Catch A 35 pound Hyrulian Loach

To catch the Hyrule Loach, go to the fishing pond when you're an adult. It is also best to find the sinking lure first, before you try to catch it. Use the Iron Boots to locate the loach under water. It looks longer and darker than the other fish (looks like an eel) and is usually resting in the bottom-center of the pond. After you've located it, go back out of the water and cast you're lure so it sinks a few spaces in front of it. Wait for it to start moving, then move your lure with the B button. If you're lucky enough the loach will follow you're lure and bite it. Then just reel it in. It weighs 35 pounds, and if you take it to the front desk, the man will give you 50 rupees.

Different Gerudo's Outfits

As you should know, after you free all 4 carpenters there, a Gerudo appears and gives you a membership to the Gerudo's gang. She will usually be wearing green, but it really depends on what color you're wearing. Her out fit will match the exact color you're wearing, so it's fun to stand there and keep switching tunics to see the outfits change color.

Easy Horseback Archery Points

Having trouble getting enough points in horseback archery? Instead of aiming at the targets, aim at the pots. You get a hundred points for each hit. (but the pots break when you hit them so you can get only 700 pts. this way. But it makes it alot easier!

Fun With Gossip Stones

If you detonate a bomb next to a Gossip Stone, it will flash blue a few times, then flash red and blast off! For more excitement, you can flatten the stones with your hammer and stretch 'em out with Din's Fire.

Gift From Tree's

When you see a tree, start running towards it and right before you get to it press A. This makes you roll, and when you roll you hit the tree hard and items can fall out of the tree. Different things will fall out like hearts, deku nuts, rupees, etc. Sometime even a Gold Skulltula will fall out!

Secret Pics in Zelda's Courtyard

Go to the courtyard where you first meet Zelda . Look in the windows, and in one of them you will see some pictures of some familiar video game characters!

Unlimited Rupees

To get unlimited rupees there are a few ways I will mention below.

After you have killed all 100 skulltulas simply keep going back to the skulltula's house in Kakariko Village and talk to the man in the middle of the house. I believe he gives you a rupee worth 200 rupees. Well if you leave the house and come back he will keep giving you 200 rupees!

Another way to do this is if you don't want to destroy all 100 skulltulas is just go to the building before you enter Hyrule Market. There are several pots in here that have rupees in them and just destroy all the pots to take the rupees. Leave, and then when you come back all the pots will be back!

Another way to do this trick is that you will need to be by the entrance to the Hyrule kingdom, just walk up the chains that hold the bridge untill you reach the wall then fall down to: If you're on the right chain to your left - If you're on the left chain to your right You will take damage unless you press both A and B buttons right before you land and that'll soften the fall. You should get one red rupee for every time you fall.