Trading Sequence

Where to Go Receive
Trade 10 Rupees at the Trendy Game located in the SouthEast Corner of Mabe Village.
Trade the Yoshi Doll at Papal's House in the Northmost part of Mabe Village.
Trade the ribbon at the Dog House, you can't miss it, it is at BowWow's house.
Trade the Dog Food at Sales O' Bananas located in Toronbo Shores.
Give the Bananas to Kiki the Monkey. You will find him to the right of Kanelet Castle, can't miss him, and you need him to get into the Castle as well.
Give the stick to Tarin. He will be hanging out in Ukuku Prairie by that tree with the Bee's Hive in it. He doesn't appear until after you have beaten Key Cavern.
Give the Honey Comb to the bear in the Southeast part of Animal Village.
Trade the Pineapple to Papal. He will be located in Tal Tal Heights. (He got lost just like he said he would).
Give the Hibiscus To the Goat in the Northeast part of Animal Village.
The letter goes to Mr. Write in the Northwest area of Mysterious Woods.
The Broom to Mrs. Ulrira. She will be at Animal Village, but she doesn't appear there until after you have beaten Catfish's Maw.
The Fisherman needs the Fishing Hook. No! Not the one in Mabe Village. If you head I think to scenes down from the entrance to Animal Village and go one scene to the left you will see a bridge. Jump off and dive and go under!
Take the necklace to the left and up one screen and you will find a Mermaid. Give it to her!
Bring the scale to the Mermaid Statue. It is down one screen from the bridge I mentioned, and over two.