Gold Rupees Locations

  • Outside of Goron City, you will see a ring of stones. Play the Song of Storms inside of the ring, and a grotto will open. Open the chest and get a rupee.
  • Inside of Goron City, you will notice an area of lava. To cross it, use the Longshot, or play the Song of Time twice to make blocks appear. Once across, a Gold Rupee can be found.
  • Go to Kakariko Village, and stand by the tree that's near the entrance. Take 20 paces east of the tree. If you have the Stone of Agony, you will feel a rumble on your controller as long as you have the rumble pack. Place a bomb on the ground. Once the grotto opens, kill the zombies and claim your prize.
  • Inside of Death Mountain Crater, you will eventually find a time block to step on. This block makes a chest appear. If you can get to it in time, you will find another golden rupee.
  • If you manage to get all 100 Gold Skulltula, go back to the House of Skulltula and talk to the guy in the middle of the house.
  • You need the Gold Gauntlets in order to get this rupee. In Goron City go to the room where all the boulders are. Go to the left and start picking up the stones and throwing them until you get to a treasure chest. The Gold rupee is inside.