Ocarina of Time was made in the early 3D era when developers were experimenting with the best way to create games in the 3D space. Because of this, the game is notorious for hosting many, many glitches. Below are ones you can force to happen during gameplay.

2 Headed Epona

Go to the Gerudo fortress in the daytime. Go look at exactly where the Horse is at the horseback archery place. Now play the Sun's Song and then call Epona. Now go to the same spot, and park Epona there. Play the Sun's Song again, and then go back to the spot, but whatever you do, DON'T call Epona! When you go back to the spot, if you did it right, (Which you probably did, it's pretty easy,) then Epona should be melded with the other horse! Now, we're probably not the first to report this, since it's so simple, but It's fun! You can do this at Lon Lon ranch too! I always thought Malon was a horse person! (Okay, I'll cut that out now) Okay, here's the other trick. It's not nearly as good, but it's fun! Okay, go to the windmill as older Link, and pick up the cucco. Now land on the Target Practice place. Okay, now glide over to the Top of Impa's house. Now go over to the edge toward the exit, but on the very top of the house (Y'know, the pointy part). Now jump over to the nearby hill, and, well, you're there! Like I said, not very good...

2 Shields

You must be a kid to perform this glitch. Equip your Deku shield and hold it out with the R button. While holding R press start and then equip the Hylian Shield. If done right you should have both shields out. This protects from attacks from behind.

A Blue Storm

Go to the entrance of the Shadow Temple, near all those torches. Get position so that you are looking outside and can see the sky. Play the Song of Storms and keep looking towards the sky. When the sky gets blue run up to the outside area. It should be raining but it is still blue in the sky.

An Arrow Through Link's Head

To get an arrow through your head, go to an area where you have to z-target onto people to talk to them, like the guy on the roof in Kakariko Village, and z-target on to them. Now pull out your bow and aim an arrow at the character. You need to hold down the c-button assigned to the bow. While holding the button down hit the A button. If done right and the angle is good you will see an arrow through Link's head.

Behind The Castle's Walls

Go to Ganon's Castle and then hop off onto the dirt ledge at the right of the door. Take about 5 steps and turn towards the door. Now take out your Longshot and aim at the pillar that makes the door. You have to aim at the top and as far right as possible. If in the right position you will fall behind the wall. At first it will look like Link dissapeared, but press C-Up or Z and you will be able to see behind the wall, and walk on a hidden castle ledge. Nothing special just a cool glitch.

Blue Haze

Go into the fishing pond and get the fishing rod. Walk into the the water as far as it will allow. Now Z-Target a fish and let the camera submerge itself under water. When the camera goes under cast the line and reel in the fish. After you get done with this, everything turns out with have a bluish tint.

Bury Epona Alive

Go into Lon Lon Ranch. Now go around the the the far side of the fence and play Epona's Song. Epona should be running towards you but will get stuck on the fence. Now enter the tall tower. Then exit and now you should see Epona running underneath the ground, and all you will be able to see is her head.

Die 2 Times

Do the Invisible Stairs glitch then put on the sinking boots. Do NOT wear the Zora Tunic. On your last second of breath, press A to get on Epona. You should die then fall down in to darkness. You will reappear at the entrance. All of a sudden you will collapse and die. It's kind of fun.

Disappearing Fire

Right after you travel through time, you will see fire around Death Mountain. When you leave the castle and look up towards the mountain the fire will be gone.

Disappearing Link

I found a glitch you might like. Whenever the game is first showing the clip-scene when you first start your game (where Link is riding Epona) pull out the left side of the cartridge to make Link dissapear. If you move the Anolog Stick around then it will show Link somewere else! He will be rolling down a hill with Epona riding away from him!

Disappearing Stalfos

Use Dins Fire when the Stalfos appear on the boat in the Shadow Temple. If it worked, at least one of the Stalfos will completly vanish.

Epona Has A Hard Head

his is kinda cool go into lon lon ranch go by the big tower part of the fence is like a little horse stable stand directly in the center of it then play epona's song epona will be on the other side back up a few steps and epona's head will pop out through the stable thing! you can also get next to her(still outside the fence) and shel won't have a head it's cool!

-Sent in by DeMoN-X

Enter Day/Night Store

To do this get the Sun's Song from the tomb in Kakariko Village. Go to the any store in the day time so you can get in it. Now once inside play the Sun's Song and then the screen will go black then its night-time! You'll be in the store at night. Now go out and try to get back in and it says its closed.......and you were just in it!

Fake Floors

When Phantom Ganon zooms across the room on his sceptre, watch him fly right into the floor.

Floating Arrows

Do the View From Link's Chest glitch and once again, go on Epona, and go near a person you can talk to while on Epona. When Navi flashes blue, press B to bring out the arrows, and point at, or near the person you want to speak to. Hold B to pull back on the arrow, but don't shoot it. Keep holding B, and press A. If you did it correctly, the arrow should be shot atomatically, and it should be floating in the air while the person is talking to you. It looks really cool.

Floating Link

Go close to an exit and then do one of the following things, jump slash, sideways strafe, or a backflip. In each one Link will float, or spin around, coupled with some funky camera sequences.


As a kid, eqipt your Deku Shield and press R. Then press start and equip your Hylian Shield. Hit return and Link should be crouching with his arm out. If done the opposite way, Link will be floating in the air!

Floating Tektite

In the Water Temple raise the water to a high level. Now shoot a Tektite with an ice arrow to freeze it. Quickly make the water lower, and the tektite will now be hovering in mid air.

"Freeze" with your hands up!

Before you save the carpenders, go to Gerudo's fortress and walk up to the guard in white. When she blows her whistle, bring out your ocarina and play 'Epona's Song'. The game should freeze with Link's hands in the air.

Frozen Cast

While in the fishing pond if you approach the door with your rod, the fisherman will say something, put on your hover boots, then run towards the area that triggers his message. While sliding into the zone cast the rod, and the game will freeze up.

Gerudo's Kitchen Mystery

Not really a glitch, but in the Gerudo's kitchen Navi turns green in the corner of the room. There is nothing of significance over there and there must have been an item scrapped from the final version of the game.

This glitch has been solved only a day after posting it! Bhiggy3 writes:
"When navi turns green there simply play the suns song and fairy will appear there."

Get Into Dampe's Hut As A Kid

Go into Dampe's house between the hours of 18:00 and 21:00 and play the Sun's song. You'll notice that it is completely the same. No Dampe sleeping or anything. This trick can also be used to get into Talon's house as a kid at night also.

Get Into Jabu-Jabu's Mouth Without A Fish

You can get into Lord Jabu-Jabu without giving him a fish. It will takesome time but I and a few others have gotten it to work. Submerge yourself under his mouth and move around, after awhile you should be able to get into him.

Get Navi Stuck

Go to the Temple of Time and go up to the 3 spirtual stones. Read the inscription. Backflip up to where the 3 spiritual stones are. Position yourself between the Spiritual Stone of Fire and the Spiritual stone of Water. Play Saria's song. Talk to Saria. If it worked Navi will be stuck on the platform where the 3 spiritual stones are.

Get Ontop Of A Mountain

When you are an Adult, have the longshot and the hoverboots, go to Kakariko Village. Put on the hoverboots and longshot yourself on top of the building where the guy sits. Then Aim at the Windmill with the longshot and you will see a wooden thing. Aim at that with the longshot. Then walk up to the top of the windmill. There is a chicken. Grab it and float on to the roof of the shooting gallery. Then float on to the Impa's House (Chicken Barn). Go to the top and run left towards the mountain. Jump and you'll make it onto a mountain! I tried to jump to the other side. I had the distance, but it wouldn't let me get on.

Get Past The Koriki

OK to do this trick you first must start a new game. Go to the guy who's blocking the exit to Korkiri Forest. Run into him and keep running keep doing this and then lift up the left side of the game slowly. Then you'll hear a fuzzy sound and you'll go through him. Now you can get out without a sword and shield! This will automaticaly give you the Spiritual Stone of the Forest.

Get Stuck In Kakariko Village

There is a woman with some stew in Kakariko Village, if you get it so that you can flip right behind the woman and get trapped, you won't be able to get out of the corner and you will need to reset the game.

Get Stuck Way Up

First, go to Lake Hylia and go into the Water Temple. Play Farore's Wind. Now go to the carpenters' tent and do the master glitch. While in the tent, warp to the Fire Temple. Then go in the temple. Play Farore's Wind and warp back to the point in the Water Temple. When you exit the dungeon you will be on Epona WAY above the lake. You cannot get down so you must reset the game. You can also get stuck above the water just outside Zora's Domain. From the Fire Temple, go see the Gorons. Then go to their warp to the Lost Woods. From the Lost Woods, go to the underwater warp to Zora's Domain. Then exit to Hyrule Field making sure you are in the water when you exit. This will also get you stuck so you must reset the game.

Get Under A Minute in the Marathon Race

First do the master glitch. Then ask to race the running man. You should already be on Epona when you leave the tent so you will gain a couple of seconds. If you use this with the swordless Link glitch you can finish in under a minute (and still lose). At the end of the race still going full speed use the Ocarina to get off Epona. These two glitches will help improve your time.

Get Under Zora's Ice

For this trick you must have the swordless link trick. First get on Epona and go to lake Hylia, go to where the 4 pillars are and position Epona so she is facing in the direction of the frozen entrance to Zoras domain. Equip the iron boots and play an ocarina song so that you aren't on Epona slowly walk forward so that you don't cause Epona to nay and walk backwards. Keep going until you fall in front of the entrance, now push the A button, but right after you do that pause and switch to the Kokiri boots before you actually mount Epona. You will now be sitting in the water but re-equip your iron boots so you have enough depth to switch boots back and swim toward the entrance to Zora's Domain. If you did it right you should warp to Zora's Domain, once there quickly equip your iron boots so as not to rise to the surface or you will be pulled on top of the ice.

Green Mist

Get inside the windmill and then try jumping to one of those side pillars. Fall off. A green mist should quickly appear and then immediatly dissapear in a sudden flash.

Half-Way Reviving Signs

Go to Kakariko Village. Locate the sign in front of the well. Lock on to it with Z-Targeting and do a diagonal slash (Right+B) and you should cut off some of the sign into the well. Now get on the side of the sign and stab it (Up+B). The rest should fall off. Now get in front of it again and play Zelda's Lullaby. The piece thats not in the well will come back faster. As SOON as the piece thats not in the well goes back to the sign post cut it off with a stab in Z-Targeting mode. Now that, that bottom piece is gone go in front of the sign and tap C-Up to look at the sign. Now only the top part will be revived! The glitch is that its hanging onto nothing but air. This is really a pointless glitch but its fun.

Hidden Deku Sprout

There is another Deku Sprout located under the Giant Deku Tree as you are an adult. There is light pouring in from the top of the tree. If you distance yourself far enough away from the spot and look towards the place where the sun shines through, the light will disappear.

Invincible Against Phantom Ganon

When Phantom Ganon is flying around the room, stand with your back against the fence and wait for him to shoot off an energy ball. It will hit you, but Link will not get hit. It doesn't work when Phantom rides across the room on his staff.

Infinite Bottles

Go to an area where you can catch a fish with a bottle. Equip a bottle to one of the C buttons. Press the button you put the bottle on and it will swipe at the fish. Before you catch it press start and bring up the "iteam select" screen. Select an item you dont need (i.e. claim check) and equip it to the button where you had the bottle before. NOTE: Do NOT select an item you need! You will NOT be able to get it back!

Infinite Fairies

If you get a bottle of fairies and then open it right near an exit, like in a door, or anything that takes you to a different area, then you will keep the fairy but still get the life from the fairy. You have to be at the exact position near the exit to do this, just close enough so when link opens the bottle he will move into the exit zone.

Invisible Carpet

In Ganon's Castle, in the last hall before Ganondorf, you hear Link running on the carpet, but when you run on the strip of floor to either side of the carpet, it still sounds like Link's on a carpet!

Invisible Link

First do the Master glitch were you go into the tent while on Epona, then warp to Lake Hylia, it'll appear that you are controlling Epona without link being on her, but, you will still hear link yelling when he slaps her to speed up. You can dismount her and run around (although it is hard to control link when you cant see him) enemies will still see you, but, they dont hurt you, they just go right through you (where ever you are) if you exit the area you'll be visible again, and, if you try to use the hookshot or other items where it goes to links perspective, you'll see under Epona, even if you're on the other side of the lake.

Sent in by [email protected].

Invisible Sign

Go to gerudo valley. Go up to the sign next to the bridge. Cut it so that you cut half the sign, then cut the other half in half. And make sure each piece falls off the ledge. (this might take a few tries) Play Zelda's Lullaby. The music that shows you did something will play, but the sign won't be there!!!

Invisible Stairs

Go to the cliff in Gerudo Valley. Use an item to get off Epona. Simply, run off the cliff.

Invisible Wall

Go into Lon Lon Ranch and try to shoot your arrows or Slingshot over the wall. There is an invisible wall about 5 feet over where the fence visually stops.

Jumping Link

Go into Zora's Domain as an adult. There is a platform in front of King Zora. Equip the Hover Boots, and slide off of the platform, then Jump while your in air. If done correctly Link will jump repeatedly. There are more places where you can get yourself to continually jump. The easiest is in Lake Hylia. Swim over the the fishing pond house, but don't leave the water. Go all the way to the right of it and go as far as you can and try to climb up onto the hill. If you get it in the right spot Link will jump spastically.

Laser Pointer

This one is tough to do at first. First set the Longshot, or Hookshot as one of your C buttons. Go into Z target view, and pull out your Hookshot/Longshot and keep depressing both the Z button and the C button where the hookshot/longshot is on. Let go of the C button and immediatly press R. Nothing will happen to let you know if you did it right. Now let go of the R button and then let go of the Z button. Now Link will walk around with his Hook/Longshot at his side, like normal, but this time the red beam is still in front of him.

Link's Perspective

This allows you to play the game through Links Perspective! First do the Swordless Link trick. Then the Epona trick. Once you finished that take out ethier your hookshot or bow and shoot. Then throw a deku seed and you will be in links perspective. You can now see the bangs from the top of your head you can run around like this. It makes you feel like the real Link! 
Steps :

Swordless Link trick 
Go on Epona Throw a deku seed 
Shoot your bow or hookshot 
Throw one more deku seed

Lose And Regain The Biggoron Sword

It's a variation of the Swordless Link trick. Please note, you need THE MASTER SWORD for this trick to work. First, you get the rod, put on your hover boots, and while Link's hovering, cast at the water. Then, you go outside, with the fishing pole. Then, you cast near an enemy, get frozen, and be unfrozen by an attack. Then, after you leave, you'll have the beta Deku Stick, only it'll replace the Biggoron Sword INSTEAD of the Master Sword. Save and reset the game. Remember to refrain from using the deku stick, because it'll freeze the game. Now, here's the part which suprised me. Go to Goron City and get into Medigoron's Blade Shop. pay him the standard 200 rupees to buy the Giant's Knife. Once you pay, go into the Equipment Subscreen. You now have the Biggoron Sword AGAIN!

Lose Navi

In the Temple of Time, Read the inscription below the Spiritual Stones, then backflip onto the stones. Stand between the Goron's Ruby and the Zora's Sapphire and face the Kokiri Emerald. Play Saria's Song and talk to Saria. If done correctly, Navi will stay there and you can explore the temple without her, but it gets real dark.

Kakariko Village Text Glitch

When entering Kakariko for the first time after you travel through time, talk to the guy on the right of the tree, you will see a big gap in the words and then they will disappear from the text box.

Make The World Disappear

I have another glitch here for you! Now, go anywhere in Hyrule that is an open space(i.e. Hyrule Field) and hold in L for the 'Moon Jump' code, hold it in until you cant see yourself on the screen anymore, and let go. The land disappears for a few secs., and then it just appears! You can see the details fill in. Here's another one to make the land disappear. Go to Zora's River coming from Zora's Domain and right before you cross the wooden bridge that leads out to the bigger part of Zora's River, Moon Jump over the wall and position yourself so your over a piece of land on the map and fall. You should be floating, like on the invisible platforms in the Shadow Temple! This works anywhere in Hyrule that is setup like the river.

Master Glitch

First, ride Epona to Gerudo Valley. Cross the bridge and go to the carpenters' tent. While still on Epona angle to the right and try to go in the right side of the tent. When you are lined up like this, press A to speed up and hold left. If you did it correctly you should be inside the tent without Epona. This will get easier after you get the hang of it. Whenever you enter an area where Epona was programmed to be you will automatically be on Epona since you never really got off. This trick doesn't seem like much but it leads to many cool glitches.

Max Heart Glitch

More a gameshark cheat than a glitch, but never the less. The max heart Gameshark code is it's basis, so you have to have one to use it. The codes come preprogrammed at 0140, but that's only child's play. I suggest you try increasing the quantitative last four digits of the standard code from 0140 to 0990. This will permanently give Link a status of near INVINCIBILITY! 
Even if you save and turn off the gameshark, it still stays without a glitch! 
So long as you can get the game to load properly--that isn't always a first-time thing--you have A superpowerful Link!!!

Mess with the Music

Why is this secret caused? When certain things are done in the Gerudo places, the game messes up in music. It's because the player does an unexpected thing, and the game can't react. Really, you must ride Epona to Gerudo Valley when the Sun is at its middle point. Then, goto Gerudo's Fortress. Get off Epona and then walk back to Gerudo Valley, then back to Gerudo's Fortress. Play the Sun's Song: C-right C-down C-up (repeat once) Then, since this was unexpected, the game doesn't know what to do and reacts by playing music at night. Love your site

Misspelling On The Box

Not exactly a bug or glitch, but on the very early game boxes, it says eniviroments instead of enviroments.

More Than 100 Skulltulas

Go to hyrule castle as a child, and swim thru the moat. when u climb out, there will be a tree there. play the song of storms and a hole will come in the ground. drop inside. blow up the walls, and theres a skulltula there (if u havent got it already). Kill it with your slingshot, and then when the skultula token is there Z target it and throw your boomerang at it, but backflip onto the warp thing that takes u out of the hole before the boomerang comes back at u. You should hear the music that plays when u get a token while u are leaving. when u are out of the hole, play the song of storm again and fall down in the hole again. The spider should still be there. Just keep doing this over and over again to get more skulltulas.

No Sword? No Shield?

Yes way! (not yet tested) Every wanted to get pasted Mido with no sword or shield? Well you can! First get as close to Mido as you can, then ever so gently, pull the left side of the game cartridge while pressing up on the control stick. (Be careful, your game could freeze or worse be erased!) then push the cartrige back down.

November 23 Glitch

On November 23, 1999, I was playing against Ganon and I wanted to play one of my other files. I pressed reset in the middle of the battle. When I came to the file select screen my game was erased! If this has happend to anyone else please let me know.

Open The Water Temple As A Kid

When you are young link, stand on the island above the gate to the water temple. Go to the part of the island where it starts to curve downwards toward the water, but make sure it is just above the gate. Now use C-up to look down as far as you can. You will hear a noise for a while and then a boom. What you just did was open the Water Temple.

Play Your Sword

Go to a drop off point and get a useless item(i.e. a bottle with bugs in it) and put it on the bottom C button. Jump off the drop off point and push B and C-Down. Link should swing his sword and his sword will be in his mouth when he lands.

Purple Haze

Do the Swordless Link Glitch. Then save and reset, and then get out into the field without a sword. Mount your horse and ride to lon lon ranch during the day. Accept Malon's obstacle course challenge, but in the middle of it, use your ocarina on the horse and play the song of storms. A purple mist will appear for about 15-30 seconds, making everything purple sillouettes.

Reviving Signs

Probably the simplest trick in the book. To revive a sign after its been cut just play Zelda's Lullaby in front of it and it'll come back together.

Ride Epona While Being Dead

This is a strange glitch that allows you to be dead, and able to ride Epona! Lose almost all your life. Make it so that one bomb hit will kill you. Do the master glitch. Warp to outside the Fire Temple, go see the Gorons, and then exit through the Lost Woods. Then go to Kokori Forest. Go to the bridge where the running man finishes. Throw a bomb and exit at the same time you get hit. This may take many tries. You should be taken to Hyrule Field and be on Epona without any life if it worked correctly. You will not be able to use any weapons even with the Swordless Link glitch. Link will die whenever he gets off Epona.

Skip A Key In The Water Temple

All you need is the fairy bow, arrows, an ocarina, iron and kokiri boots, Zora Tunic. Enter the Water Temple as normal. You should find yourself in the big main room of Water Temple(the one with the tower in the center, you know which one I'm referring to). I'll call this room the lobby. Equip your iron boots and sink to the lobby floor. Find the room with Ruto, as you would normally, and listen to her yammering. When she swims up, follow, as always, get the goods from the room at top, then go to the Triforce engraving and lower the water. You know how. Anyhoo, jump down, use your bow to gain entry to the barred room there, and find the prize within. There, you should have at least one key now, I don't remember exactly, but it is unimportant as far as this all is concerned. Now enter the lobby, and go right up to the tower, on the side with the door. See that locked and chained door, right there in front of you? Wouldn't it be nice to use a key on that door and go inside? Well, not really. DON'T USE A KEY ON THIS DOOR. Instead, use your Ocarina and play the Seranade of Water to warp out of the Temple, then reenter the Water Temple as fast as your little legs'll allow. The entryway is still all wet, but climb up on the ledge directly ahead and you'll see that the water level is still down all the way in the lobby. You'll want to jump off the ledge you're on, and here's how: see the ledges around the center tower? There's a gap in them directly in front of you, where the block can float up. Hint- don't jump into this gap. Aim yourself toward the left of it, and make a great leap. You'll miss the highest ledge, but where you wanna land is the ledge below it. If you made it, yay, if you didn't, try again, it's not really hard. Well, now you're on the second ledge, and it is a simple matter now to get inside the tower, as you can light the door-opening torch via lit torch, bow, and arrow. Voila! You're inside the center tower! You can be a dull gus and head straight for the water-raising triforce engraving, or you can jump down and examine the locked door that you skipped using the key on. Funny, huh? You can see the lock on the front side of the door facing away from the door and walking backward in Z-target mode. Strange, no chain or anything on the back. Of course, Navi insists that it is still locked, in that irritating voice of hers. If only there was a way to skip getting Navi... Well there ya have it. You can skip getting a key elsewhere that's a pain to get or else have an extra in the end. Whatever you like.

Shoot Saria In The Head

In Ganons Castle, at Sarias Forest Barrier thingy where U shoot the Light Arrow at the generator, aim just above the pulsating thingy and an Arrow will be lodged in her head when she appears!!!

Steal The Pond's Owner's Hat

When you go to the fishing pond as Adult Link the pond owner wearing a hat. He mentions about his hair but doesn't say what is wrong with it. Well go to his right and keep aiming at his hat with your lure and casting and soon you'll get his hat!!! You'll find out what is wrong. Give him his hat back and you'll be complimented on your generousity. Cast it in the water and pay Fifty Rupees to him.

Swordless Link

Go to the final battle with Ganon. When he knocks the sword out of your hand, save and reset. If you did it right there will be no sword over the green button at the top of the screen.

See Link Pull Out The Master Sword Twice

Travel forward in time as a child and then play the Sun Song. You should see Link pulling the sword a second time.

See Through Link's Chest

I have found a way to see through link's perspective, while you are on Epona. (You can do this with the grey cartridges also) Okay, First you have to get on Epona and go to a place where you can talk to someone while sitting on the horse (ex. the carpenter ,the people in the lon lon ranch, the gerudos, etc.). Then, when you get close to the person you want to talk to, and when Navi turns blue, press B to bring out your bow and arrow, and point it at the person you want to talk to. Remember, when Navi turns blue, don't Z-Target, just stop Epona, and press B to bring out your bow and arrow. Okay, after you are pointing the bow and arrow to the person you want to talk to, press A to talk to them, after you have finished talking to them, and that small blue square comes at the end of the text that they speak, press A again to make it go away, and if you did it right, the camera should really start shaking while you are on Epona, and then after a few seconds, the camera angle will show you link's perspective. You can look all around you while on Epona, sometimes, the camera angle gets messed up, and it seems like it is inside of link, and you can see his arms holding the bow and arrow, the only bad thing is you cant move the horse while doing this. To go back to the regular camera angle, just press Z, A, or just bring out your bow again, and it should go back to normal.

Stand On An Open Chest

Ok, I don't think this is really a glitch but if you backflip onto an open treasure chest, Link will be floating in the air.

Temple Of Time's Constraints

The Temple of Time was made in such a way that it can easily be displayed without slowdown even though it is a very large area and made of many polygons. You can see what the programmers did to achieve this. Go in the hallway between the main room and the pedestal. Slowly walk towards the pedestal and when you get to about the black strip in the hall, look at the walls inside the Master Sword room. If angled correctly you can see walls where they aren't supposed to be and no ceiling. You can do this the opposite way and if angled correctly you can see no walls in the main room. This was done to cut down on polygons so that the temple could be easily displayed. Neat huh?

The Triforce?

Go to the Deku Sprout as an adult. Get behind it and look straight up with the C-Up button. You should see a ray of light and if you look at it perfectly the Triforce should appear in the light. Maybe this was supposedly where you could get the triforce before.

Unbreakable Deku Sticks

Ok just get deku Sticks and the go find a gossip stone near a ledge. Get close to the ledge and try to hit the gossip stone with the deku stick. You should bounce off and hang on the edge with a broken deku stick in hand. Now you have an Unbreakable Deku Stick that is twice as strong as the Kokiri Sword! And you can also light it. But unfortunatley as soon as you leave the perimeter (where the screen turns black then goes to the next place), it will dissappear and you'll have to do it again.

UnDead ReDeads?

In Hyrule Castle Market, as adult Link, kill one of the ReDeads without it sucking some of your health. Now watch as all the other ReDeads walk to the spot where you killed the zombie. If you stand in front of one, it will ignore you. Creepy!

Use the Fishing Rod Outside The Pond

To bring the Fishing Rod out of the Fishing Pond, you will need the Hover Boots. Pay the Pond Owner 20 rupees to fish. Then wear on your Hover Boots. Run across the water in the Pond and then cast your line while Link is floating on the water. You will be able to walk around with the line casted. Talk to the Pond Owner without reeling in your line. Quit fishing, Then pay him another 20 rupees to fish again. The camera will be in a wierd angle so walk slowly to the door. Open it and your in Lake Hylia. Link will be holding the air looking like he is holding the Fishing Rod. The Rod won't be on his hands though. Save the game before you press B to cast because Link will freeze in place as if he is really fishing when he doesn't have anything on his hand.

Use Your Sword Under Water

There are 2 downers,it's a one time thing and you have to use magic. Ok, first, go to Lake Hylia or another water source where there is a slope. Next, put on the iron boots. You then charge your sword so that it turns "fire-engulfed" and walk slowly down the slope into the water. If you "drop" down a level, your sword won't be charged anymore and you'll have to start over. If you did it right, you'll have a charged sword, and you can release it on any enemy you encounter. If your hookshot or longshot is equiped, then it will light up, while the other c-button items are faded, proving that you're underwater.

Wear Any Tunic Anywhere

Race the running man. Instead of running to the bridge, run to Dampe's grave. Go up to Dampe and let the clock start. After the clock begins, don't race him. Turn around and exit back to the graveyard. The yellow marathon race clock should have been replaced with a white clock. This will keep going up until it stops at 59:59. Do not talk to the running man on the bridge or the trick will end. Whenever you are timed for an event that goes on your record or when exiting the collapsing castle the trick will also end. However, you can usually wear any tunic in extreme heat or underwater and not face the consequences since that clock will never begin.

Wierd Backflip

With the hover boots on. Z-target and then start sidestepping. It is a very wierd effect. Now take out your longshot and keep Z-targetting. Now do a backflip with the longshot out. Wierd.

Windmill Wall

There is a use for that chicken, eventhough it wasn't intended. Grab the chicken in the windmill, then put on your Hover Boots. Now run out of the top hole and then turn the corner to the left and start running towards the fence. Let the chicken take you to the fence, then when you hit it, press your sword button. If done right, you will be over the fence and you can walk around. Don't fall off the edge or it will take awhile to get to the bottom.