Kokiri Forest & Deku Tree

When you begin the game, you find yourself in Link's home. There's nothing you can do now in your house, so leave it. Outside, you'll find Saria, a key character in the game. She'll talk to you for a bit. after the conversation is over, follow Navi's directions that she told you and go to the Deku Tree. When you approach the log entrance to go to the Deku Tree, Mido, the boss of the Kokiri, will tell you that he won't let you pass until you have a sword and a shield. The shield is not found, it is bought in the local store for 40 rupees. You can find rupees by walking in the grass, in treasure chests in the houses, in pots, just look, and you'll find 40 rupees no time flat. To find the sword, go to the southeast corner of the on-screen map. Enter the hole. Inside, you'll find a boulder that is rolling around in a square maze. Avoid the boulder, and look for a treasure chest. Inside, you'll find the Kokiri Sword. Now go back to Mido, and he will let you pass.

Shop Prices:

Recovery Heart: 10 Rupees

10 Arrows: 20 Rupees

30 Arrows: 60 Rupees

30 Deku Seeds: 30 Rupees

5 Deku Nuts: 15 Rupees

1 Deku Stick: 10 Rupees

Deku Shield: 40 Rupees

10 Deku Nuts: 30 Rupees

After going past Mido, you'll encounter your first enemy, the Deku Baba. It isn't much of a threat, either avoid it or Z Target it and hit it repeatedly with the sword until it falls, but it will regenerate (this strain...) It will give up a Deku Stick, which can be used as a weak sword or to burn things. Walk up to the Deku Tree, and explain that its cursed and needs your help. It will open its mouth, making an entrance to the first dungeon. Inside, go up the stairs to your left. When you reach the second story (you will know by checking to see if the Link moved on the Dunegon Status Screen) move around the circular room until you come apon a chest. Open this chest and you will find the dungeon map. Now, enter the door that is in the southwest corner. Inside, you'll have to defeat a Deku Scrub. Z Target it, and hold R to deflect the nuts it shoots at you back to him. After being hit, it will run out of its plant home. Follow it, and get close so it will talk to you. The bars on the door will raise, and enter that door. Inside, there will be a floating platform, and a treasure chest. Jump on the floating platform to get to the chest. Inside is the Fairy Slingshot, one of Child Link's most useful items. Now you've probably noticied that the platform fell down...use the slingshot to knock down an anchient ladder above it. Now, go back to the circular chamber. Go up to the third floor. After that, go to the west side and open the door. The door will slam behind you. Jump on the switch to raise the platforms, and make it to the compass. To open the door, light a deku stick and set fire to the unlit torch. Now, go out to third floor's circular room, and go to one of the three extended platforms. A Big Skulltula will spin down. When it turns it back to you, swing your sword to hurt it. Repeat this two times to defeat it. Now, jump off the platforms to break the web in the first floor (not mentioned.) You'll land in water below. Go to the east side of the room you landed in and light a torch. Walk along the shallow water and burn the web that blocks the exit to the room that you can reach. Inside your newly accessed room, there will be a Deku Scrub. Defeat it, and it will tell you that in order to get to the room where Gohma is, you will have to defeat its brothers in order of 2-3-1. Now, shoot the silver eye above the door with bars, and they will raise. Enter, and dive down to hit the switch down under the water. The water will lower, and you can safely pass to the other side of the room. After that, you'll enter a octogonal in shape. Light the two unlit torches to enter into the next room. Inside, you'll find some Gohma Larvae. Just attack with your sword twice to kill them. Exit the room, and you'll find yourself back in the room you fell into, except on the higher level. Push the moon block in the water below for easy access to both levels. Usuiong the torch on the bottom level, light a deku stick, climb up the block, and burn the web on the second level. Fall down in the hole. You'll find three Deku Scrubs. Defeat them in the order two, three, one (Middle, Right, Left ^_^) One of the scrubs will open the door for you, and you will face Gohma.


Z Target Gohma Immediately. In order to be able to attack it, hit it with the fairy slingshot when its single eye turns red. This will stun Gohma. Go near it and hack away with your sword until Gohma recovers. After this, it will most likely go up on the celing. Make sure you have Z Target on, and shoot it when its eye turns red. This will prevent it from laying eggs, which will hatch into Gohma Larvae. If you hit it on the ceiling, it will fall to the floor, where you can hit it again with the sword while its stunned. Repeat this process until Gohma dies. Collect the heart piece, and enter the blue light. You'll receive the Kokiri's Emerald. 

Hyrule Plain:

Get out of Kokiri Forest. After taking a few steps out into you'll meet up with Kapora Gaebora. You'll talk for a bit, and he'll fly away. Walk straigt forward for a bit on Hyrule Plain until you see Hyrule Castle in the distance. Go towards it. If the gate is raised, wait until daytime, and the gate will lower.


In the market, you'll meet shady characters, dogs, chickens, and who knows what else! Run over to the opposite side of the fountain, and talk to the girl that's looking right back at you on the screen. Her name is Malon. After explaining her situation, go to the exit that has a castle in the distance.

Market Minigames:

In the shooting gallery, pay the man 20 rupees and you'll play a shooting game. Shoot all the rupees to gain a bullet bag which will upgrade your current carrying capacity by 10 seeds. Here is the order on which the rupees will appear.

Green Rupe, center
Blue Rupee, left
Blue Rupee, right
Green Rupee (Jumps up and falls down), center
2 Blue Rupees, appear stationary on left and right side
2 Red Rupees, moving across line right to left, spacing small
2 Red Rupees, moving across line left to right, spacing large, moving faster

You will get a free retry if you can make 8 or 9 shots, and you can get as many retry's as you want, despite what the manager says.

Bombchu Bowling (accessible only after you have gotten a bomb bag):

In the bombchu bowling alley, you'll pay 30 rupees you must set a bombchu off into three holes. You are given 10 bombchus, and when you lose all 10, the game is over. The first prize will be a piece of heart. After obtaining the piece of heart, random prizes will be given out, including bombs, bombchus, purple rupees, and a bomb bag that will let you hold 10 more bombs.

1st goal: Just line yourself up with the target in the middle, and when the spike is in the middle, let a bombchu go. It should go in the hole if you are perfectly facing the target.

2nd goal: The hole's placement is random, but is usually in the right corner. This is the trickiest one. Also, you'll notice that a chicken will be an obstacle now (don't tell the Hyrulean Humane Department!!!) You can either avoid it, as it tends to gravitate towards the middle, or stun in with a bombchu, and navigate bombchu around it. Try putting bombchu at a SLIGHT angle at the middle. It should go through the middle on your 2nd or third try.

3rd goal: Line yourself up with the target, make sure that the spike, chicken, and the huge chickent aren't in the way, and pray that it doesn't hit them.

Treasure Chest Game: 
Pay 10 rupees, and just open chests randomly. The prize is a piece of heart the first time.

Bazaar Prices:

30 Arrows-60 Rupees
50 Arrows-90 Rupees
1 Deku Stick-10 Rupees
10 Arrows-20 Rupees
5 Bombs-35 Rupees
Recovery Heart-10 Rupees
Hylian Shield-80 Rupees
5 Deku Nuts-15 Rupees

Potion Shop Prices:

Fish-200 Rupees
Bottle Bug-50 Rupees
Poe-30 Rupees
5 Deku Nuts-15 Rupees
Blue Fire-300 Rupees
Fairy's Spirit-50 Rupees
Green Potion-30
Red Potion-30

Hyrule Castle:

Walk on the path and and talk to the guard you'll meet at the gate. Now, go back the way you came, but look to your left and talk to Malon. She'll give you a weird egg. In a day it will hatch into a chicken. Now, climb up the grass vines and go over the gate by jumping down. You have to dodge the guards now. Don't cross their line of sight!! If they see you, you'll have to start over! Dodge their sight until you come to Hyrule Castle, and dive in the moat so the guards won't see you. You'll find Talon, the manager of Lon Lon Ranch. Use your chicken to wake him. Push the two crates left and up until they can go no further. They should be stacked. Climb up on the crate, and jump to the slightly open water gate. Crawl inside. You will now have to dodge a series of guards. They will move in the direction there head is turned. After dodging them all, you will meet Princess Zelda. She will talk to you and later you'll meet Impa., who will teach you Zelda's Lullaby. Follow Impa out of the castle.

Lon Lon Ranch:

Walk to the middle of Hyrule, and you will come apon Lon Lon Ranch, the only Ranch in Hyrule. Go in the corral, and talk to Malon. She will teach you Epona's Song, which can be used to call Epona when you are older. Now, talk to Talon who is in the Red-Roofed house. He'll let you play the Super-Cucco game, where you have to pick out the three super-cuccos out of a whole bunch of other chickens. If you win, he'll give you a bottle full of Lon Lon Milk. Now, go to Kokriki Forest, and in there, the Lost Woods.

Lost Woods:

Inside, you'll notice that the music will become louder and softer. Where it is soft, that's the game's hint to not go there. It will probably lead you back where you started. Instead, follow your ears and navigate the forest. As a guide, go right, left, right, left, forward, left, right. You'll end up in the Sacred Forest Meadow. This is pretty easy, just navigate the forest and fight off the Mad Scrubs wiht your shield. You'll find Saria, and she'll give you another tune, Saria's Song. Then, leave the forest and head to Kakariko Village

Kakariko Village:

You've got a few things to do here. First, go to the graveyard, and pull the gravestone the has three plants at the head of it. Drop down and get the Hylian Shield. Then, go back into town, and give the 7 cuccos to the chicken lady. See Z-Crets for info on finding them. You'll get the second bottle. Now, show the letter that Princess Zelda gave to you to the guard at the northernmost exit (the exit that is blocked.) He'll open it up for you, and tell you that he'll give you a discount on the Hylian shield (but you allready have this if you've followed this guide.) and tell you that he wants the Keaton Mask. If you care to, you can go to the Happy Mask Shop in Hyrule, which is now open, and borrow the mask and sell it to him for 15 rupees (5 rupee profit...JOY!) Walk through the gate to head for Death Mountain.

Death Mountain:

This is simple. Just keep walking and follow the path until you find Goron City. Don't worry about the Tektikes, they can be easily avoided. If you feel that they are itching to die, Z target them and slice them while they jump at you.

Goron City:

Go down to the bottom level. On the soft rug, play Zelda's Lullabye (C Left, C Up, C Right, C Left, C Up, C Right) and the door will open up. Inside is Darunia, the king of the Gorons. He won't talk to you unless you play Saria's song (C Down, C Right, C Left, C Down, C Right, C Left.) After playing Saria's song for him, he will give you the Goron's Bracelet. This handy dandy item will let you pluck up bomb flowers and grass. Light up all the torches with Deku Sticks on the bottom and middle floor to make an urn appear. Throw a bomb in for a random prize! Who knows, maybe it will be a heart piece...^_^

Dodongo's Cavern:

Caution: Deku Shields will burn in this level, so please use a Hylian Shield.

When you enter Dodongo's Cavern, there will be a wall in the opening, but don't despair! Strike the wall with your sword to notice its differernt pitch. Now, pluck a bomb flower and place it near the wall, and it will crumble. Now, you will be in in the room with a Dodongo's head in the wall. Go onto the central platform with a Beamos in the center, and take the right moving platform. Jump onto the protruding ledge, and bomb the wall at the far end of the ledge. Inside will be a long twisting corridor. Go inside and Dodongo Larvae (slimy crawly thingys...) will bore through the floor. After hitting them, they will flash red and explode! At the very end of the corridor, push the Armos Statue onto the switch, and enter the door.

You'll come in a room with several hexagonal platforms. In here, you will fight two Lazalfos. Just strike at them until they die. After you've exterminated them, the bars over the doors will raise, and you can go on to the next room. In here, you'll find some Dodongos. Kill them by strinking their tales. Watch out, as they will blow up after they die! To get out of the room, light a Deku Stick and set fire to all the torches.

Exit the blue room. You'll find yourself in the room with the big Dodongo head. Press on the switch, and the door on the opposite side of the room will be accessible. Make your way over to the door, but don't enter it. Instead, take a left and bomb the odd looking wall with a bomb flower. Inside will be the Dungeon Map. Now, you can enter that room.

You'll find yourself in a large room with a stone staircase thats too high to reach. First, bomb the bombable wall and get the compass. Now, put a bomb right in the middle area where there is no flower. The staircase will lower down enough for you to climb up. Walk around and exit the room (you are now in floor 2.)

Inside you'll find a room with 4 Armos statues. Push the statue away from the ladder that leads to the door switch. If you accidently touch one other than the Armos statue near the switch, it will come after you. You can kill it with a bomb, or use a deku nut to temporarily immobolize it, and hack at it with the sword. Like Dodongos, it will explode shortly after. Press the switch at the top of the raised platfor to raise the bars, and enter the room.

And, your back in the big Dodongo head room! Cross the bridge and watch out for the Fire Keese. On the opposite side, enter the door. You'll know find yourself in a room full of moving spikes! Navigate through the maze until you find a moon block. Pull it out so you can reach the ladder. Pluck a bomb flower and blow up the bombable wall. You'll now find yourself in a room that has a platform covered with flames! In order to extunguish the flames, you must shoot the Gold Eye above the exit with the Fairy Slingshot. The flames will go out temporarily, so don't waste any time going towards the exit!

You'll find yourself in a long hallway. In here are Dodongo Larvae, so just avoid them alltogether or slice them. Exit it and you'll be in a large room. Like before, you have to defeat two Lizalfos. Use the same strategy as before, and you'll defeat them with ease. After you beat them, you will be allowed to enter the next room. Now, there will be TWO platforms in flames. Shoot the Gold Eye at the opposite to put out the first platform. Jump on it, and turn left. Hit the Gold Eye over there to put the second eye out. As before, the flames are timed.

Now, you'll be in the spike room. Jump across, and open the treasure chest to your right. It will be a bomb bag, which will allow you to place bombs whenever you feel like it. The other chest in the room doesn't have much of interest, but you can get it if you want. Open the door, and pass through another winding hallway. It leads to THE BIG DODONGO HEAD ROOM!!!!! Press the switch to make one of the pillars rise to the second floor. Its easier now to get to the first and second floor if you press it. Go on the bridge, and drop a bomb in each of the places where the bridge has holes in them. This will light each of the Big Dodongo Head's eyes, which in turn opens his mouth. Jump down and enter his mouth.

Another puzzle awaits you, novice gamer. Follow the side pathways until you get to two moon blocks. Push one underneath the other one, and push the raised block down on the ground. Pull this and put it underneath the other raised block, and push it forward to move to the end of the hallway. Push the moon block you find there down to the level below, and push it in the hole. This will keep the switch down and grant access to the next room. Open the chest, and bomb the center of the room. Go down the hole.

King Dodongo:

As usual, Z Target it immediately. King Dodongo will open its mouth right before breathing fire. Remember the words of a Goron, "Dodongo's will eat anything!" So, feed it a bomb! Throw one into its mouth while its charging up for a fire attack. This will stun King Dodongo. Come up close while its stunned and give it a bunch of good whacks with your sword. After it recovers, it will do a roll attack. In order to not take any damage, use your Hylian Shield and hold R while King Dodongo rolls. He'll bumb you, but you will take no damage! Repeat this process about three times. In his dying breath, King Dodongo will try to do a roll attack, but will end up rolling into the lava. Collect the heart piece, and enter the blue light. You'll receive the Goron's Ruby, and hopefully not a Goron Hug *shudder.* 

You want an upgrade? Go to Death Mountain (if you have been following the guide, you should allready be there) and find the natural staircase that has a boulder on each ledge. Using your bombs, blow up each one with a bomb a piece. Now, climb up to the three stairs. You'll find yourself in a large natural channel. Make sure you have your Hylian Shield equipped. Rocks shot out from the volcano will come down and rain on you with pinpoint accruacy. Use your Hylian Shield to protect yourself from the rocks. Since the boulders appear in waves, when a wave of rocks stop hitting you, run for about four seconds, and keep defending. Slowly but surely you will make it to the other end. Once there, you'll have to climb a cliff infested with Skulltulas. You can either: A. Use your slingshot and kill them all quick and easy or B. Be a wuss and not hurt nature. So just do A, its cooler. At the top, you'll find Kaepora Gaebora, who will tell you to go to the fairy spring. In order to get to the spring, go and bomb the funny looking wall to the left of the entrance to Death Mountain Crater. Inside, you'll find a spring with the tricorce symbol on an altar. Play Zelda's Lullabye (C Left, C Up, C Right two times, you should know this by now) on the symbol. The fairy will appear and give you a magic meter and a spin attack. You can do this attack now in four ways.

1. While usuing the sword, when Link brings his sword back, Immediately depress B. You'll just whirl your blade (doesn't take up magic.).

2. Hold B until there is blue energy around the sword, and release.

3. Rotate the joystick around FAST and Link will do a spin attack equivellant to the blue energy attack (doesn't take up magic.)

4. Hold B until Red energy will form around your sword. This will create a large spin attack.

Having said that, Kaepora Gaebora will fly you back to Kakariko Village.

Zora's River:

Get out of Kakariko village and go left. Keep walking and you'll eventually find Zora's River. This river can be confusing as it is easy to get disoriented. But don't despair. First, bomb the four boulders that block the entrance. Now, go and run until you get to the metal gate. There will be a guy there, that will sell you magic beans. You don't need them, but if you want, you can buy them. In order to get to the other side of the gate, you must jump to the other side of the river. Jump at the part with the texture with some dirt in it. You'll make it to the other side. Now, jump to the other side of the gate. All you have to do now is just keep following the path until you find a triforce sign at a waterfall. If you want, you can play some songs to a couple of frogs, but its not required. Play Zelda's Lullabye on the triforce and a secret path will open up behind the waterfall. Jump across the chasm and enter.

Zora's Domain:

Follow the land path that goes upstairs. Talk to the big fish that is sitting up on the platform. After explaining his folly, go left to the path that goes to the waterfall (seen in Zora's Domain when you walk in, not the waterfall in Zora's River) and talk to the Zora up there. He'll throw a few rupees in the water, and its your job to dive down and collect them all. This game is simple, it needs no explanation. When you win the game, go back up to the Zora who threw the rupees and he'll give you the Silver Scale, which lets you dive down 5 levels. Jump down the waterfall and enter the stone arch thats submerged in the water and warp to Lake Hylia.

Lake Hylia:

Your purpose in this area is to get a bottle. Swim a little bit and you're bound to see it. Just dive down and get it. Of course you'll want more than just a bottle. Swim to the hut on the west sid eof the lake. Inside, you'll be able to FISH!

How to fish like a pro:

Find a fish using Z targeting. Now, cast the line. If you cast too far, just reel up until you can see the fish. Now, give the line a BIG jerk once. Keep doing this until you get the fish's attention. Now, you'll want to give the line a small jerk away from the fish. Now, keep the line still for several seconds. If it doesn't bite, keep jerking the line slightly from the fish, and wait. Patience is the key here. If it does bite, Press up and a A IMMEDIATELY, or you will lose the catch. When you feel the rumbles getting intense, change the direction of the line. You will catch the fish eventually.

Zora's Domain:

Go back to Zora's Domain. Show the note in the bottle to King Zora. He will move aside and grant you passage behind his throne. First, though, catch a fish in the shallow water on the first floor. Now, go through the passage Zora granted to you.

Lord Jabu Jabu:

Go and give Lord Jabu Jabu a fish. He'll open his mouth and suck you in! You'll end up in his mouth. Use your fairy slingshot and shoot his uvula. Its hanging from the ceiling. Now, open the "door" that was previously unaccessible. You will find yourself in a round-like room. Just follow the path, as you can't reach the hole on the left side just yet. Open the door at the end of the path and you'll find Princess Ruto. She'll walk off and fall into a hole. Go after her. When you meet her again, talk to her twice. Now, your job is to carry Princess Ruto. Enter the door on the platform you are on. You're now in a hallway with a bunch of Shaboms. Avoid them and and make your way to to a large room with a gap with a switch in it. Throw Princess Ruto to the other side. Now, push the switch and to raise the water. Climb out of the gap, pick up Princess Ruto, and exit. Just keep walking until you find yourself in that circular room that you came to earlier. Take the floating platform up to the 1st floor. Go now back to the hole room (this will be to your right if you are on the floating platform.) Make your way to the other side of the hole room and open the door. Watch out for Bari and Biri, as attacking them may shock you! You'll now be in a hallway that divides into many other hallways. Go down the right hallway, avoiding the Centipedese and find the door with a switch above it. Put Ruto on top of it. The door will open up.

You'll be in a room with a whole bunch of Stingers in it. When they fly at you, Z target them and use your fairy slingshot. Kill them all, and a treasure chest will appear. Inside will be the boomerang. Now, exit the room and be scolded by Princess Ruto, but just pick her up. Go down the hallway and move to forward to another room with another switch. As usual, plop Princess Ruto on it. Enter inside, and you'll find a Tentacle. Use your boomerang against in when you lure it out. Doing this will get rid of a tentacle, and you will get the map. Repeat this for the next two rooms. Now, you should have gotten the comapss. Go to the hole room, and fall down the hole where there was once a tentacle. You'll fall down on the higher level of the room where you first had to carry Princess Ruto. Go into the door on that level. You'll see the Zora's Sapphire. Throw Ruto up there, and the platform will rise up, and you'll face Big Octo. Throw the boomerang at him to stun him, and hit the green spot on his behind. Do this several times to defeat him.

The platform will come back down, minus Princess Ruto. Don't worry, she's ok. Get on it and let it bring you up. Walk out of the room. You'll find a room with two electrical springy things. Use your boomerang to stun them, and use them as platforms. Cross them, and exit the room. Go on a platform, which will lower down to the round room. Get a block, and put it on the switch to hold it down. This will get rid of the membrane. This is your last room before the boss! Climb up to the higest part of the room, and use your boomerang to hit the switch that will open the boss door. Enter with pride, as you've almost beaten the level!


Z Target it, as always (this is the last time you will be reminded this.) First, throw the boomerang on the lightning tentacles on Barinade. Just hit them all to defeat part 1. Part two is when Barinade begins to spin around the room. Hit the boomerang at him to stun it and hit it with your sword. Repeat this until this pushover is nothing more that seafood. Take the heart container, and enter the blue light to get the Zora's Sapphire. 

Farore's Wind:

After beatintg Lord Jabu-Jabu's "dungeon" inspect the island on the east side of the map. Bomb the rocks there, and you will clear them out. Inside is a great fairy's fountain. Play Zelda's Lullabye on the Triforce mark and the great fairy will give you Farore's Wind. This can warp you to a location that you choose in a dungeon. I've never used this spell on my gamepak, but its there if you want to use it.


Instead of going back to Hyrule Castle like the annoying Navi says, go back to the graveyard in Kakariko Village. You must wait until it is night, or the boy in the graveyard will yell at you if you try to move any gravestones. Find the biggest gravestone at the end of the the graveyard. If you want to, read the inscriptions and fight the poe that comes out to learn a bit of the game's story. Play Zelda's Lullabye on the Triforce Mark and the big grave will explode, and will leave a hole. Enter the hole, and you'll come into a "mini-dungeon." The room you will enter will have alot of skeletons in it. In order to get to the next room, eliminate all the Keese in the room. The next room will have about 4 ReDead in it. Killing them is not necessary, but you can do it for fun if you wish. In the final room, read the inscriptions and you'll get the Sun's song (C Right, C Down, C Up, C Right, C Down, C Up) This will advance the game to night or day at command.

Hyrule Castle:

Go to the castle (you've probably been told to do this by Navi.) You'll see a cut scene with Gannondorf chasing Impa and Zelda on horseback. After that's over, dive down into the moat on the right side and get the Ocarina of Time. Now, enter Hyrule Castle and go to the Temple of Time. Play the song Zelda taught you in the cut scene when you got the Ocarina of Time at the solid door in the Temple of Time (play C Right, A, C Down, C Right, A, C Down, C Right.) The door will dissapear and you'll see the Master Sword stuck in a stone. Pull it out, and enjoy loads of cut scenes!

7 years have passed....

You'll awaken as a older version of yourself. The Deku Stick, Boomerang, and the Fairy Slingshot will not be avaliable to use. Go out of the the Temple of Time and you'll find a decimated Hyrule. What was once a lively city square is now a ruined town with a population of ReDeads. Exit the ruins to go to the Hyrule Plain.

Ingo Ranch:

In 7 years, the Lon Lon Ranch owned by Talon has had new managment. Gannondorf granted control over the ranch to Ingo, and Ingo threw Talon out of the ranch. Talk to Malon in the stables to learn more details. Ingo will be standing at the front of the corral. He'll let you ride a horse for 10 rupees. Don't use the horse that is close to you, instead call Epona using her song. Get on her, and talk to Ingo while on Epona. He'll challenge you to a race. Beat him twice, and you'll get to keep Epona.

Strategies for beating Ingo:

The first time you you race him, it will be pretty easy. Just pull ahead of him using a few carrots and you're on easy street for the rest of the race. The second race will prove harder. Pull ahead of him using all but 1 carrot. Make sure to thwart all of his efforts to pass you. If you win, you'll get Epona at command.

Kakariko Village:

Kakariko is still in the same place as it once was, and that is the place you must go next. There are a number of things you can do here, but none are needed at this time. You should head over to the graveyard immediately.


You may have heard of a treasure Dampé, the gravekeeper had. This treasure is the hookshot. Unfortunatly, he died shortly after Gannondorf gained control over Hyrule. His spirit lives on, however. On the left side of the graveyard, pull back the gravestone that has flowers at the base. Drop down and you'll find Dampé. He'll challenge you to a footrace. Just follow Dampé and dodge his flaming obstacles he throws. If you can make it in under a minute and five seconds, he will give you the hookshot. At the opposite side of the room where you get the hookshot, play the Song of TIme to make a blue block appear. Climb it, and you'll end up in the windmill. Talk to the musiscin, and he'll teach you the Song of Storms.

Kokiri Forest:

Make your way back to Kokiri Forest. You'll find it overrun with monsters. You can't do anything about this now. Talk to the Kokiri children to get some more of the story. Now, make your way to the Lost Woods. Make your way through the forest the same way you did when you were younger to the Sacred Forest Meadow. The forest will be full of Moblins. Attack them with the hookshot when their back is turned to you. There is one final challenge, however, when a Moblin with a big club tries to pound you down to the ground. Dodge the shockwaves of his club, and make your way behind him. He'll just stand there, where you can easily kill him with the Master Sword. You won't find Saria, but you will find the Forest Temple.

Forest Temple:

Use the hookshot on the dead tree limb to get to the entrance. In the first room, you are immediately confronted with two Wolfos. Defeat them by attacking when their guard is down. After you beat them both, climb the east wall and get a key (you will need these from now on in dungeons) and exit the room. You'll come into a small hallway with a Big Skulltula. Just kill it, and go on into the next room. You will find yourself in this dungeon's "main" room. When you walk in, you'll see 4 poe's take the flames away on the four torches. Don't worry about it for awhile, its a later objective. Move up to the northern-most exit and go through. Defeat the blue bubble there by putting out its flame with your shield, and hitting the skull when its flame is put out. Exit the hallway and you'll find yourself in a circular room. Some Stalfos will drop from the ceiling. Attack them when their guard is down quick! If they jump attack, jump out of there way immediately, or you will take major damage. Once you kill them all, take the key from the chest.

Go back to the main room. Now, go to the hallway on your right. Play the song of time to remove the Time Block, which will reveal a door. Enter this door to go into a courtyard. Get up to the right side of of the courtyard and climb the vines to the 2nd floor, while dodging Skulltulas. At the top, enter the door up there. Kill the Blue Bubble and the Dungeon Map will appear. Now, go to the other side of the room. You'll be in another courtyard. Use the hookshot to pull yourself up to the little balcony to your left. Push the switch to make the water in the well drain out. Go down inside and get the key in the hallway.

Go back to the main hallway. Take the west exit. Go through the hallway. You'll be in a room with different levels. Climb up the ladder and pull the moon block in the direction of the arrows. Do this for both blocks and climb up to the highest platform and open the door. You'll be in a twisted corridor. There's nothing you can do to it now, just walk through it. Jump across the platforms quickly in the square room. Open the door on the other side. Pass through the staircase in this room and open the door at the end of of the staircase. You'll be in an octogonal room with a hole in the middle. Defeat the Stalfos in the room, and the platform will rise up to your level and fill the hole. Open the treasure chest to receive the Fairy Bow. Now, go back into the room you came in.

Find the picture of a poe ghost in one of the three pictures in the staircase room. Shoot the picture with the poe in it to make that picture go away. Do this three times and the poe will come out to fight you. Just use the bow and arrow and keep your distance and you'll be able to defeat him quite easily. A treasure chest will drop down. Take the key inside, and go back up to the octogonal room. Go into the opposite door. Using the same strategy as before, shoot the three pictures until the Poe comes out. Hit the Poe with the Fairy Bow until he "gives up the ghost." A chest will drop down, and inside will be the Dungeon Compass. Now, go into another topsy-turvy room at the end. Go into the the opening in the room and unlock the door. Get onto the rotating platform. In the middle is a torch, and on the east wall is a switch encased in ice. Fire the arrow in the torch to the switch to activate it. Now, go back into the hallway, which should be twisted. Drop down and you will be in a checkered room. Run over to the switch, and wait there until the ceiling drops. Then, run over to the exit. You'll see a big picture of a poe. Hit it with the Fairy Bow, and a few picture blocks will fall down to the ground. Push them into a picture matching the picture on the wall. The third poe will come out. Use the Fairy Bow to keep your distance from the Poe, and hit it multiple times until it passes away for good.

Get out of the Poe room, and make your way back to the main room. There will be the fourth poe. He'll split up into four different poes. Although this may seem like a game of chance, it is actually very easy. When he spilits up, notice that one of the poes will turn around once. That is the real Poe, shoot it now! Do this a couple of itmes, and all four flames will be lit, and the elevator will be operational.
For further info on how to beat these enemies click here >>

But first, go to the west twisted room. When you see the door to it, however, shoot the eye with the Fairy Bow. Now enter, and claim the Boss Key. Now, go down the elevatort to get to a rotatable room. Rotate the room to get to swithces which will raise bars, keep doing this until you can remove all the gates. Get to the long room, and there will be a door with the boss key.

Phantom Ganon:

He'll appear at first through the pictures stuck on the walls. When he emerges from the pictures, hit him with the Fairy Bow quickly before he has a chance to do his powerful shock attack. Repeat this three times until Phantom Ganon will lose his horse. Now, you'll play Zelda's own version of "Pong." When Phantom Ganon sends a magical energy ball, slice your sword to shoot it back to him. Unfortunately, Ganon can also hit it back at you. Keep doing this until Ganon or you faulter and get hit (this can be anywhere from three to seven times you will have to hit it back to him until he faulters.) He'll fall to the floor, where you can hit him with your sword many times. He'll soon recover though, so you'll have retreat and play Zelda pong again. Eventually, you will defeat Phantom Ganon and you'll receive the Forest Medallion from Saria.

Temple of Time:

After getting the Forest Medallion, make your way up to the Temple of Time in Hyrule Castle. Inside will be Sheik, who will teach you the Prelude of Light (C Up, C Right, C Up, C Right, C Left, C Up) which will warp you to the Temple of Time at your command. Don't worry about all the other missing songs, you will get them all in time.

Kakariko Village:

Make a short trek from the Temple of Time to Kakariko Village. Get the Pocket Cucco from the woman that's near Impa's house right next to the fenced area. She will give you the Pocket Cucco, which will start the trading sequence which will eventually lead you up to getting the Biggoron's sword from Medigoron. Go into the carpenters house and bring out the Pocket Cucco next to Talon. You'll wake him up, and he'll return to the ranch. This will open up a minigame at the ranch. Go there if you want to win a cow. Otherwise, exit Kakariko Village and get up on Death Mountain Trail.

Death Mountain Trail:

Its basically the same Death Mountain Trail. There are a few rocks on the trail now, but that's just about it. Go to Goron City, which is in the same spot as it used to be. If you just can't remember where it is, find the flag, and take the trail that's going down.

Goron City:

You'll find Goron City, save for one Goron rolling down the middle level. He'll change direction if you get too close to him. Stop his rolling by throwing a bomb at him. Talk to him, and he tell you what happened to the rest of the Gorons. To make him feel better, first ask him about the Gorons, then the dragon. He'll then give you a Goron Tunic, which is heat resistant. Once you're done, go down to the lowest room, and into Darunia's throne room. Pull the statue back to reveal a secret passageway. Of course, you enter it.

Death Mountain Crater:

The secret passage leads to Death Mountain Crater. Navi will tell you its too hot and you won't be able to stay in the crater very long if you're wearing the Kokiri Tunic. Put on the Goron Tunic that the Goron gave you back in Goron City to prevent from spontaneously combusting. Go to the bridge that it out. Use the longshot to make it to the other side. You'll see Sheik, who will talk to you a bit and teach you the Bolero of Fire, which will allow you to go to Death Mountain whenever you want. The song is C Down, A, C Down, A, C Right, C Down, C Right, C Down. Sheik will run off after she teaches the song to you. Now, head for the Fire Temple.

Fire Temple:

The first room you will be you can't do anything with right now, so exit to the door on the left. You'll have a talk with Darunia, and he'll enter the boss room. You now have to rescue all of the of the Gorons trapped in the Fire Temple. Go to the left side of the room where the switch is and push it down. Talk with the Goron and open the chest to get a key. Go back the way you came and get to the first room in the dungeon. Exit the right door. You'll be in a large room with a long bridge. Get to the left side of the room and open the door there. Inside will be a switch and a Goron. Release him to get his key. Exit the jail cell and get back into the bridge room. Go straight to the other side of the room. Don't worry about lava, because the Goron Tunic will give you loads of time on the lava before you take damage. Bomb the colored wall, and rescue the Goron and get his key.

Get back into the bridge room. Open the locked door which will be on your right (the bridge leads to this door.) You'll be in a room that wants to be an elevator. Slide down the piece of wood and climb the mesh. Drop down to the platform that has the moon block on it. Push it off and onto the hole which fires flames every few seconds. Then, fall on top the block, as its too tall for you to get on top of at floor level. Wait about 5 seconds until the flame shoots up the block all the way up to the second floor.

In the tiny room you end up in, there's nothing you can do but open the door, so do that. You'll immediately see a Goron imprisoned, but you can't do anything about it now. Jump up onto the ledge on your left and kill the torch slugs which have made it their home. Get onto the next ledge, and jump over to the crystal ledge. Push the moon block off of the ledge, and pull it until it can be pulled no more. Now, get on the ledge over the Goron's cage and drop a bomb over onto the crystal switch. This will stop the flames over the climbable wall for a short amount of time. Run over to it and climb up and get to the next room.

Ever wanted to be in a rat's cage? Go right and where you first start out, and you'll eventually find a Goron in a cage. Get his key. Now, go to the other side of this room, avoiding boulders, until you eventually find a small room with a low ceiling. Open the door, rescue the Goron, and you'll get a key. Now, exit the maze by going straight and right to find a locked door. You'll be on a narrow natural bridge. Shoot the eye above the door to raise the bars on the door to your right. You'll find a chest with the dungeon map. Go back into the natural bridge room and go in the door to your right.

In this room, you will see a room with many metal platforms. Jump on the first platform and fire will come up. Keep jumping from platform to platform until you can jump no further and come to a door. Open it and you'll be in the rat maze, a la upper level. Jump to the first platform, and bomb the weakened part in the platform. Drop down and free the Goron you saw on the 2nd floor, and get his key. Go back to the spot you fell and climb up the wall back to the rat maze. Jump to the platform with a switch to release the cage of a Goron. Make your way to him and get the silver key from him. Make your way now back to the metal platform room, and this time, get to the platform in the middle, and to your left is a door. Jump up to it, and unlock it.

You will find yourself in a hallway. Go to the other side and open the door. You'll be in a room with many posts. There is a certain path you must take through these posts, or fire will light up between the posts and you could possibly get burned. Make your way through and you'll eventually reach a door. This is not the one that does not has a doorknob and tries to attack you. It will lead into a hallway with a Goron cage. You can do nothing about him right now, so exit. You'll be in the right side of the maze now. Look slightly to your right and you'll see a door. Make your way to it by finding a pat to it through the pegs. The room will contain the compass. Go back into the maze and make your way to a switch. Its to the right of you. Push on it and the flames on the ledge will subside for about 3 seconds. Immediately find a path to the ledge in the fire peg maze and jump on quick! The door on the ledge is a fake, so blow it up with a bomb, and pass through to a real door.

It's mini-boss time! An enemy called a Flare Dancer will attack you. Immediately Z Target it and use the hookshot. This will take out the core of the Flare Dancer, which is susceptible to attack. It will run away from you. Hit it with the sword as fast as you can. When it changes direction, meet up with it, and it will slow down and change its direction. This is a great time for sword hits. Once you hit it four times, it will jump back into the fire and gain its fire back. It will be blue now. Keep doing this strategy until you can defeat the flare dancer. The fire will extinguish in the center of the room and you'll be able to go up to the next floor. 

The platform will lead you up to a small room with a door. Open it up, and go into another small room. Hit the crystal to lower the fire on the climbable chain mesh, and quickly make your way up there to floor five. You'll be in a circular room with a chest on fire. Hit the switch to lower the fire, and quickly run your way up to the chest before the time expires. Inside is the Megaton Hammer, which lets you break Junk! Now, find a block with a face on it and hit it hard with the Megaton Hammer. The stone will fall and you'll have access to a hole. Of course, any brave adventurer would go down that hole. You'll see a raised part of the floor, which of course, you'll hit with the Megaton Hammer. It will make the floor become stairs. Get one of the crates behind you and put it on the blue switch. This will keep the switch down, and allow you access to the next room. Since you're Megaton Hammer Happy, why don't you hit the happy face stone in that room. You'll fall down to level 3. Open the door that you now can get to because its on your level by hitting the rusted switch with the Megaton Hammer. The bars will raise, and you should now enter the door.

In this room, which you should recognize, play the Song of Time to make a Time Block appear. Use it to get to the other side of the room, and hit the switch with the Megaton Hammer. You'll free a grateful Goron and get his key. Exit through the right door and make your way through the fence maze until you come to a Happy Face block. Hammer it down to create a bridge on floor 1 to the boss door. Now, however, we suggest that you go back to the east exit and open the door.

You'll now be back in the first room you started in. Use the Megaton Hammer on the Totem Pole to destroy it, which will lead to a doorway. Get through the next couple of rooms, and defeat the Flare Dancer the same way you did last time. Exit that room and hit the switch with the Megaton Hammer to release the last Goron and open the chest to receive the boss key. Now, we suggest that you report to the boss door immediately (there are some pots with fairies in them, get them, there in the boss door room!)


This dragon is very easy to defeat if you know his patterns. He'll first stick his head out in one of the lava holes, and if you like playing Whack the Mole, here is your chance! Hit his head with the Megaton Hammer to stun Volvagia, and hit him with the sword again to do damage. He'll then fly up and try to do some damage to you. Make sure that he does not manage to encircle you, or you will suffer MAJOR damage. He'll then go into one of the lava holes, and you play the whole whack the mole game again. Now, he'll go up on the ceiling and shower rocks down on you. Just keep moving, and you'll take minimal damage. Eventually, you will win, and as a prize, you will get a Heart Container and the Earth Medallion from Darunia. 

Zora's River:

Visually, this peaceful river looks the same, but it harbors a sinister secret. The river is now devoid of life, except for a plehora of Octoroks. Otherwise, it is unchanged from your previous visit 7 years ago. Part the waterfall at the end of it with Zelda's Lullabye, and enter into Zora's Domain.

Zora's Domain:

The water paradise is not what it used to be. All the water has frozen over, and the shopkeeper's entrance and King Zora has been encased in strange red ice. You can't melt it right now. For now, though, make your way to Zora's Fountain, which is right after the throne room.

Zora's Fountain:

Lord Jabu-Jabu is gone, and there are spinning ice bergs everywhere. In order to rescue King Zora, you're going to have to brave it and make your way to the Ice Cave. Now, go back and jump on the ice bergs and when the "path" splits, take the left one. This will lead you to the Ice Cave, a mini-dungeon.

Ice Cave:

This level can be somewhat confusing, but bear with me. Follow your way through the winding hallway until you come up into a room with Ice statues and a revoloving spike. Destroy the Ice statues to go on into the next room. Watch out, though, as you must destroy them completely, or they will come back! After defeating them, go through the winding hallway until you come to a room with a revolving blade. Your object in this room is to get all 5 silver rupees. Get them all, and the door will open up, giving you entry to the next room. The Ice Cavern wouldn't be the same without a winding hallway, would it?

This cavern you will find yourself in will have a torch with blue fire comming out of it. Run up to it and use your bottle to capture a blue flame. Blue Flame will melt the red ice that's all over the place. Use it on the red ice in this chamber, which holds the dungeon map. Now, make your way back to the ice propeller room, and melt the red ice on the south side. Follow the passage into a room with many ice sticks. Break the ones on the right side and use the blue flame on the treasure chest (if you don't have any, there's a torch with it in the room) and get the Compass.

Make your way back to the propeller room, and melt the red ice at the north wall. Go down the hallway and get to a block puzzle room. Push the blocks in the right order to make a step to the west exit. Push the block left, up, right, down, and left to accomplish this. Go down the hallway, and burn one of the three pieces of red ice.

The White Wolfos in this room is supposed to be the "boss." In fact, he's quite simple. Just attack when his guard is down to hurt him. Do this about 4 times and he'll give up and die. Your reward? The Iron Boots and a new song from Sheik. Enjoy!

Zora's Domain:

Get two blue flames from the ice cavern, and melt King Zora and the shopkeeper's red ice with it. King Zora will talk to you and give you the Zora's Tunic, a blue vest that will allow you to stay underwater for an indefinate ammount of time. Make sure to buy a bottled fairy from the shopkeeper if you don't own one allready. You'll definantely need it.

Water Temple:

The Water Temple is located under the island in Lake Hylia that has a dead tree on it. Use your Iron Boots to float down to the bottom of the lake, and use the hookshot on the large gem above the entrance. Hitting it with the hookshot will allow access to the temple. The gem will float up to the top of the water and will act like a beacon to always tell you where the temple is located.

Some people say that its the hardest, other say its easy, but all agree on one thing: this level is HUGE! Find the large pool of water and drop down (this room will be referred to as the dungeon's "main" room) to the bottom by wearing the Zora's Tunic and the Iron Boots. Find the tunnel with two metal torches underwater and enter it. You'll meet Ruto, the princess you saved inside Jabu-Jabu's belly seven years ago. She'll leave, and when she does, unequip your Iron Boots. Float up to the top and you'll find a triforce symbol etched into the wall. Play Zelda's Lullabye to lower the water to the bottom level. Go back down to the room where you met Ruto and light the two torches by shooting an arrow through the lit torch (huh?) or by using Din's Fire. The metal bars will raise over the doorway, and open the chest inside to get a silver key.

Make your way back to the main room. Go to the opposite side of the room, and push the moon block into a hole at the tunnel's entrance. Enter it and stop when you find a room with a crystal switch. Hit the switch with any weapon and jump on top of the water spout. This will serve as a stepping stone for you to cross the chasm. The next room contains a whirlpool. Trying to swim in it will prove futile, so use your Iron Boots to sink down to the bottom. Using the hookshot, hit the crystal switch in the statue's mouth and while the underwater gate is open, find the hookshot target inside the passage to pull yourself up to the passage. You'll find two clam-like enemies. You can only use your hookshot underwater to protect yourself, so avoiding them will prove better off for yourself and your hearts. Take off your Iron Boots at the dead end and get the Silver Key at the top.

Go back into the dungeon's main room. Take a right and look at the long pillar in the center. Open the door, and go inside it. In order to gain height in here, you must shoot the hookshot targets with your hookshot. Find the Triforce Symbol, and play Zelda's Lullabye near it. The water will flood the dungeon half-way. Equip the Iron Boots and sink down to the first floor part of the pillar. Watching for spikes, find a hole in the ground, and sink down to the Basement. Hit the crystal switch in the room, and a few enemies will drop down. Keep your distance and blast them all with your hookshot. Float up where the grate dissapeared (accessible after you defeat the enemies) and get the silver key in the room.

Make your way into the pillar room. Float up to the second floor and open the door. It will be covered in Iron Bars after you exit. Go left and swim to a door. Open it. Instead of hitting the crystal switch immediately, go near the geyser and wait for a Textike to drop down. Kill it, and get on top of the water spout. Hit the crystal switch to make the water rise. You'll go up to the third floor. Exit the room and play Zelda's Lullabye on the Triforce engraving. The water will flood the dungeon to its highest level. Now, sink down to the bottom witht the Iron Boots and find Princess Ruto's room. Float up to the top, but do NOT play the Lullabye on the triforce mark. Instead, bomb the wall and get the dungeon map.

Go back to the main room. Open the door on the westernmost part on the map (it will have a block) You'll now be in a room with a slanted waterway and platforms descending downward. Using the hookshot, climb the platform and make your way into the next room. Inside, your objective is to raise and lower the water so you can get to the door. Just think it through, and you'll make it to the door.

You must fight your shadow in the next room. He has the same moves as you, and he'll block your attacks! Use either the Megaton Hammer or the spell Din's Fire to do damage. Don't use the stab maneuver, as your shadow can jump onto your sword and hit you with it! You can also use a broken Biggoron sword, you'll know what I mean. You will eventually win this battle. For more in-depth strategies, see the boss strategy guide.

Your prize is the longshot, a longer version than the hookshot. Find a time block in the back of the room and play the Song of Time to make it disappear. Go down into the hole and you'll end up in a fast moving stream. There are many whirlpool's here, so to avoid being swept into them, use your Iron Boots. Go down the stream until you can go no more, and find a gold eye. Shoot it and enter the door above it. Open the chest and get a silver key. Now, make your way back to the main room. Drop down to Ruto's room and float up to the triforce symbol. Play Zelda's Lullaby to lower the water level to the first level.

Now go to the main room and to the room in the center and raise the water to the second level. Now go out the door and look for a gate on the second level with an eye under it. Shoot the eye with an arrow and quickly get out the longshot and aim for the longshot targets. When you are at the other side, turn left and walk down the passageway until you get to a large, pinkish block. Push it as far as it will go, then go to the left. Open the chest to reveal another KEY. Now go to the main room and go to the place to raise the water to the third level. Now put on your iron boots and sink to the bottom. Go through the north passage all the way then turn around and face up.

You should see a longshot target, so fire your longshot at it. Now turn around to see a locked door with a longshot target above it. Fire the longshot over there to get to the door. Now open it and get to a room with many tektites and whirlpools. Put your iron boots on and jump in so you don't get sucked down the whirlpool. When you get to the other side, get up to the ledge and open the door.

Now you will get to a room with a switch. Now jump up to the left ledge and blow up the wall with bombs. Now push the block as far as it will go and get back to the room. Go to the other side of the water and blow up the wall there. Now pull the block until you go as far as you can. Then go back to the other hole and then push the block down on to the switch. This will raise the water allowing you to go to the door above the ledge. Now go up the ledges to the door and open it. Now you will be in a room with a switch. Step on the switch and then quickly jump across the spouts to the next door. Open the door to come to a passageway. Walk straight and wait until the boulder falls, then put your iron boots on and go right and down the passageway under the waterfall.

Now past the clam and up to the locked door. Open it to find the BIG KEY. Now head back to the main room. Now head to the third floor and open the boss door across on one of the ledges. Run up the path not getting hit by spikes, then go to the next room. This is where you will fight Morpha.


The Boss of the Water Temple is probably one of the most unique in the game. Morpha is an amoeba, which can control the water of the Water Temple. To awaken her from her sleep jump onto one of the platforms located in the pool of water. Enter Morpha! Jump to the outer ring of the pool. This is where you must stay during the fight, because the last place you want to be is in the water or on a small platform. Watch out, because spikes line the walls. Morpha has two attacks. One is where her water arm grabs you, flails her water tentacle in the air with you in her grip, and casts you aside like a rag doll. The other is where she grabs you and pulls you underwater, then you'll have to resurface and get out. All you have to do is dodge these water tentacles. She will create two at a time; each one will attack simultaneously. One arm will bat at you. Avoid it and it will hit the ground. Now use the longshot to pull Morpha out of her tentacle when she surges up though it. Watch out, because the other arm is still there! If you don't get her the first time try again. You get about three chances if you are standing close enough. Now that she is out of her water home she is vulnerable. She will start to bounce away, slash her. Don't use a power swing or jump slash because they rarely work. Morpha will eventually find her way back to the water. Don't wait around for more arms. Get by the side of the pool and use the longshot again. She moves fast, but you can get her. If not just wait for the arms to come back. Slash again. Repeat until she dies. All of the water will pull up out of the arena.

You must now go to the well to find the Eye of Truth.

How to get in The bottom of the well:

Head to Kakariko Village. You will talk to Sheik who will teach you the Nocturne of Shadow. Now go to the windmill and talk to the guy in there. When he is done, take out your ocarina. He will teach you the Song of the Storms. Now you must go back in time. Go to the Temple of Time and put your Master Sword back in it's holder. This will take you back in time.

You'll need Din's fire to advance later, so if you don't have it head to the castle. Climb the vines, and go over the castle gate. Now go over to the boulder and blow up the rock. This will make an entrance to a Great Fairie Fountain. Now stand on the Triforce and play Zelda's Lullaby to get Din's Fire. Now go to Kakariko Village as young Link. Go to the Windmill and play the Song of Storms. This will drain all of the water out of the well. Now go into the well.

The bottom of the well :

The whole point of the bottom of the well is to get the eye of truth. Go through the hole and jump off the ledge. Now kill the spider and walk through the wall - thats right, through the wall. Now go to the left and follow the river until you get to a path on the left. Take it and you should be in front of a big gate. Jump off the ledge and take the path through the bottom.

Now you must climb up the vines and go through the door. You should be in a room with many tombs. Get a Deku Stick out and light it on the lit torch. Now go to the top left tomb (looking at it from the top) and light the torch next to it. This will open the tomb with a key inside it. Take the key and exit the door.

Now go back to the main room. Go to where you first entered the room with water at. Walk straight, past the logs, going through walls. Do not step under the two pieces of wood with blood under them. Now keep walking straight until you get to a Triforce on the ground. Stand on the Triforce and play Zelda's Lullaby. This should stop the water.

Now go back to the main room and jump down the ledge where the grate is at. Go through the hole to the left, until you get to a room. Defeat the spider and walk up the vines and into the next room. Now you must defeat the walking white thing once it appears. Wait until it puts it's head low, then hit it's head.

Now get the Eye of Truth out of the chest. Play the Nocturne of Shadow to get to the Shadow Temple entrance.

Shadow Temple:

You'll find dozens of torches to light in front of the entrance. So stand in the center and se Din's fire to light them all. The door will open and you'll feel proud of yourself!. Go down the hall and turn the corner, use the hookshot to get across the pit, and you'll see a wall in front of you. Walk through it. Immediately turn left and follow the wall two face tiles down and walk through the wall again (use the Lens in any area to see where the walls can be walked through). Now go through the hall and door and go through another wall to come to a room that seems to have no exit. As soon as you enter head right and follow the wall until you find an opening (use lens if you want). Go through the door behind it and then play the Sun's song to stun the zombie and kill it, then hunt down and kill the two bats. Get the chest that appears for the Dungeon Map.

Now go back out and head right following the wall to an opening behind a walk-through wall with a pot on either side of it. Keep going down this tunnel and you'll end up in a room that looks the same as the last one. The opening to go through next is in the corner on the right with a pot beside it. Go through the door there and you'll face Dead Hand, which is the same guy that you killed to get the Lens of Truth in the bottom of the well. After this easy kill, a chest with the Hover Boots will appear. Snatch your prize then go all the way back through to the first big room that had the statue in the middle of it.

Use your Lens and look at the skulls on the pillars around the circle, and see which one does NOT disappear with the lens. Now walk up to the tab sticking out of the side of the base of the statue and push the statue until the tab you are pushing is pointing toward the skull that didn't disappear. Don't stop pushing until it gets there or you'll fall in a pit. Now put on your hover boots and walk across the pit to the tongue-looking platform and go in the door and down the ramp. Kill the laser eye in the middle of the next room by throwing two bombs at it, then stand in the middle of the round platform it was on and play the Song of Storms for a Big Fairy (Big Faeries heal both life and magic but can NOT be captured into a bottle. Also note that all you have to do is leave the room and come back in and you can get it again.). Go through the wall on your right, kill the mummies (stun them with Sun's song if you want) and get the chest containing the compass.

Exit back to the eye laser room and go straight through the wall on the other side. You'll end up in a big room with two Deaths swinging giant scythes around the room (it's not enemies, it's just a giant statue). Avoiding the blades, grab all the silver rupees in the room. Note that one is on a platform that has a hookshot target on the wall above it, so use the hookshot to get to it. Now go through the alcove it opened and get the small key. Return to the eye laser room and use a bomb to blast open the remaining wall leading North. Go through the locked door. In this next passage watch for round small shadows on the ground. They are Skulltulaswaiting to drop on you. Kill the three Skulltulas and drop down the ledge ahead and you'll be facing some dropping blades. Dodge the first blade, kill the Skulltula, then go past the second and keep following the tunnel. Now you'll be in a huge room. Take off the Hover boots if you're using them, otherwise you might slide into a blade. Jump over the pit, dodge the blade and jump over the next pit, dodge the second blade and jump over the pit, and just before the third blade watch out for a flaming skull to try to get you. Kill it then dodge the final blade.

Now on this island you'll have to kill a Stalfos. Once he's dead, play the Song of Storms in the middle of the island for a Big Faerie. Put your Hover Boots on. Facing away from the last falling blade, turn left and use your lens to see an invisible platform. Hover on over it and the next platform, turn right, and hover on over to the door there. Go through and use your lens to see the big spinning scythes thing. Kill the Shield-eater and look on the walls to find 3 bats to kill. Kill them and the door will open. Go through it to kill a gold skulltula, open a chest for some rupees, and open the invisible chest using the lens for some arrows. (Yes, that was just for two stupid treasures and a gold skulltula but I didn't want people complaining that I'd missed some treasures). Now head back out and hover back to where the Stalfos was. You can use the Song of Storms for another Big Faerie now if you want.

Wait until the platform in front of you falls and hover forward as far as you can go to land on it (it's farther than it looks). Then wait for its highest point (you'll have to time it) and hover over to the next big island. Collect all the silver rupees here (there's on inside that eye laser thing so kill it) and go through the door that opens. Follow this passage to a room with falling spikes. Use your lens and look at the right hand wall to see a movable block. Pull it out onto the face tile and then push it in front of you and it will keep the spikes from hitting you. Once it's on the second face tile walk around and start pulling it until it's on the third face tile. The treasure box in the cage to the right has arrows. Climb up on to your block now and hover/hop to the ledge on your left. Now wait until the spiked platform lowers and walk over it to get to the platform on the other side of the room. The treasure box has rupees, but more importantly the yellow switch makes a new treasure box appear on the other side of the room. Hover there using the spike platform as before and get the small key. Leave this room back to the big room.

Now look at the left hand corner of the platform you are on (the one furthest corner from you) and you'll see a small rock ramp. Use it to get to a platform with a falling blade. Use your lens to see the ledges behind the blade, then dodge and hover to the platforms and finally to the locked door on the wall. In this room use your lens to see the invisible spikes on the floor. Kill the two zombies and a rupee chest will appear. Now to get all the silver coins here, hookshot to the hookshot targets on the wall. To get the last one, use your lens to see an invisible hookshot target above an invisible platform. Hookshot up and hover walk off the platform to get it. Once you have them all a door will open, go through it. In this room kill all the bats to reopen the blocked door that shut behind you. Climb up the steps and pick a bomb plant then toss it into the hole in the top of the giant skull to blow it up and get the small key it drops. Go back into the last room. Use your lens and look on the ceiling above the raised platform for an invisible hookshot target. Use it to get on the platform and go through the locked door.

Now I know this sounds weird but, put on your Iron Boots. This will keep the fans in the tunnel ahead from blowing you away. Make your way through the tunnel until you come to a pit. Watch the fan on the other side of the pit and as soon as it stops blowing, equip the hover boots, walk across, and then reequip the iron boots. Drop down off the ledge and walk across the bridge to the door. You can kill the eye above the door that's shooting fire at you by hitting it with an arrow while the eye is open. In this small room kill the two zombies to reopen the door, play the Sun's song in the middle of the room for a Big Faerie, open the invisible chest for some arrows, use z-targeting and Navi on the face for a hint, then leave. Use your lens to see a hole in the right wall, then stand even with it. Look at the fan behind you and when it stops, turn around and equip the hover boots. Stand on the side of the bridge closest to the fan. Watch closely and when you start moving from the fan run across to the opening in the wall. The fan helps blow you across. Go through the door.

As soon as you walk in this room, look to your right and there's a pile of dirt there. Blow it up with a bomb, then use your Lens to see the invisible chest containing a key. Kill the two mummies for another rupee chest and go through the locked door. Once you're through this door turn left and go to the movable block. Pull it onto the path of green bricks and then pull/push it onto the face tile under the ladder on the opposite side. Climb up onto it and go up the ladder. Hop over onto the ship, stand on the Triforce symbol, and play Zelda's Lullaby. As the ship moves you'll have to fight two Stalfos. When the ship completes its journey, whether or not you're done with the Stalfos, it will start sinking. Jump off to the left (if you're facing the front of the ship) onto the platform there before it sinks. Go through the door that's on the platform.

This next room has 4 doors at North, South, East and West (you came in the East door) and is a small maze of invisible walls. It's inhabited with those hand things like from the Forest Temple. Use your lens to navigate it. The West room contains three giant rotating skull heads that give you some rupees and a gold skulltula. The South room contains an invisible hand monster (use Lens of course) and a chest that appears once it's dead containing a small key. The North room contains two spiked walls that close in on you to kill you. Use Din's Fire to burn down the walls and recover the Boss Key and some rupees. Once you get the Boss Key and small key, return to the room where the ship dropped you off (through the East door).

As soon as you're back in this room, look up and to your right to see a high platform. If you have the Scarecrow's Song you can play it to get Pierre to appear up there and then Longshot to him to get across. If not, go to the other end of the platform and look over to a large statue and some bomb plants. Shoot one of the bomb plants with an arrow to blow them up and make the statue fall over the gap creating a bridge. Once you're over go through the locked door. Use the Lens and Hover Boots to walk over the gaps and invisible platforms and go through the Boss Door. Make sure you're still wearing the Hover Boots and fall down the hole in the middle of the room to face...

Bongo Bongo

Bongo Bongo is sort of an enigma at first, but he actually is very easy to beat once you know what to do. Have you increased your magic meter yet? If not do so. You can find out how to in other parts of this site. You will drop down onto Bongo Bongo's drum. After he is introduced his eye will disappear. Use the Lens of Truth to reveal his cycloptic face. Don't go off the drum, or the toxic slug covering the floor will hurt you. Bongo Bongo will smack the drum, causing it to vibrate up and down. This makes you bounce, and you can lose many arrows because of this. Z-Target one of his hands, and shoot it with an arrow. If you don't have any use the longshot. His other hand will try to exterminate you in one of the following ways. He will Try to crush you with a fist pound, or slap you. Immediately Z-target the other hand. Use one of the two weapons above to stun it as it comes at you. If it tries to crush you with a fist pound you can still use them, but if you aren't confident in your skills you can just run away. After you stun that hand Bongo Bongo will ready for a bulldozer attack. Make sure your using the lens of truth to reveal his eye. Z-target the eye, and when in range attack! Don't wait too long, or he'll hit you indefinitely. If you do hit him he will fall stunned onto his own drum. Jump slash, charge sword slash, hack away, any of these will work. Just don't get caught behind his eye when attacking, or you'll get fewer hits. He'll get up and float away. Repeat this process until he dies.

Gerudo Fortress:

Ride Epona and enter the Gerudo Valley area. If you speed her up enough Epona can jump over the broken bridge in the beginning of this area. If you talk to the man there (he's the boss of the carpenters, the guy you give the Poacher's Saw to in Adult Link's Trading Sequence), he will explain that his carpenters are in the fortress. Continue on to the fortress right ahead. Let one of the guards see you and you'll be thrown in a cell. Now look up and notice the overhang of your window. Hookshot to it. Then fall down to ground level and go through the door right next to you. Follow the corridor and you'll come to a cell. Talk to the guy in the cell (the first carpenter) and you'll be attacked by a sexy Gerudo guard. Z-target and block her first attack and then wail on her by holding forward and pushing B using Big Goron's sword or the master Sword. Follow your instincts (I mean warrior instincts!!!) . Also shooting her with arrows from a good distance works well. You have to watch out though because one of the attacks she has will knock you down and you'll end up back in your cell.

Defeat her and get the key so you can free the first carpenter. Now continue on past the cell and go outside again. Turn left and go in the door. Turn right in at the corner of this hallway and you'll see more guards. Shoot them with your arrows. Go in the room (there's a Big Faerie that can be summoned using Song of Storm near the stove) and go up the ramp on the far side to an exit. When you are outside again turn right and drop down and go through the door that's there. Now just stand in the doorway with an arrow cocked and in a few seconds a guard will walk by, so shoot her. Now go right, left, right and you'll be at the second carpenter's cell. Talk to him, fight another guard, and free him.

Go back out where you came in and drop down one level. Turn left, climb up some vines, and go through the door that's straight ahead of you (NOT the one to the left). This is the third carpenter's room. Same process. Once he's rescued, go back out the door you came in. Shoot the three guards that are wandering around outside and drop down to ground level. Turn left and go into the door furthest left, the one right before the Gerudo in white clothes (Don't worry about her, she's not a guard she just lets you into the Training Center later.) Follow this hall down to the fourth and final carpenter and go through the same process to free him. Now that he's free a Gerudo will talk to you and since you are so skilled, you will get a membership card that lets you wander around the fortress all you want and participate in the activities it has to offer. Also, the bridge will now be fixed. Explore the fortress and try the horse archery game if you want. When you're ready you can try out the Gerudo Training Ground. (optional, but useful)

Gerudo Training Ground


(You'd better try this mini-dungeon after getting the HOVER BOOTS and the SILVER GAUNTLETS)

Talk to the woman in white clothing outside a blocked door. Pay her 10 rupees to get into the Gerudo training ground. Once you're inside, turn right and go inside the lion's mouth. Quickly kill all the enemies in this room to get a key. Go through the door that became unblocked. Equip your hover boots. Hover over to the platform to your left, then head right and hover to that one. Now go back to the previous platform. Play the Song of Time here and two blue blocks will appear. Hover over to the platform with the switch. Step on the switch, hover back over to the previous platform, then over to those blue blocks. Climb up them to get a key, then hover and drop down to a platform with a silver rupee. Quickly hover to your right to get off before the fire pillar comes back. Go right one more platform for another rupee. Finally hookshot to the hookshot target above the doorway for the final silver rupee. This will unblock a door. Hover over to it and go through. Take off your hover boots now. Stand on the red tile and play the Song of Time, then put on Iron Boots and drop down.

Once at the bottom, kill the clams with your hookshot and start collecting silver rupees. For some of them, you'll have to stand under it and then hookshot to one of the hookshot targets on the wall. You'll have to aim right so that you'll hit the rupee on the way up. Try standing almost right under the rupee. You can also try taking off your boots and swimming to it but you'll be swept around by the current. The highest one is too high to use the hookshot targets so you'll just have to swim around the ceiling to get it. Be careful to avoid the middle of the ceiling or you'll be swept up and have to put the Iron Boots back on in order to get back down. Once you've gotten them all, float up to the surface and get the small key that's now there. Go back through the door.

Back in the lava room, use the hookshot on the torch by the high door to get up there. Go through this door. If you kill the enemies in this room you'll get some arrows. Take out your hammer and start smashing all the statues around the walls. One of them has a switch under it. Step on it to remove the fire pillar and get the small key. Another has a gold eye on the wall behind it. Shoot the eye to unblock another door. Go through this new door.

In this room you have to stand on the side and shoot the eyes of the 4 statues. You have to do it in one pass, if you miss one you'll have to do them all again. If you're having trouble try floating over to the platform they are on with your Hover Boots then just running around and shooting up at the eyes. Once you do the room will stop rotating and a chest will appear. Shoot the chest with your hookshot to get over to it. Another key. Now use your hookshot on the target on the wall to get back up. Go back and make your way back to the first room. If you're low on health or magic, go stand in between the two pillars where Navi turns green and play the Song of Storms for a Big Faerie.

Now go through the lion head on the opposite side of the room. In the first room kill the two Stalfos, get the fifth key, then go through the next door. In this room, take the first left, then go left again and grab the rupee. Turn around, go up the hill (you'll probably be smacked by a boulder on the way up) to the very top for another one. Now go back down and a ways and take a left. Turn right and you'll see a rupee floating in front of you. Jump off the ledge to get it. Walk forward a bit, look up and hookshot to the target above you for another rupee. Turn around, take a right, take another right, and another right for the last rupee. Turn around, go up the hill, take the left, then turn right and use the hookshot target on the ceiling to get over the flame. Go through the door.

In this room if you kill all the wolves you'll get some arrows. The door is fake, you can blow it up with a bomb or hammer. Use your Lens of Truth and look above the door to see a secret hole in the wall and a hookshot target. Hookshot up there, step on the switch, and go through the door. Follow the path around to another door and a small key. Now go back to the room with the fake door and there's also a big gray block there. If you have the Silver Gauntlets you can get another key from here. If not skip down to the (*) below.

Push the gray block forward until it falls down, then go through the door. Kill the Shield-eater's here and you'll get some chests with rupees in them (one has 200 rupees). If you open the chest on the pedestal you'll get frozen. Mash buttons to break out of the ice. Use your Lens and find the invisible chest in one of the little holes that the Shield-eater's were in. Open it for the 7th key.

(*) Now go all the way back to the first room again, and go through the Lion's mouth that's straight across from the entrance. Take the LEFT door and in this room, use your Lens and look at the ceiling to find a secret hole. Climb up it via the fence and get a key up there. Now just keep going through unlocking all the doors on that path and you'll get the Ice Arrows. If you took the right path you'll have to get the key that requires the Silver Gauntlets in order to get them.

Desert Colossus :

Go to the gate near the entrance to the desert. Climb up the ladder and talk to the gate keeper. She will raise the gate. Go through the gate. Now walk into the desert until you get to a river of sand. Use the hookshot to cross it. Follow the red flags until you get to a sign. Turn left and follow the path until you get to a guy on his carpet.

He will try to sell you bombuchu's (all this trouble only to get bombchus? Is it possible that this guy will help you reach the.... never mind!!! :-) . Don't buy the bombchus unless you're an addict. Keep following the flags until you get to a stone structure. Walk up to the top and use the lens of truth to see the ghost. This ghost will lead the way to Desert Colossus. Keep following it until it brings you to the entrance of the Desert Colossus.

What to do at the Desert Colossus:

Walk until you get to the entrance of the Spirit Temple. Go inside it. There is nothing to do in there, so walk back out to meet Sheik. Sheik will teach you the Requiem of Spirit. This will allow you to warp to the Desert Colossus any time.

Now you must go back in time. Use the Prelude of Light to warp to the Temple of Time. Place the Master Sword into it's holder. Now, as young Link, play the Requiem of Spirit to warp to the Desert Colossus. Now enter the Spirit Temple.

The Spirit Temple
Spirit Temple as Young Link

Go up the stairs and turn left. You'll meet Nabooru. Talk to her and answer whatever you want, don't worry about the answers, just see the different dialogues and later you'll be asked to go get a treasure. Crawl through the hole, kill the bats and statue guy, and then light a Deku Stick with one of the torches. Go through the right hand door and light the torches in there. Then go back and go through the other door. You'll have to fight a Stalfos here (boy they're much tougher and scarier when young Link aren't they?) and also a flaming green skull (stun it with your boomerang and then hit it with your slingshot). Now throw your boomerang to the left of the shock switch across the pit from you. If you aim right it will swing around behind the fence and hit it. Then the fence will fall down forming a bridge. Cross the bridge, watch out for the flying pots, and go through the next door (the chest is 5 rupees or a Deku Shield if you lost yours).

In this room walk along the bridge until you're just before the spike thing and then use Din's Fire to fry the guy. Just so you know, these guys copy all your movements, except in reverse. Technically you can lure it into a pillar of fire that appears when you hit the shock switch nearby, but it's easier to just fry them. There's nothing on the other side of the bridge, so just go through the next door. Open the treasure chest here for a key and collect all the silver rupees to make a bridge. Now go back into the first room again and this time climb through the small hole (not the one you came in through, the one between the two torches). Go through the locked door. Kill the Skulltulas and climb up the wall.

Now you're on floor 2. Go in the room a ways and you'll have to fight two of those lizard guard guys. Use your boomerang to hit the shock switch above you and open the chests that appear. One has Bombchus in it, the other a Deku Shield or 5 rupees. Aim a Bombchu so it climbs up the wall and hits the boulder up there. This will open the doorway. Go through and look to your left. Push the stone statue you see straight off the ledge onto a switch. Climb the steps in front of you to get to a torch and a door. Light a Deku Stick with the torch, drop down, and light the two torches in front of the big statue to get the Map. Go back to the small statue, climb the wall, and go up the steps again, this time going through the door. Go around to the next door, and you're now in another silver rupee-collecting room. You'll have to kill the laser eye guys with bombs or bombchu's to get up to most of them. After getting them all a torch will light. Use it to light the other torches to get a chest with a key. Now move those blocks in the middle of the room around until the one with the sun symbol on it is in the sunlight coming in from the window. Go through the door that opened, up the stairs, and into the next room. Go up to that big metal thing sitting in the throne and hit it with your sword. Now you'll be up against an Iron Knuckle.

This guy isn't all that tough. If you get hit though, you're in for some serious pain. Just Z-target and go to right outside his attack range. Then Jump attack (push A) and you'll get off a good hit and the swing he takes at you will miss. Back off and then do it again. If he hits a pillar it will give up 3 hearts. You can also try getting in behind him when he misses a swing if you're good. After a bunch of hits he'll be dead. Go through the door that opens and up a ramp and you'll end up...outside. Open the chest there to get the Silver Gauntlets. Watch the story sequence then play the Prelude of Light to go to the Temple of Time. Get the Mater Sword to become adult Link. If you want you can go back to get the Ice Arrows from the Gerudo Training Ground (If you didn't do it before) using your Silver Gauntlets, or continue on to the rest of the Spirit Temple.

Spirit Temple as Adult Link

Play the Requiem of Spirit to warp to the entrance of the Spirit Temple and go on in. Go up the stairs and to the right is a big gray block. Push it until it falls down and go into the next room. Kill the eye laser thing and shoot the shock switch in the ceiling with an arrow. Go through the door on the left. Kill the wolves and play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol to make a chest appear. Hookshot to the chest to get a Compass. Go back and now go through the door on the right. Collect all the silver rupees in this next room. Use you Hover Boots to get the one floating in the air. Go through the door that opens. Watch out for the Shield-eater and get a small key from the box. Go back to the room with the shock switch on the ceiling and go through the locked door.

Watch out for flying pots and a Shield-eater that falls from the ceiling in this hallway. Climb the wall and use your Lens to see an invisible hand monster. Kill it, then use one of the wood poles sticking out of the statue to push it around to the third sun symbol from the left, opening the doorway. Go through it and you're back in that giant statue room. This time the small statue next to you is alive so watch it. Climb up the stairs and jump onto the statue's hand with the Triforce symbol on it. Play Zelda's Lullaby to make a chest appear in the statue's other hand. If you've got good aim you can hookshot to it, or just drop down and climb the other stairs to jump over to it. Inside is a key. Climb up the stairs where you came in (there's a hookshot target on the ceiling above the door you came in that you can use to get up there) and go through the locked door.

Kill the eye laser thing with a bombchu, then go through the next door and kill that eye laser thing with a bombchu (it will go down the wall, across the floor, and up the other wall to get it). Kill the weird floating guys with fire arrows or try luring them into the fire that appears when you step on the switch. Go through the door that opens. Ignore the statues and go stand next to the closed door to your right. Equip normal arrows and fire one at the statue furthest from you. As it moves toward you it will step on the blue switch which opens the door, so quickly go through it. Go up the stairs (there's invisible chests in here with hearts in them) and through the door. You'll have to fight another Iron Knuckle. This time is a little different since you're now older Link. If you use the Big Goron's Sword you can stab by pushing forward+A and then quickly retreat to get in hits before he hits you. Using this sword will kill him in a lot less hits then it took young Link to kill him with. If you don't have the Big Goron's Sword wait until after he's done swinging his axe and then hit him. Once he's dead go through the door to end up outside, and this time the chest holds the Mirror Shield.

Go back inside and down the stairs to the room with the four statues. Stand in the sunlight and use your Mirror Shield to reflect the light on to the sun symbol on the wall. Go through the door that opened and get the key from the chest. Go back out of this room and then take the door to your right back to the room where those weird floating guys were. Go through the locked door here. Kill the two eye laser things with Z-targeting and a couple of Bombchus (BTW your new Mirror Shield can now block their lasers!). Shoot down the skulltula halfway up the wall. Now aim your hookshot at the climbable section of wall at the very top and fire it. You'll be pulled up to the top climbable section rather than having to navigate this moving wall. At the top you have two more eye laser things to kill then go through the door. Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol to open the door in front of you, then go through it. All the doors in this room are fake. Blow up the one just to the left of the chest to reveal a gold eye. Shoot it and another block of ice will appear above you. There's a hookshot target on the ceiling above it to use that to get up onto the new ice block, then jump over and step on the switch. Drop down and get the Boss Key, then exit the room.

Turn right and go through the door. Watch out for flying pots, and hit the switch behind the grating with a spin slash. Go through the door that opens and kill all the baddies in this room. You can use the Mirror Shield to reflect the light onto a sun symbol above the archway between the two sections of this room to get some bombs. Blow open the wall to the statue's right then push it around so the light shines down the new passageway. Go down there and push the second statue so the light shines back into the previous room through the grating. Now go back into that room, drop down to the floor and stand in the light. Reflect it onto the sun symbol on the wall with your Mirror Shield and you will be taken down to the big statue room again. Stand on the side of the platform furthest from the statue (but make sure you're still standing in the light), hold your Z trigger for a second to get the camera focused on the statue's face, then let go and use your Mirror Shield to reflect the light on to the statue's face. The face will crumble off and a grate will be behind it. Hookshot to the grate and go through the Boss door behind it. Watch the short story sequence and you'll have to fight a third Iron Knuckle. This one is bigger though. First Z-target him and get fairly close. Then wait for him to start to swing his axe. Immediately push Back+A to do a backflip, then push A again as soon as you land to do a Jump Slash and nail him when his defense is down. Then just wait for him to come close and start another swing and do it again. Once he's gone, watch another story sequence then go through the door behind the throne. Go down the hall, through the door, and climb up onto the big square platform. Step in the middle of the platform to battle The sisters Twinrova .

The sisters Twinrova.

Koume and Kotake are the two witches who inhabit the Spirit Temple. Koume controls fire and Kotake controls ice. These two witches are really hard to beat at first. You should not use Z-targeting in the first part of this fight. The sisters will circle around you on the platform. One will stop and face you; the other will keep circling. The one that stops is going to attack. Face her, and equip your mirror shield. She will let out a blast of her specific power. Use the anolog stick to aim the reflected blast at the other sister. This will hit her, and hurt her. If you are too far away, or are not facing her correctly, she will release the blast. Once it hits the ground it expands into either the ice, which freezes you, or the fire, which burns you. Neither of these pools of elemental waste leave immediately, so watch your step! After you do this for a time. Koume and Kotake will form into one hideous freak of nature named Twinrova. In each hand she carries a wand which spurts fire or ice. Now Z-Target her. She will fly for a while, and the attack. Absorb the blast she releases into your mirror shield. Let he release another bolt. If it is the same as the first, absorb it. If it's not, side step twice out of the way of the blast. Avoid the puddle, or the blast you absorbed will be lost. After you have absorbed three of the same blast your shield will release a blast of that substance. Move forward at her. Spewing the contents of the shield all over her body. She will sink down onto one of the small pillars surrounding the main arena. Release the Z-Target, jump over to her, and slash her A LOT! Don't use a jump slash, or you may jump off the small platform. She will rise into the air after she has recovered. Repeat the process until she dies.


After the story sequence you're back at the Desert Colossus. Use the Prelude of Light to go to the Temple of Time. Another, very informative story sequence follows in which you get the Light Arrows. Now, go around Hyrule and finish up all your unfinished business. Get all the remaining heart container pieces, complete the trading sequences, kill gold Skulltulas you've missed, catch all the 10 Big Poes, catch a huge fish, and try all the cool tricks you know. If you want you can do the very first part of Gannon's Castle to quickly get the Golden Gauntlets and the double defense, which can help you get other things, and then leave the castle and come back after you get everything else. Get everything you can out of this awesome game, because the next step is the final level, Gannon's Castle. When you're ready, make sure you have at least 1 blue potion (found in the weird potion shop behind the regular potion shop in Kakariko Village) and some faeries and head to Gannon's Castle. Walk up the steps and a bridge will be formed for you byy the sages. Head into the castle. Get ready...

Ganon's Castle:

Walk down the hall, past the two eye laser things (just run past them) and through the door.

Soon you will see the huge barrier protecting the door to Ganon's lair. To get through the door, you must destroy the 6 barriers that block it.

Now turn right and follow the outside wall until you find the door wich keeps the Shadow barrier. Go through that door, look to your left for a platform with a small chest on it. Hookshot to it. Put on your Hover Boots. Now aim across the way at a small platform with a torch on it, and use a Fire Arrow to light the torch. Quickly run across the blocks that appear, past the shield-eater and on to the next platform after it. You won't have time to make it to the next block so don't try. Instead, use your Lens to see an invisible walkway. Take the right-hand walk way and jump down to the platform with the switch on it. Step on the switch to make a big treasure box appear. Use your hookshot on the treasure box to get up to it and you'll get the Gold Gauntlets. Now take the left invisible path to a switch. Hit it with your hammer, then go back and take the right path again to the door. Go through it and shoot the floating ball thing with a Light arrow. You'll be transported back to the main room. Go back to the main door you came in through and leave the castle. When you are outside go across the bridge and loop around to your left. You'll run under a stone arch and go down a passageway to a huge stone pillar. Pick it up using your A button and go through the cave behind it. Use Zelda's Lullaby to summon the faerie and get double defense. Now head back into the castle and into the main room.

Now that you have the Golden Gauntlets it doesn't matter what order you get rid of the barriers. So just head right and go through the first door, the one keeping the Forest barrier . Kill the wolf, then use Din's Fire to light all the torches. Look above the doorway and there's another torch, so light it with a Fire Arrow and go through the door. Make sure you have your Hover Boots equipped in this next room. First, wait until the fan to your left is going and then walk toward it to get the silver rupee, then turn right and the fan will help blow you across to the next platform. Hover over to the next small platform with the switch on it and step on it. Turn around and use your hookshot to get up onto the platform and get the silver rupee you couldn't reach before. Turn toward the middle of the room and Z-target and toss a bomb at the eye laser thing. Hover over to its platform then across to another silver rupee. Hover back to the eye laser thing's platform and forward to the one under the door. Now wait until the fan to the right of the door stops blowing then hover across to the last silver rupee. Go through the door and shoot the floating ball with a Light arrow to be warped back to the main room.

Head right again and go through the next door, the Water Barrier. Empty one of your bottles (NOT a blue potion) and use it to get some magic blue flame from the center of the room. Walk around the room to find the two ice statues and kill them to unblock the door. Melt the ice blocking the door with the blue flame, then refill the bottle with more blue flame. Go through the door. In this room, push the ice block furthest from you right, then back (toward the door you came in through) so that it falls down the hole. Then push the other block right, forward, and finally left so that it ends up in the nook in the wall. Climb up it and use the blue fire to melt the ice. Smash the switch with the hammer then go through the next door. Kill the floating ball thing with a Light arrow and you're back in the main room again.

Continue to the right, past the Shadow Barrier door since you already beat it, and on to the Fire Barrier door. Equip your Hover Boots and Goron's Tunic. Collect all the silver coins in the room. Watch out because most of the platforms sink in the lava while you're standing on them so keep moving. You'll have less of a problem with this if you're wearing your Hover Boots. There's one on the platform with the rotating fire-breathing statue and one just to the right on a block. Further down on the left there's a big pillar. Lift it with your Golden Gauntlets to reveal another one. Then the last two are on the far right side of the room. After you've grabbed the last one get close enough to the door so that you can hookshot to the hookshot target next to it. Go through and kill the floating ball thing with a Light arrow and warp back to the main room.

Once again heading right, move the pillar out of the way of the door to the Light Barrier. In the first room, use the Lens or just Z-targeting to kill the 4 bats and big skulltula in the room. Get the key in the chest that appears and go through the locked door. Use Zelda's Lullaby in the next room for another key and go through the locked door. Now you're in another collect silver rupees room. There's 2 in nooks on the outer wall, two in the structure in the middle, and one on the ceiling you can get with the hookshot. Go through the door and...the ball thing is missing! But not really. Go straight through the wall in front of you and you'll be in the real room with the ball thing. Destroy it and warp back.

On to the final door, the Spirit Barrier. In the first room, once again collect silver rupees. Blow up the eye laser thing with two bombs or bombchu's. Just roll attack (forward+A) through the spikes to get most of them. Don't forget the one floating in the middle of the room - hookshot to the ceiling to get it. Go through the door and kill the torch slugs. Use a spin slash to trigger the first shock switch, which makes a chest drop containing Bombchus. Use a bombchu on the fence to have it climb up the fence, go through the hole up there, then climb down the other side to finally blow up the second shock switch. Go through the door now and through an entryway to a room with some sun symbols on the wall. Shoot the hole in the ceiling with a Fire Arrow to let in the sunlight. Use your Mirror Shield to reflect it onto the symbol just to the right of the entryway (NOT the doorway!) to unblock the door. Go on to the final floating ball thing. Kill it with a Light Arrow.

The barrier wil be destroyed. Go up the stairs and through the door. Keep going and killing all of the enemies to open the next door. Get the Boss key about halfway up. Once you get far enough, you will get to the room with a big pillar in it. Do not break any pots, and go through the door to the right. Run up the huge flight of stairs, and go through the door. Now watch the short story sequence and begin fighting the Evil King himself.

Great King of Evil Ganondorf

Now you're facing the big guy. When you enter the last room you watch a short video sequence. Now Ganondorf clears the room of his organ, and Zelda. Go to one of the corners of the room. Ganondorf will do the electrical blast ball. Hit it back at him. He will shield it with his cape. Hit it back and forth until it hits him, and he is stunned. If you feel you cannot hit it back shield yourself with a mirror shield. Pull out your fairy bow and shoot him with a light arrow. This will make him sink into the center platform. You can use the Giants Knife or the Master Sword to slash him now. You can use the hoverboots to easily access the platform. When he rises again into the air run to the corner you were at before. Watch out. Because he does a fist pound that releases a shockwave. Not only does it nock down some of the block which create the floor, but if you're in range it hurts you. Repeat this process. Ganondorf will also use another attack to try to destroy you. He'll lift up his arms, and a black hole will form. The black hole will release multiple blasts of energy. To deflect these back at Ganondorf by charging up your sword and then release it. Then just shoot and slash like before. The condition of Ganondorf's cloak shows how hurt he is. Ganondorf will fall after a while, conquered by Link. 


The final Boss. Without the proper process this boss is almost impossible to beat. Luckily, you have me to help you. Walk to where Link hear's the "sound". Ganondorf will burst out of the rubble that was once his unholy tower. Glowing with power he transforms into the Pig-like freak Ganon! Link Draws his Master Sword to strike him, but it is hit from the arena, behind a curtain of fire. Take out the Giants Knife/ Biggoron's Sword, or if the first is broken, the Megaton Hammer, the longshot, oooor light arrows if you have any left. You must attempt to hit Ganon's tail with the weapon of your choice. But there is a little twist. Use Nyru's Love. Light arrows will not work while using Nyru's Love. If you don't use the spell you should have at least two bottles filled with fairies, but it is not necessary. This part of the fight is really easy. Cast the spell. Now get behind Ganon. You can either go between his legs by roll attacking, or just run around him. Hit him in his tail. This will make him angry. Repeat this process until Ganon falls, partially defeated. The curtain of fire around the arena will drop. Now run to where Zelda is standing and reclaim your Master Sword. If you do not reach her in time the fire barrier will return and you must repeat this process. 
The easiest way to beat him from here is the following method. After you reenter the arena slash Ganon before he recovers. Now Ganon is MAD! It's really hard to do the other method bellow, so I suggest this. Z-target Ganon's head. Now shoot it with a light arrow. Ganon will be momentarily blinded, and rear back, making his tail droop down. You can go straight to the place between his legs and slash the tail, or you can run around him. Beware, because the effects of the arrow only last for a limited time. If you back too far away from Ganon he will charge you. Repeat this until Ganon falls to the ground. Skip down one paragraph to see what to do next. (The next paragraph is for people who need an alternate way to beat Ganon.) This method is for people who no longer have any more arrows. Cast Nyru's love if it has worn off. This is not necessary if you don't have magic, but it is much easier if you do have magic left. Now go between Ganon's legs, and slash his tail. To easily do this do the roll attack, but it is easier said than done. Don't worry if you get struck, fall back, and blink while using the spell. It just shows that you were hit, you didn't lose life. Z-targeting can be a waste of time when you get through his legs, so you can just aimlessly swing your Master Sword. Do all this in a hurry, because Ganon is now bent on winning. He will spin around pretty fast. If you back too far away from Ganon he will charge you. Repeat this process until the King of Darkness falls. Zelda will now use all of her power to hold Ganon down. Now you must deliver the final blow. Get close to Ganon, and hit the attack button. A short video sequence will show you butchering Ganon, and finally sticking the Master Sword squarely into his ugly maw.

Credit goes to htloz.com and our former staff member, Ultima9999 for this walkthrough.