Gameshark Codes

All GB Color Games Require A Version 2.1+ Cheat Device
Item Modifier Codes
1B-Button Slot 101??00DB
2A-Button Slot01??01DB
3Reserve Slot #101??02DB
4Reserve Slot #201??03DB
5Reserve Slot #301??04DB
6Reserve Slot #401??05DB
7Reserve Slot #501??06DB
8Reserve Slot #601??07DB
9Reserve Slot #701??08DB
10Reserve Slot #801??09DB
11Reserve Slot #901??0ADB
12Reserve Slot #1001??0BDB
13Slot Modifier Digits 2N/A
14Arrows Modifier01??45DB
15Bombs Modifier01??4DDB
16Magic Powder Modifier01??4CDB
17Bracelet Level Modifier010?43DB
18Shield Level Modifier010?44DB
19Sword Level Modifier010?4EDB
20Tunic Modifier 3010?0FDC
21BowWow Modifier 401??56DB
22Infinite Arrows013045DB
23Trade Item Modifier 5010?0EDB
24Number of Secret Seashells Modifier 601??0FDB
25Keys Modifier 70101??DB
26Infinite Small Keys0101D0DB
27Instruments Modifier 80102??DB
28Map Position Modifier01??54DB
29View Picture Modifier 9910?CBD1
30Weird Sfx When Cutting Grass010198D3
31Weird Music01FF1CD3
32Mad Chicken Disease 100123B0C2
33Rapid Fire0100CBFF
34Character Replacing Lowercase V On Name Entry (Values Are Ascii+1, Ie I Is 4a) - Codebreaker Only!014BF1??
35Stealing Prevention 11010046DB
36Shopping Rampage! 12010146DB
Have Item Codes
38Crazy Tracy's Medicine01010DDB
39Full Moon Cello010265DB
40Conch Horn010266DB
41Sea Lily Bell010267DB
42Surf Harp010268DB
43Wind Marimba010269DB
44Coral Triangle01026ADB
45Organ Of Evening Calm01026BDB
46Thunder Drum01026CDB
47Secret Medicine01010DDB
50Stone Beak0101CEDB
51Magnifying Glass010E0EDB
52All 5 Golden Leaves 13010515DB
53Two Doors In A House070084D7
54Secret Doors All Around Koholint Island 14010014D7
55Super Shield01025AC1
56Always Have Sword In Hand01026AC1
Miscellaneous Codes
57Infinite Health01185ADB
59Cannot Gain or Lose Any Extra Rupees01995EDB
60Infinite 14 Hearts (Use With The `Max Hearts' Code)01705ADB
61Max Hearts01705BDB
62Ocarina Has All The Songs010749DB
63Gain GB Color Exclusive Power-Up 1501??7CD4
64Infinite Rupees01FF5EDB
65Save #1 Has No Deaths010000DC
66Save #2 Has No Deaths010002DC
67Save #3 Has No Deaths010004DC
71Jump Height Modifier (00-Low & FF-High)01??49C1
72Better SFX0126F2F6
73Start On Turtle Rock0100F3FF
74Become Dark Link 160134C7DB
75Marin Modifier 17010?73DB
76Rooster Modifier 18010?7BDB
77See The End Of The Game010195DB
78Always Able To Run01204AC1
79Slow Motion Code01050EC1
80Ultimate Walk Thru Walls Code01100AC1
81Have Toadstool01014BDB
82Dungeon Selection Modifier 1901XXF7FF
83Link in the Middle 20013E45C1
Glitch Codes
84Bracket Bar Glitch Code018359C1
85Change Shadow01??02C0
86Sound FX Modifier01??11FF
87Strange Glitch Code01FFFFFF
88Fun Code 21010181C2
89Buy Item Modifier 2201??07C5
90Always Have The Effect Of The Running Boots01204AC1
91Weird Code (Matrix Code)010211C1
92Walk Slower01FF21C1
93A Lot Of Enemies & People Look Modifier 2301??95C1
94Deletes All Games 2401??FFF
95Start Game Without Shield 2501FF4EDB
96Text Modifier 2601??12C1
97Link Can't Spin 2790??92C1
Other Codes
98See The End Of The Game 28010195DB
99Money, Money, And More Money Code01018FBB
100Always Broke010191DB
101Game Save Select Modifier 2901??A6DB
102Have All Items And More 300100F1FF
103Cool Item Menu Bring Up010250C1
104Glitch Everything01FFFFF4
105Smushed Zelda Title01027EC1
106Very Cool Glitch01017FC1
107Have Super Shield(Advance Shield) 3101025AC1
108Earth Quake Mode010455C1
109Shaking Link015840C1
110Shaking Link 201FF3BC1
111Always Get The Guess What? You Got For Message01017ED4
1123d Mode014100C5
113Room Modifier01??A5DB
114Dream Code 32010174D4
115Link Spins And Spins Around Code010175D4
116Slice Them, Dice To Bits Link Code 3301FF75D4
117Everyone (Exculding Link) Is Flashness In Different Colors01FF20C4
118Music Modifier 3401??7CD4
119Always Have Sword Power Up, And Power Up Music01017CD4
120Game Aways Play Intro Of The Game010101D0
121Ocean In Intro Of Game Won't Move At All010102D0
122Star On Zelda Always Shines On Place Modifier 3501??03D0
123Music Sounds And More Code 3601FF11FF
124To Have Or Not To Have Code 3701FFBBFF
125Glitch Intro Of Ocean 101FF06D0
126Glitch Intro Of Ocean 201FF07D0
127Very Very Slow Rain On Loading Screen01003DC1
128Very Very Slow Rain On Loading Screen 2010FFDC1
129Stars On The Name Zelda On The Loading Screen Are Replaced By Lighting Bolts, Plus Everyone In The Game, And Even The Music Goes And Plays In Slow Motion And Rubies, Power Ups And More Code010181C2
130All You Hear During The Loading Of The Game Is Thunder Loading01FF81C2
131Another Strange, But Different Ice Skate Mode010A9FC1
132Super Glitch Code010A9BC1
133Can't Spin Or Load Up Sword010022C1
134Stars On The Loading Screen Of Game Shine Below The Name Zelda016511C2
135Links Raft On Loading Screen Place Modifier01??02C2
136Spider Man Link 380170C8DB
137Ribbon's On Bowwow's Pups (All The Time)0106511C2
138Fun Code010181C2
139Always Have The Effect Of The Running Boots(You Don't Need To Have The Running Boots Now To Run,etc!)01204AC1
140Ice Skate Mode0183B20C1
141Strange And Cool Things Code(Like Having Chickens,people,etc Follow You Area To Area)012803C2
142Strange And Cool Things 2 Code(Like Code Above But With More Effects,etc)017012C2
143Almost Completly Derserted Koholint Island(Almost No Chickens, People, Shop Keep Guys,etc Are Gone)010080C2
144Steal Anything From All Shops010080C3
145Link Looks Like Is Pushing Something But Really Ain't01FF44C1
146Fight With Invisable Sword01006AC1
147Always Have Sword In Hand01026AC1
148Tight Messed Up Title For Zelda01007EC1
149Caught Red Handed In Shops010109C5
150Better Music Played0101712D3
151Ultra Fast Music Played01??24C1
152Better Muisc Sound Better Modifier01??9FD3
153Strangeness Modifier01??24C1
154Walk Really Slow Code01FF211C1
155Screen Is Disfigure010026C1
156Wield Code013425C1
157Strange Things Modifier01??04D6
158Strange Things 2 Modifier01??25C1
159A Strange But Cool Glitch Code010027C1
160Strange Walking Code, Seeing Code010027C1
161Slow Motion Code01050EC1
162A Very Odd But Strange Glitch Code01FF10C1
163Another Very Odd But Strange Glitch Code010024C1
164Glitch Intro Of Game010124C1
165Very Strange Ice Skate Mode & Strange Sound Effects 39011046C1
166Strange Sound Effects Modifier 4001??70D3
167Everything In The Game Is All Wavy 4101FF7FC1
168Indeed One Of The Strangest Glitch Code Of All Time 4201010EC1
169Ocean During Intro Of Game Is Shaking Alot01FF05C1
170Everything Is In Slow Motion, Plus Link Can't Can't Use His Items, Weapons,etc011017C1
171Two Faced Link01FF1DC1
172Two Faced Link 201FF1EC1
173All Back Link01FF1DC1
174The Perfect Ice Skate Mode Code010020C1
175Inviable Link010045C1
176Walk Thru Walls Code01100AC1
177Walk Thru Walls Code 201007EC1
178Ultimate Walk Thru Walls Code01100AC1
179People Change Modifier (Use The Digits From The 'Other People Modifier' )01??94C1

100 - Blank
01 - Sword
02 - Bombs
03 - Power Bracelet
04 - Shield
05 - Bow
06 - Hookshot
07 - Wand
08 - Boots
09 - Ocarina
0A - Feather
0B - Shovel
0C - Magic Powder
0D - Boomerang
200 - Blank
01 - Sword
02 - Bombs
03 - Power Bracelet
04 - Shield
05 - Bow
06 - Hookshot
07 - Wand
08 - Boots
09 - Ocarina
0A - Feather
0B - Shovel
0C - Magic Powder
0D - Boomerang
30 - Green Tunic
1 - Red Tunic
2 - Blue Tunic
400 - BowWow Is Chained
01 - BowWow Is With You
02 - BowWow Is Missing

Replace ? With:

1 - Yoshi Doll
2 - Bow
3 - Dog Food
4 - Bananas
5 - Stick
6 - Honey Comb
7 - Pineapple
8 - Hibiscus
9 - Letter
A - Broom
B - Fish Hook
C - Necklace
D - Scale
E - Mirror
600 Through 26
26 For Second Level Sword

Replace ?? With:

11 Tail Key
12 Angler Key
13 Face Key
14 Bird Key
15 Slime Key

Replace ?? With:

65 Full Moon Cello
66 Conch Horn
67 Sea Lily Bell
68 Surf Harp
69 Wind Marima
6A Coral Triangle
6B Organ of Evening Calm
6C Thunder Drum
901 - 0
02 - 1
03 - 2
04 - 3
05 - 4
06 - 5
07 - 6
08 - 7
09 - 8
10 - 9
11 - A
12 - B
10Certain chickens, when attacked, will call an army over to attack you! Also makes some butterflies act funny.
11If you steal from the shop, normally the shop-owner would go on a rampage because you stole from his shop and everyone will call you a thief. With this code, it makes these events never happen!
12Go into the shop and you will be accused for stealing for no reason at all and he kills ya!
13After you have given Richard his key, save and turn the code off.
14 With this code, if you go to Madam Meow Meow's house, you can find the actual Yoshi in life. Also, some little blocks that are the same color of the ground could block your way or get you stuck.
15You can only enable one of these power-ups!

01 - Increased Attack
02 - Increased Defense
16With this code, you cant get hurt by enemy attacks, the only way youc an get hurt is by falling into lava, and into pits.
171 - Marin Follows you
0 - Marin doesn't follow you
181 - Rooster follows you
0 - Rooster doesn't follow you
1900 = Tail Cave
01 = Bottle Grotto
02 = Key Cavern
03 = Anglers Tunnel
04 = Cat Fishes Maw
05 = Face Shrine
06 = Eagle's Tower
07 = Turtle Rock
08 = Wind Fish Egg
FF = Color Dungeon (DX only).
Since the code may not put you at the dungeon entrance I would STRONGLY advise activating the 'Have Ocarina 010900DB' and 'Ocarina Has All Songs 010749DB' codes so that you can use song 2 to warp to the dungeon entrance. This is especially important if you have not previously opened the dungeon with a key. Warning! Leaving a dungeon you have not opened with a key will result in you not being able to re-enter. In that case just restart the game again with the codes activated. Note: JMan had previously worked on this code and found the Dungeon counter code at 01XX60DB. It was with his help I was able to complete the hack, especially since he found the quantifier for the color dungeon.
20Link is in the Middle of the screen but is relly somewhere elsewhere.
21This code makes it so that everything is in slow motion, most enemies are dead, and many rupees/power-ups are everywhere. You'll even see lightning on the loading screen!
2201 - Shovel
02 - Hearts
03 - Shield
04 - Bombs
05 - Bow & Arrow set
06 - Arrows
07 - Wisle (Free)
08 - Accron
09 - Crazy Tracy's Medicine (Free)
2300 - Glitched Enemies
01 - Female Bowwow
39 - Invisible Enemies
40 - Plant Monster
41 - Strange Head Monster
42 - Crow
43 - Old Lady
44 - Skull Monster
45 - Mother & Child
46 - Old Guy
47 - The Lady Who Owns Bowwow
48 - Small Bowwow
49 - Crazy Tracys Head
4A - Sea Fish & Sea Plant Monster
4B - Guy Who Rights Letters
4C - Strange Fish
4D - Fishing Guy
4F - Strange Circles
50 - Muiscal Insturements
51 - Same But Better Then The Code Above
52 - Strange Creature
53 - Giant Monster
54 - Cyclops
55 - Kirby Like Creature
56 - Strange Monster
57 - Strange Eye Creature
58 - Mask Monster
59 - Card Monster
5A - Knight Monster
5B - Frog Guy
5C - Frog
5D - Big Fish From The Fish Mini Game
5E - Horses Head
5F - Snake/Plant
60 - Bug/ Strange Creature
61 - Fish Creature
62 - Skull
63 - Sword/Sheild
64 - Plant Eater
65 - Angry Store
66 - Strange Sign
67 - Monkey
68 - Strange Monkey
69 - Dog Like Creature
6A - Cup/Bannanas
6B - Bee's Nest/ Signing Guy
6C - Marlins Dad
6D - Father Of The Kid
6E - Strange Slime Monster
6F - Warus
70 - Same As Above
71 - Mermaid's Head
72 - Same As Above
73 - Mermaid Statue
74 - Ghost Head
75 - Fisherman Fishing
76 - Flying Monster
77 - Mummy Monster
78 - All Monsters & People Are The Same
79 - Green Eye Monster
7A - Flying Gremlin Monster
7B - Snake
7C - Beast Monsters
7D - Hoping Frog
7E - Crocodile
7F - Same As Above But The Crocodile Is Smiling
80 - Beast Master Monster
81 - Spike Monster
9E - Strange Bird Monster
9F - Very Very Strange Creature
A1 - Big Fish/Fish Hook
A2 - Flying Monster
A3 - Witchs Head
A4 - Bowwow
A5 - Strange Monster
A6 - Some Monster/Person
A7 - Peugrin
A8 - Big Bug
A9 - Skull Man
AA - Plant Monster 2
AB - Strange White Monster
AC - Strage Urn Orb
AD - Glitch
B0 - Worm Monster
B1 - Middle Of Worm Monster
B2 - Tail Of Worm Monster
B3 - Strange Stick Thing
B4 - Eye
BB - Strange Slime Creature
BC - Dragon Head
BD - A Wing
BE - Claws
C0 - A Word That Appers The Word You See Is OH
C2 - Eyes
C3 - SeaShell Creature
C4 - Bunny
C5 - Singing Marlin
C6 - Strange Thing
C7 - Flying Gremin
C8 - Raccon
CD - Girl Crocodile
CE - Strange Creature
CF - Sqauel
D0 - Head Of Crocodile Man
D2 - Monkey
D3 - Some Guy
D4 - Bannanas
D5 - Brick Wall
D8 - Scary Ghost
DC - LittleBoy
DD - Chicken/Hen
DE - Chicken
DF - Rat
E0 - Bowwows Pup
E1 - Girl Bowwow
E2 - Marlins Dad
E3 - Ball Shooter Monster
E4 - Bowwow
E5 - Chicken
E6 - Dancing Marlin
E7 - Boy
E8 - Hole
F0 - Blob
F2 - Strange Blob
F3 - Eye
F4 - Link Himself
F5 - Link Himself 2
F7 - Strange Urn Ball
F9 - Evil Strange Urn Ball
FA - Skull
FB - Crystal Ball
FD - Strange Thing
FE - Target Squares
FF - Circle Things
24The only quantity digit that doesn't delete your files is 00.
25The introduction isn't played, too.
26Almost everything is in A's! Sometimes it gets stuck though and just keeps saying stuff, all you have to do is push the button ontop of the Cheat Device.
27Link will not spin with most quantity digits. If you put FF it flashes like he's going to spin but he doesn't.
28The Ending Of The Game Will Play During The Intro Of The Game. Also This Is A Huge Soilier Of The Game, So Use At Own Risk Of Seeing The End Intro Of The Game.
2900=Save 1
01=Save 2
02=Save 3
04=Die And See GAME OVER
30Note: You Have EveryThing, Even New Saves, All Hearts, And More
Note 2: May Screw Up Saves Because This Code Makes Its Own Saves For This Game. But It Won't Hurt The Game.
31Just Equip The Shield You Have And It Will Change Into A Better One.
32When Loading Up A Save Game, Entering A House, Store, Cave,etc Everything Will Become A Blurey State For A Few Seconds And The Screen Will Go Back To Nomal. This Is Indeed A Cool Code To Use!
33When Having The Sword And Pressing The Swing Sword Button Will Make You Be Able To Beat Any Enemie There Is. In which Making Killing Enemies A whoole Lot More fun.
3400=Nomal Music
02=Power Up Music
3500=Lower Part Of Z In Zelda
01=Lower Part Of E In Zelda
02=Upper Part Of E In Zelda
03=Lower Part Of L In Zelda
04=Upper Part Of D In Zelda
05=Upper Part Of A In Zelda
06=Lower Part Of A In Zelda
07=Upper Part Of Z In Zelda
36This Makes The Music Of The Game Sound Strange, Plus Your Sword After Loaded and Do That Spin Thing You Will Hear A Cooler Sound Of Your Sword And More.
37Your Saves Look Like They Are Eased But There Still There, All You Have To Do Is Load The Game Like Nomal, But You Can't Move Thu.
38You can come out of no where like from above and fall down saftley to the ground when entering a place like a house, shop etc.
39Turn Off The Game Shark Switch When Entering Leaving A Place.
4000=No Sound Effects
01=Getting A Full Heart
04=About To Die
05=Money Spent
08=Spin And Die
09=Flute Music 1
0A=Flute Music 2
0B=Flute Music 3
0F=Menu Select
10=Death Cry Of A Boss
14=Menu Select 2
15=Flute Music 4
17=Strange Dragon Like Noise
18=Bowwows Pups Bark
1B=Nitemare Key Near By
1F=Space Invaders Noise
21=Laser Noise
22=Laser Powering Up Noise
23=Beebing Noise
26=Wierd Noise
2B=Wierd Death Sound Noise
2F=Wierd Fall Noise
30=Wierd Laser Noise
34=Wierd Laser Loading Up Noise
35=Missle Noise
3A=Chicken/Roaster Noises
3B=Strange Money Noise
3C=BottomLess Pit Fall Noise
3F=Jungle Noises
41=Dropping Of A Giant Missle
43=Laser Gaining Super Power
44=Double Beeping
45=Fast Powering Laser
41This Makes TheGame Look Like A Dream!
42Note For All The Glitch Codes: Those Glitch Codes Causes Strange Things To Happen Like Turning Things Inside And Out, Deformation Of Things,etc