More Gameshark Fun

37 Heart Pieces

Have you ever wonder if you could get more than the regular 36 heart pieces? Well you can! And here is how to do thanks to [email protected].

Ok to get 37 Heart Pieces collect all the heart pieces then turn on your GS and turn on your Moon Walk code. Turn into a kid and go to Gerudo Fortress. Go to where the heart piece was and the box shouldn't be opened. Open it and then there is your heart piece!

A Tornado Hit Hyrule

Version 1.0
80025454 0001
80025466 0001
80025459 0001

Version 1.1
80025614 0001
80025626 0001
80025619 0001

Combine The Spiritual Stones

Here's an alternate way to combine the 3 sprirtual stones into one. Use the gameshark code 'all quest/status items' and go straight to hyrule castle. The cartoon thing where zelda throws the Ocarina Of Time will play, now get the ocarina and play the song that warps you to the Temple Of Time. Then when you get there go up to the altar and play the Song Of Time. When you finish the 3 Spiritual Stones will combine and will form into 1. Actually they just group up into a clump. The door of time will not open and the camera will come back to you. To get the door open simply leave the temple come back in and play the song of time over again at the altar.

Defeat The Fire Temple As A Kid

You must have the Moonjump code and the always have the Megaton Hammer to do this. As a kid, go to Death Mountain Crater. Float over the rocks. Before you go in, you should have plenty of fairies, since you'll die if you stay in a hot place to long. Just go to the room right before Volvagia's room, free the Goron, grab the key, and go back to the first room. Destroy the statue with your (invisible) Megaton Hammer. Go through this section, beat the Flare Dancer, free the Goron, get the Nightmare's key, and go beat Volvagia. Don't worry, you'll be able to use your (invisible) Megaton Hammer on him. After defeating him, you'll see the cinema scene with Darunia in the Chamber of Sages.

Sent In By Nicholas Nordby

Disappearing Rocks

This code requires you to have Moonjump and the Golden gauntlets. First, go to Goron City. Go to the big rock quarry with the big rupee at the end. Grab a grey rock and do the stone for a body trick. Go outside the rock quarry, throw the rock, and then go back to the rock quarry. All the grey rocks in the quarry should be gone.

Sent in by Nicholas Nordby.

Enter Gerudo Valley as a kid

Not much to this one! Simply put in the gameshark and put in the Moon Jump code. Then all you have to do is rise above the guards and land far away from them and you are in! If you do land near the guards they may throw you out.

Fairy Ocarina As An Adult

This code requires the gameshark code to have the Ocarina of Time and the All Quest Status Items. Start a new game with the codes. Immediately save and quit. Take off the Gameshark. You should have the Ocarina of Time and all the Quest Status stuff without the Gameshark in. Head out of the forest (you already have the Kokiri's Emerald). Saria then gives you the Fairy Ocarina. Go to the castle and see the cinema scene where Zelda chucks the Ocarina of Time into the moat. Do NOT grab the Ocarina of Time. Go to the altar in the Temple of Time. Play the Song of Time. Turn into an adult. You should have the Fairy Ocarina! However, when you use it, Link puts the Ocarina of Time up to his mouth, but you still have the Fairy Ocarina.

Sent In By Nicholas Nordby.

Impa And Child Link In The Chamber Of Sages

I got into the Chamber of Sages and saw Impa! She gave small Link a medallion! Here's how:

1. Use a Game Shark and go to the Shadow Temple (DON'T use the "All Status Screen" code!)

2. Beat the level (Things needed: Bombs, Din's Fire, Moon Jump, Lens of Truth, Magic Points)

3. After beating Bongo-Bongo You'll be warped to the Chamber of Sages!!! Impa will tell you about "Seven years ago" and then give you the medallion!

4. THE GAME HANGS UP! but at least there are pretty colors!

Infinite Carrots

This is a code I found out many years ago while playing Ocarina of Time, and it was a really big deal to me at the time.

What you do for this trick is you either go to Hyrule Field or Lon Lon Ranch basically wherever you can ride Epona*. Then call Epona to you and get on her and press the A button. You should see that your Carrot doesn't disappear. But instead of you being able to press the A button repeatedly to make Epona go faster this code makes her go faster without you pressing anything. In fact if you press your A button while she is running she will not do anything since she is already going as fast as she can!

Lon Lon Ranch
Version 1.0 - 801EEED8 0006 
Version 1.1 - 801EF098 0006 
Version 1.2 - 801EF588 0006

Hyrule Field
Version 1.0 - 801EF8D8 0006 
Version 1.1 - 801EFA98 0006 
Version 1.2 - 801EFF88 0006

Lake Hylia
Version 1.0 - 801EECD8 0006 
Version 1.1 - 801EEE98 0006 
Version 1.2 - 801EF388 0006

NOTE: Some of the above codes have caused my game to freeze in some places like going to Gerudo Fortress or trying to go into the Fishing pond.

* - I couldn't test it in Gerudo Fortress for some reason my GS Pro froze up everytime I would try to go there.

Messed Up Log Tops

Requires the Moonjump Code. Enter the Lost Woods from Hyrule Field (the part with the bridge). You can do this by exiting out of the Kokiri Forest too, but it has to be the first room you enter, and you can only do it once. While there, if you entered from Hyrule Field, float left. Don't go in the log. Float over. You'll appear in the middle of nowhere. There's no land. Go backwards. Now look at the tops of the tall logs. They should be purple, green, and blue all mixed together.

More On Part of the Deku Tree

Here are some other things you can do with this:
1. Enter the Deku Tree as an adult.
2. Get the Kokiri's Emerald as adult.
3. Do it backwards, and you'll make the Kokiri Forest disappear.
4. Do this code in Zora's River, float over the wall to the right of the
bridge that goes toward the waterfall.
5. Do the above one, except backwards. Everything in Zora's River will
be gone except for the area where the waterfall is and the cucco (kid
only). Try navigating out of the River without going into Zora's
This code might work in other areas, but that's all I've found.

Mystery Pyramid

To see this mystery pyramid turn on your gameshark and have the moonjump code in. then go to the Haunted Wasteland and go to where the ghosts starts to direct you to the spirit temple Play the song of storms and look around where the lightning outlines the pyramid. Fly over there and you will see if was just a glitch in the game!

Another glitch from [email protected]

Odd Mushroom in Gerudo Fortress

This requires you to be a kid and have Moonjump. Go to Gerudo Valley. Float over the guards into Gerudo Fortress, or let the guards catch you. If you're caught, they'll throw you into the jail in Gerudo Fortress. Just float out of the jail. You'll notice that there is no one in Gerudo Fortress. Go to the chest that holds a Heart Piece. Open it, and you'll find the Odd Mushroom! You can't use it as a kid, and there's no time limit.

Sent In By Nicholas Nordby.

Part of the Deku Tree

Enter the Moonjump code, and go to the Kokiri forest. Fly over the ledge next to the path with the three Deku Babas, and land near the Deku Tree. You should land on nothing. Look up. You'll see the top part of the Deku Tree is still there. Now, look to the path. It should look like you're lower than the ground, but walk towards it, and you'll appear on the path. The Deku Tree returns to normal after you exit the Kokiri Forest or go into the Lost Woods.

Sent in by Nicholas Nordby.

Permanently Raining

Version 1.0
801D8FA3 0001
801D8FB3 0014
801D8FB6 0014

Version 1.1
801D9163 0001
801D9173 0014
801D9176 0014

Version 1.2
801D9653 0001
801D9663 0014
801D9666 0014

Stone For A Body

This code requires you to have the Golden Gauntlets (or just use the all equipment gameshark code and you'll have some funky colored Gauntlets that are just as strong) and the Moon Jump code. Go to a place with grey boulders (the ones that you can pick up, but can't move with). Pick up the boulder. Don't throw the boulder. Hold L for Moonjump. Fall down, and you can move around with the rock on you. Only your legs are visible. Press any button and you'll throw the rock off of you, unless you press the R button. Then you'll take out your shield, but as soon as you let go, you'll throw the boulder. Pointless, but fun.

Sent in by Nicholas Nordby.

The Triforce?

Version 1.1

Go into the screen where it shows your songs, and you will see the Triforce.

Turbo Run

Press L for Turbo Run

D01C84B5 0010
801DB258 0042

D01C8675 0010
801DB418 0042

D01C8D75 0010
801DBB18 0042

Two Master Swords

One day I was fooling around with Zelda and when I went to beat the final Ganon, he knocked my sword away as usual. But I pressed start and I noticed it was still under the equipment screen! But I didn't have a sword selected and decided too select it. Now I could use the master sword against Ganon, even though the original sword I had in my hand was knocked out of the ring of fire! I decided to go further into this trick and found out if you did not select the master sword when it was there that you could have a swordless link after you had saved and restarted! But this is for Version 1.2 of Zelda! So it is possible to get swordless link in Version 1.2 of Zelda and here is what you do to accomplish this.

First start of by putting in your gameshark, then select the All Equipment code. Then go to the final ganon when he turns into the monster. When he knocks the sword out of your hand look at your equipment screen, you should see the Master Sword still there. If you want to fight Ganon with the master sword then select it, if you want swordless link for Version 1.2 of Zelda then don't select it, then save your game and restart the game. That's all there is to it!

Unfreeze Zora's Domain!

NOTE: It will still look like there's ice...but you can still swim in it.
V1.0 - 801CA03F 0000
V1.1 - 801CA1FF 0000
V1.2 - 801CA8FF 0000

Use Items In Your House

This requires the all equipment gameshark code and for you to start a new game. When you first start playing, you can use all your items in your house. Use Farore's Wind, Fairy Slingshot, and your Boomerang for weird effects.

Sent In By Nicholas Nordby.

Visit Zelda More Than Once

This is a relatively simple trick. Turn on your gameshark and put in the Moon Jump Codes. Now go back to Hyrule castle and go up to that crawl space you went to the first time you went to see Zelda. Now you will notice there are guards blocking your path. Well this time go up to the wall beside of where the 2 guards are standing and press the L button to rise above the wall then press left to go over the wall. Now just fall onto the lawn and you can get to Zelda now. There are no more guards in your way to stop you!

Walk Around While Carrying A Boulder

I have figured out a way to walk around with a big boulder.But you need a gameshark and moonwalk code to do this first get the silver or golden gauntlets then pick up a big boulder then moonwalk just up in the air a littleways then fall down and you will be able to walk around with the big boulder in your hands it is really cool.