Golden Leaves

Oh, having trouble with finding those stupid Golden Leaves? And yet, they seem to be so important to the game. (Why does Richard want these anyway??) Anyways, might as well tell you where they can be found. Here we go, this is how I get them!

  1. You can find this one to the right of the castle. I call this jerk the Pit Bomber (No, REALLY, not making a bad joke here). Here is how I kill him: Go to the very bottom of the screen and stand right in the middle so no bombs can reach you. Now, you will want to guard the three pits you are closer to. These are the one above and the two on either side of you. When he pops up he will look around, this will give you enough time to reach him and get a hit. Hey, it may not be the fastest, but it sure is effective, don't you think?
  2. The next one is held by a certain crow to the left of the castle. This is possibly the hardest of them. Now, you will see two 'rocks' sitting there far from him to make the task difficult. Now, grab the BOTTOM one and throw this at the crow. He will then fly up and then go at you to get a hit and fly off, we don't want that! So, while he is flying up grab that last rock there, your sword won't hurt this creep. And then throw it at the nuisance. If you were quick enough you now have the 2nd Golden Leaf.
  3. Now, time to head into Kanalet Castle. Once inside the first room that is crowded with monsters, kill ALL of them and you will get a leaf....that was basic!
  4. Now, this one can vary. It depends on if you have the bombs or not, I usually don't 'cause I don't like to waste my money, so just bare with me. Go up the steps and follow the path back outside and then go in through the other door. If you don't have bombs, pick up all of the pots until you find them, but make sure you throw one at the door!! The jammed door will then open and allow you in to face... THE MASE!! Huh? Uhh....this creep is boring. The ones in Zelda3 are more interesting to fight. As long as you know how to use your shield and your sword at the same time you pretty much have this creep with only about 2 hits maximum. If you don't know how to use those two at the same time refer to the bottom of this page!
  5. Yes, just one more to go! But....wait, you seem to have been everywhere. Where is the last one... OH NO!!! Nah, don't fret. This one is just a tiny bit harder to find. Anyways, make sure you have at least one bomb to spare. Ok, now head back into the main part of the castle. You know that blank area right before you go back down to the first floor? What is that place for? All the creeps that are there is just a fireball. Well, actually, there are two more, but you only have to fight one. Ok, so where is it? I said you needed bombs, didn't I? That should give you a clue. You see those carvings on the them tombs of the living dead...geez! Anyways, bomb the left one, defeat that guard that pops out and YES!! VICTORY!! You have them! You have all 5 leaves! Now, "let's go see Richard about that key".

Ok, ok...I suppose I promised I would teach you the basic technique to this game that would make your life a WHOLE lot easier. Put your shield in the B button, and your sword in A. Now, press the B button and then tilt the edge of your thumb 'til you can hit the A button. Yeah... it isn't easier or comfortable at first, but eventually I could do it with no trouble or pain.