the "gem" looking rocks to find a Secret Seashell.

Ukuku Prairie K-09 Near the above explained scene is a cave. Enter it and go left. Before you exit through the other end bomb the left wall in the niche. Go up those stairs and make your way through to the exit and you will be above the place you entered in. Go around and you will come to an Owl Statue. Dig around here to find a Secret Seashell.

Yarna Desert P-16 About three screens up from this screen get onto the start of that ledge so that you can get to the two rocks where one of them hides a Secret Seashell.